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Ally Dawson sighed in relief when she found the child support check in the stack of mail. It wasn't much, but everything helped. She was in-between paychecks at the moment and Kyler needed new shoes and Kaylin needed some socks. She sighed once again. She was so tired. She worked at her father's store some of the time, tutored kids in piano, otherwise she was in school, studying or sleeping. She was getting her teaching degree, hopefully in music. But she was also the mother of two very excitable five year olds. She glanced at the clock and gasped. She was late picking them up from Sonic Boom, her father's music store. Lord knows what damage they would do to all the instruments.

She grabbed her keys and ran out of her apartment. Great, now she was forgetting her kids. It's not that her father wasn't willing to help her out; she just really hated relying on other people. It was her fault for marrying that ass at 19 and her fault for getting pregnant, not that she didn't adore her children.

After parking what felt like forty miles away from the Miami strip mall, Ally trekked her way to Sonic Boom.

"Something's going on." she muttered.

The mall got crowded, but not like this. She was shocked to see a line of people outside her father's store and a crowd inside.

"What the…" she whispered.

She tried to get through the door, but was stopped by a man who could be mistaken for a tank.

"Wait your turn Miss." he growled.

"Wait my…what? I work here." she cried.

"Nice try. You'll have to wait like all the others."

"Yeah!" snapped a yuppie teenage girl.

"My father owns this store!" Ally yelled.

She rifled in her purse and pulled out her ID.

"I'm Ally Dawson. Alex Dawson's daughter."

The tank didn't even look.

"Back of the line lady."

Ally felt like screaming.

"You're Mr. Dawson's daughter?"

Ally turned to see a tall red head in multi-colored clothes standing behind her.

"Yes." she said, desperate for someone to believe her.

The man beamed. Ally couldn't figure what he was so happy about.

"And you are?" she prompted.

This only made the odd man smile bigger.

"My names Dez. Come on, I'll get you in."

He grabbed onto her arm and pushed them through the crowd.

"What's going on Dez?" she asked, she couldn't help but like the guy.

"You don't know?"

Ally rolled her eyes. She wouldn't have asked if she knew.

"No I don't."

"It's Austin Moon! He's here signing CD's." Dez exclaimed excitedly.


Dez jerked to a halt, causing her to stumble. God, where was her father?

"You don't know Austin Moon?" he asked, wide eyed.

"No." she grit her teeth; obviously one needed patients when dealing with Dez.


Ally felt relief when she spotted her father.

"Dad! What is going on?" she said, hugging him tightly.

Her father pulled back and beamed.

"We have a real live rock star at Sonic Boom!" he exclaimed, bouncing on his heels.

Ally couldn't help but smile at her father. He had worked so hard to have the store and knew that this was good for business, however annoying. Speaking of annoying.

"I heard. Some Austin Moon person." she said dryly, "Dad, where are my children?"

When her father didn't answer and looked away, she groaned.

"Dad! They could be anywhere in this mass!"

"I'm sorry honey, things got a little crazy. I'm sure they're here somewhere."

Just then they heard a shout and a loud crash.

"Oh no. Kyler."

Kyler was accident prone. He broke and ran into everything. Ally elbowed her way through the crowd and nearly cried when saw the mess her son had made. Her son had knocked over a large stack of CD's. The blond at the table glared at her with piercing blue eyes.

"Kyler." Ally panted, pulling her son into a hug.

"You need to watch your kid better Miss." the blond sitting at the table said.

Ally felt her blood boil. Let him try being a single mother of twins.

"Next!" the blond called, and then turned back to her, "Well, aren't you going to clean that up?"

Ally wanted to slap him and tell him to go to hell, but that wasn't her nature and it was her son that had made the mess.

"I'm sorry mommy." Kyler said tearfully as Ally began to pick up the disks.

She pulled him towards her comfortingly.

"I know honey. Where is your sister?"

"Upstairs." Kyler sniffled, "Playin' piano."

Ally smiled. She had been teaching Kaylin when she could.

"Can I help mommy?"


Kyler's lip trembled.

"I mean, I'll take care of it sweetie. Go play upstairs." Ally said in a softer tone, "We'll get ice cream in a bit."

Kyler smiled.

"Ok." he said happily, running for the stairs.

It took a while, but Ally finally stacked the last of the CD's and stood.

"You missed one." Austin Moon said, pointing to a CD partially under the counter.

Ally grabbed it and pointedly placed the disk on the top of the stack.

"There." she spat, walking away.


"What." she snapped, turning back to face the blond.

"Don't you want an autograph?" he asked with a smirk.

She didn't know why she did it. Ally Dawson didn't do this sort of thing. Ally Dawson was kind, sweet, level headed. Well, not right now.

She stepped up and slapped Austin Moon across the face. Cameras snapped and people gasped and chatted in awe. He gawked at her, bringing his hand to his quickly reddening cheek.

"Get my answer?" she asked, stomping off.

She grabbed her kids and went out the back, still fuming. She was so glad that tomorrow was Saturday. She needed to chill.

But actions have consequences, as Ally was soon to find out.


She was awakened by pounding on her front door the next morning.

"Mommy its Tia Trish!" Kyler yelled.

"Let her in!" Ally shouted back, grabbing her robe.

She yawned as she entered the living room. Her best friend Trish was sitting in the easy chair holding a newspaper and some magazines.

"What is it Trish?" Ally asked irritably.

Saturday was her sleep-in day. She had a deal with Kyler and Kaylin. She didn't let them watch television during the week so if they wanted to watch cartoons, they let her sleep.

"Check it out Al." was all her friend said, handing her the paper and magazines.

With a sigh she read the newspaper headline.

Local Woman Slaps Up and Coming Rock Star Austin Moon

"Oh Geez." Ally moaned.

"It gets worse." Trish said in the tone that said she was barely holding back laughter.

Ally looked at the first magazine.

Scorned Lover Gets Revenge On Austin Moon


"The next one's a doozy." Trish said.

The cover of the next Magazine had a picture of her and her kids leaving out the back.

Scorned Lover Flees Dramatic Domestic Scene With Austin Moon's Love Children

Ally went white. Trish stood and pushed her onto the couch.

"Peop-people won't believe this, right?" Ally asked pleadingly, "Oh god."

Trish let out a giggle, stifling it at Ally's deadly look. Suddenly Ally's cell rang. She groaned when she saw that it was her ex-husband. She sighed and answered.

"What do you want Dallas?" she asked sharply, trying not to laugh at the faces Trish was making at the mention of him.

"Why are my children on the cover of a magazine?"

"You read OK magazine?" she deflected

"Wha-of course not. Dakota brought it over."

Ally bit back a curse. Dakota was Dallas' sister and she hated Ally with a passion.

"Of course she did." Ally said dryly, "It was all a misunderstanding."

"You didn't slap Austin Moon?" Dallas asked.

"I-well-just a little." Ally painfully conceded.

"The entire world thinks that Austin Moon is the father of my children." Dallas responded angrily, "I think Kaylin and Kyler should stay with me for a while."

"Are you saying I can't take care of my family?" Ally seethed.

"You are going around slapping people!" he shouted.

"One person. He insulted me and the kids didn't even see it happen!"

"I'll be contacting my lawyer." Dallas said primly, hanging up.

"Dallas!" she shouted, and then sagged further into the couch, tossing her phone on the coffee table, "Oh this is wonderful."

Trish sat down beside her and hugged her.

"This'll blow over." she said.

Would it? Ally couldn't believe it. She had slapped a rock star, was now considered his whore and in danger of losing her children. Great.

Her phone rang again.

"What Dallas?" she answered without looking at the caller ID.

"This isn't Dallas." a male voice said.

Ally pulled the phone away to look at the number. She didn't recognize it.

"Who's this?" she asked.

"Austin Moon. We need to talk Ally Dawson."

Ally dropped the phone.