Chapter 1- Surprise, Surprise.

It had finally happened. The future was here and ready for us to join. Crystal Tokyo was finally a place for them to call home. A place more beautiful then anything anyone had ever seen. More dazzling then any diamond or glass that ever shimmered in the world. It was home and the scouts were ready to take their place as the rightful guardians of their new Neo Queen Serenity and her husband King Endymion also known as Serena and Darien. Happier then any two people in love could be the two took each other's hand through any forces of destruction and hate they had to face and they did well always coming back home safe and sound.

Serena was now the respectable age of twenty one when she had discovered a very wonderful surprise. Earlier then she had expected. She was with child. Unsure how she would announce the miraculous news she began panting with excitement at the thought of finally seeing Rini for the first time in a long time. Unable to hold back her enthusiasm much longer she ran in her night gown down the castle hall ways and towards Darien's quarters. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face. Wouldn't he be excited, him and that little munchkin have been inseparable since the first time she fell from the sky.

Oh Rini.. I'm so happy you'll finally be here. This place just wasn't the same without you pestering around. Oh Rini... I can't tell you how happy I am. I can hear your voice now telling me to hurry up and bring you into our world. We'll be together soon my darling. Just a little more time and we'll finally be together again.

Serena bolted into Darien's man cave demanding his presence for such a marvelous moment for them both to celebrate.

"Darien! Darien where are you?! I have such wonderful news! Darien? Where are you?!" Serena shouted searching his room behind his desk and in the closet.

"That's so weird, wonder where he could be."

Serena pondered for a moment and then figured he must be with the scouts. She raced down the castle like a psychotic speed horse racing for first place. Once she reached the scout's domains she opened the door and saw Rei picking at Amy's hair as if something were caught in it. Amy screaming began running away from Rei with fear in her eyes.

"Come back Amy! I almost got it." Rei irritatingly said chasing Amy like a cat on a mouse's tail.

Serena giggled at the amusing sight ahead of her and so deeply wanted to tell them about Rini's arrival but she first had to find Darien. He must be the first to know before anyone else. It just wouldn't feel right if he were second to know or however fast the news spread around till it finally reached him.

"Hey guys!" Serena smiled with a funny look on her face.

"Serena! Help me! Rei's trying to torture me!" Amy cried running to Serena and using her as a shield against Rei.

"I am not! You have some jelly stuck in your hair and I being the good friend that I am am trying to get it out for you so stop moving!" Rei growled as she reached for Amy's head again with her angry fangs and sharp claws.

Amy yelped and ran out the terrace door and to the outside.

"Hey come back here!" Rei shouted about to chase after her.

"Hey Rei! Have you seen Darien? I have no idea where he is." Serena said feeling annoyed with the situation.

"I think I saw him go for a walk awhile ago. He might have gotten back already but who knows I gotta go catch Amy! See ya Serena!" Rei smiled distracted with which direction Amy had gone as she fled the scene.

"A walk huh? Figures. When is that man not on a walk?" Serena sighed debating whether she should wait for his return or not.

Patting her foot against the ground she waited as patiently as she could be. Bowing her head in between her legs she let out a big moan from inside. Should she? Should she not? What was she going to do?

"Fine! I've been as patient as I can stand but I have had it with this just sitting here and waiting for Darien to arrive. If he's not the first to hear then that's his fault not mine.

Hmph!" Serena angrily chimed to herself as she started to walk away and back to her room.
"First to hear what?" A most beautiful response from the dark, Serena almost burst into tears at the words being spoken to her.

"Darien!" Serena cried running into her husband's arms so happy he was back to enjoy this happy moment with her.

"What is it Serena? I haven't been gone that long?" Darien asked confused to why she seemed so pleased to see him return.

"I have such wonderful news to tell you! You won't believe it!" Serena cheerfully said as she gave him another squeeze in her arms.

"What is it?" He smiled wondering what could be so wonderful.

"Oh Darien! I'm pregnant! Isn't that amazing!" Serena giggled with relief as she gave him another big hug.

"You're pregnant?" Darien paused with hesitation.

"Yes! Can you believe it! We can finally start the family we always wanted! Oh Darien I'm so happy! Aren't you happy?!" Serena so animated she didn't even notice the expressions on Darien's face.

"It's a little soon don't you think?" Darien said tilting his head with disbelief.

"Of course not Darien. This is Rini remember! That little girl you cared so much about. Don't you want to see her again?" Serena said still holding the smile of exhilaration on her face.

"Of course I do Serena. It's just..." He paused with silence.

"It's just what?" She asked feeling concerned.

"It's just I don't feel like I'm ready to be a father yet." Darien quietly explained feeling the dark aura cover his forehead.

"Its okay Darien, I'm not ready either but it's still a wonderful miracle and we'll make good parents. We've seen what happens to us in the future. We'll be alright." Serena smiled trying to put all his worries behind.

Darien remained quiet, saddened with the opening news of the day. Feeling his whole life being drained out of him so suddenly he didn't know what to do about it but sulk.

"Don't worry Darien everything will be alright. You'll make Rini the best father any girl could ask for!" Serena smiled feeling her happiness level rise once more.

Darien gave a small smirk at his wife as he started walking to his quarters dripping his head as if it were about to fall off.

That was strange. I was sure Darien would be thrilled to hear about Rini reborned back into our lives. Hope he's doing okay. He doesn't seem like himself. Do I leave him alone? Give him some time to think it over and get used to the thought. He's just having cold feet! He'll be fine by tomorrow! I'm sure of it!

Serena assured herself as she nodded to her decision prancing back to the scouts, hearing her heart beat its ecstatic drum since the minute she found out.

Meanwhile Darien was having a bigger struggle with this dilemma more then Serena realized. He swamped over into his chair next to his desk closing his eyes leaving nothing but emptiness in his head. Everything seemed so simple but the thought of actually starting the traditional story told life after life they've relived over and over again to finally be here and in this lifetime of his existence was too overwhelming for anyone to comprehend. The day was here when everything would change. Things that have happened in the past would happen later in their future. It was if he could never escape no matter how many battles he's defeated, they'd somehow find a way back to haunt him. Was he really even fighting any of them? What's the reason for all of it if it's just going to come back and find them later on in another life? Frustrated with this never ending cycle of death then reborn again only to be back where he started, Darien took in a nice long breath letting go off all his worries and fears. He was tired and just wanted to relax for once and be excited for his new born child. Feeling like a complete jerk for his reaction to the happy news he stood up and wanted to fix things with Serena. He opened the door to his sweet's wife's dormitory and peeked around to see where she was at. She was no where to be found. Not one sign of her was there. Rolling his eyes he figured she must be with her beloved friends talking about the new baby. Why was he not surprised. Darien shook his head and decided to wait for her to come to bed. He took off his royal suit and set it on top of one of the chairs in the corner. Next his socks along with his shoes. Soon he had nothing left on but a nice pair a boxers with little white masks sown to them. He pulled the covers down from his bed and snuggled right in wishing Serena were there to warm him up. He noticed on his right beside the bed there was that breath-taking moon shining brightly from the window. It brought a smile to his face as he closed his eyes and let his mind wander. Thinking of his life and all the things he wanted for his wife he thought of how perfect it would be to have Rini once again. He missed her more then anyone could miss their little girl. He chuckled at how spoiled she would be and how she could have anything with the right googly eyed face she pulls so well. Darien rolled to his side and held a pillow close to his heart hoping he'd get to hold Rini again soon.

"Until we're together again, my little princess." He whispered to himself feeling the drowsiness of the day take affect.

It wasn't only ten minutes later that Serena opened the door to see her precious husband fast asleep in their bed. A grin found its way to her mouth as she quietly stepped closer to her bed being as silent as she possibly could. She lifted up the covers and stuck her cold feet in relieved to feel how nice and cozy the bed was now that Darien had been there to warm it up for her. She took a large yawn stretching her back and slithered into a comfortable sleeping position. She scooted over closer by Darien feeling the inhuman sauna radiating off like he were his own little hot tub machine she glared. But it was nice in a way. She was never cold when they slept. Serena glanced down to her feet wondering where her little black cat was to fill in her spot but then she remembered that Luna and Artemis had gone on a little cat vacation to the carribeans in the West Indies. Should be fun for them considering they've been their teachers for as long as Serena could remember. Lying back onto her pillow she cuddled next to Darien and slowly drifted away like a butterfly.


Half asleep already Serena opened one eye seeing the most perfectly structured face she could imagine stare back into her big blue eyes.

"Hmm?" Serena grunted trying to stay awake with all her might.

"Are you asleep?" Darien asked watching her now half open eye slide itself back to a closed case.

"Mmm...mmmm." Serena mumbled declaring her absolute attention regardless of her outward appearance.

Darien smirked at his now sleep talking wife as she dozed off into the abyss no longer in service. He kissed her forehead and pressed his nose against hers gently.

"I love you." He softly spoke turning back to his side of the bed.

Darien stared out his window and to all the lights glowing in their enticing city like dancing fireflies. He closed his eyes and let the sleep take him once more but before it could succeed in its last task he heard some lightly golden words that would be sealed in his heart forever. He heard the words..

"I love you too."

Six months had passed and Serena's stomach seemed as though an air balloon was blowing inside of her. She smiled with joy even though she was a little embarrassed about how much the pregnancy took its shape.

"Oh well, not much you can do about it right?!" Serena accepted gazing at her horrid figure in the mirror in front of her.

"Jeez Serena what you got in there? An elephant!" Rei laughed wickedly amused with Serena's form.

"Don't listen to her Serena you look great. Plus you do eat a lot so I'm sure that might add to the extra weight." Mina assured hoping to cure Serena of her judgments.

"Thanks Mina." Serena sighed feeling even more fat then she felt before.

"Just think about it Serena, you're finally going to have the baby we all hoped you would. Bet Rini can't wait to see you again." Lita patted Serena's shoulder throwing one arm over to keep her from worrying.

"Ya. I can't wait to look into her eyes again! It's been so long since I've seen her!" Tearing up a little Serena smiled hiding her tears away.

"We all miss her! We just can't wait to have our little Rini once more." Amy included bringing happiness to all their faces.

They all laughed and talked about how they should make Rini's room and what decorations to put up when suddenly Serena felt a chill lightly gracing her ear. She turned her head and saw nothing. Not a bug nor any wind. She turned back her focus onto her friends when she suddenly heard someone whisper.

"Mommy...don't let him take me please...mommy? Mommy?"

"Hey did you guys hear that?" Serena jittered as she searched the room for a small child.

"Hear what Serena?"

"The voice."

"Voice? What voice?" Rei asked concerningly.

"Are you telling me you didn't hear it? It was Rini. She was here. I heard her calling to me." Serena said looking outside her bedroom doors and around the hallways.

"Serena Rini isn't even born yet. How could she be calling your name?" Mina stated acting so sincere.

"Maybe you just want her to arrive sooner. You know you can pretty much imagine anything you want if you put your mind to it." Amy said glancing over at Lita noticing her agreeance.

"Listen guys I didn't imagine hearing her and it wasn't in my mind! I heard Rini call my name and she sounded scared and frightened. Now if you're not going to help me find her then I'll do it myself!" Serena agitatingly slurred leaving her friends alone with their guilt.

The scouts shook their heads and followed Serena to search for Rini.

Searching and searching top to bottom of the entire castle the scouts came to a dead end. There was no sign of any Rini.

"Well there's no Rini." Mina said plopping down onto a cushion resting her feet.

"Man we've searched the entire castle!" Lita said with disbelief at her continuous efforts.

"It seems as though Serena is still searching for Rini. I wish there was something we could do to help her." Amy rubbed her head exhausted from looking.

"Not one trace. Not even a chance that Rini could be here. Serena's obviously not been getting much sleep and I think we should put her to bed." Rei angrily declared throwing an empty box on the ground from the pile in front of her.

"Now wait a minute, yes Serena has been a little moody and emotional since she's been pregnant but that doesn't mean her emotions are causing her to hear voices. Something's up and we have to find out what it is before it gets any worse." Amy pleaded standing her ground as a good friend.

"What more are we supposed to look for? We've scavenged every room and corner in this mansion! What more do you want from us?" Amy could feel the fires of Rei start to burn as she trampled over Amy with her anger.

"Now hold on a second, this is not my fault I'm just trying to find out what's causing this." Amy proclaimed defending her innocence from the wrath of Rei.

"There's nothing causing this except Serena and her paranoid fantasies!" Rei growled blaming Serena for inconveniencing her.

As the scouts bickered like a flock of pecking birds picking at each other, Serena was still searching the castle for Rini.

"Rini! Rini! Where are you?" Serena called placing her hands over her mouth to strengthen the yell.

Not a sound was heard. The castle was empty with absolutely no little girl running around.

Maybe Amy's right, maybe it was all in my mind. I have been missing her a lot. But why would I imagine her voice saying something like that? It just doesn't make any sense. I would never imagine Rini calling me for help. She has to be here! I just know she is!

"I have to keep calling... Rini! Rini! I heard you! Where are you?! Rini answer me! This isn't a game!" Serena shouted at the top of her lungs hoping she would hear something to give her hope that she wasn't going mad.

"Of course it is your highness; it's all just a game to you...isn't it."

"Who said that? I demand that you show yourself!" Serena stiffened feeling that same chill she felt before when she heard Rini call her.

"Don't worry, I mean no harm to you. Just someone or something that enjoys the mistakes one makes and forgets until it's too late."

The voice was crackled like someone speaking from a radio and high pitched but not too high so she couldn't tell whether it were man or woman.

"What are you talking about? What mistakes?!" Serena shouted noticing the room start to consume her with darkness.

"I know all about you Neo Queen Serenity. I know you're a former sailor soldier created to fight the forces of evil under that disputable title known as Sailor Moon."

"How do you know who I am?" Her eyes widened with trickles of terror in her heart.

"There's hardly anyone on earth who doesn't know the name of their precious queen but you don't fool me Serena. I know what deeds you plan on doing and I should warn you that in time even you will fall into despair by your own flesh and blood."

"What are you talking about? Tell me!" Serena could feel a small blade of words struck into her soul if she dared hear anymore.

"You'll know soon enough and once you realize what you have done; Crystal Tokyo will be no more to you then sleets of glass rolling about in this distorted world you call home. You will be obliterated! HA HA HA HA!"

The mischievous voice snickered into the walls and out of Serena's hearing range. Serena's knees collapsed to the ground as she grabbed her face in fear of what was to come. What horrible deeds has she brought forth? Was she to be punished for these sins that she couldn't even recall committing?

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