Chapter 3- Fate over conquered

Soft lips were pressed against making the ends of her eyes only absorb the light a little. At first he was white, like a ghost and then she could see. Her beloved husband was caressing her cheek with his finger.

"I love you." He whispered silently so only she could hear the words that were said.

"Oh Darien, I love you too." Serena smiled swinging her arm around behind his back and coming in for a memorable kiss.

The room was so bright with the sunlight rays glowing from the windows she felt like she was in some frosted fairytale. At last this day would be peaceful with no fear or worries of what was coming.

"How about I make you some breakfast?" Serena suggested jumping out of bed with excitement at the idea.

"Me breakfast? I'll bring you some breakfast. You just stay here and rest." Darien shook his head frazzled at how energized his wife could be in the condition she was in.

"Oh please Darien, you and our friends have done so much for me. It's the least I could do." She pleaded holding her hands up like a begging child.

Darien sighed at his wife's persistence. He nodded and opened the door for her without a word.

"Thank you Darien! I'll make you the best breakfast you ever had!" Serena beamed like a firefly as she ran to the kitchen hopping on each foot.

Oh I can't wait to see the look on his face. It will be the most amazing breakfast he's ever had!

Serena examined the kitchen opening cupboards and drawers for the materials she would need. She pulled out a large bowl and placed it on the counter.

"I know! I'll make him muffins! The best blue berry muffins he's tasted in years!" She laughed in that high squeaky voice she did when she was excited about something.

"Now where is that muffin batter? I know we just bought some." Serena searched the kitchen looking behind every box of food she found.

Suddenly a jolt in her stomach plowed into her side like a ticking time bomb. Serena grabbed her chest as the rush of air escaped from her lungs. She fell to the ground and onto her knees holding her stomach.

Oh no! What's happening? Is this normal? Could I be contracting? No…not now please…I'm not ready…this pain is too much. I'm feeling dizzy.

Her muscles tightened and released back and forth. The pain was becoming more severe. More fierce then it should be.

Please…make it stop. I can't go on like this. I can't even speak with this much force. I can't even cry! Am I going to die?

She could feel the child inside her. The harm that surrounded it, it was suffering just as much as she was. She could feel its tears.

Help her! Somebody! She's dying!

"We meet again."

Serena glimpsed up at that inhumane voice speaking to her as she saw a figure coming closer.

"No…get away from me. Leave me alone." Serena barely spoke the words feeling weak and helpless.

"Your child is not one for you to know."

Serena was confused as she couldn't understand what this thing was talking about.

"I don't know what you're…"

"Rini is the child you know and one that you will indeed raise. Let me take away this unwanted sorrow and desolation you feel. There is nothing more inside you now then the evil that was placed within you from a night not even you can recall?"

"What are you talking about? Evil…" Serena's ears opened wide as she listened.

"You know of Sailor Pluto. A fellow sailor soldier of yours is she not?"

"Yes. She is…but what does she have to do with this?" Serena cringed at the pain inside her.

"Was no more then a few weeks ago a vile presence was in your home. A rival from your past has come to collect from the future and claim it's servant in which you are to bear."

Serena felt her breath start to pace as the thought of someone from her past come back to haunt her was too much.

"If you are to continue much longer in the circumstance that you are then you will surely die and the darkness within you will overcome your death leading to a world of destruction which you created. Is that what you want?"

Serena sat quietly taking in all that was being said.

"Tell me, what is Sailor Pluto's part in this?" Serena needed to know the truth.

"After you were concealed with the loathsome venom of the negaforce, it was Sailor Pluto who demolished the phantom back to its original time but before she could stop its wicked rumination the darkness had already taken affect. There was nothing more she could do then clear your thoughts of that cursed night. And that is why you will have no memory why this was inflicted upon you."

Serena could not believe what she was hearing. She just wanted it all to go away.

"An evil was placed inside me yet you say that I'll be able to raise my child. Will Rini survive this?" Serena had to know worried for her child's life.

"It is not Rini you need to be concerned about. A defect with your past and the future for anyone that you care for will be overthrown with black skies that no power can surpass."

"What are you saying?" Serena could envision the black skies in her mind.

"I must take the child to the era where it will cross the chosen paths that lead to its destructor."

Serena eyes widened as she felt more lost then a maze.

"I don't understand! You said Rini would be okay! That I wouldn't have to be concerned! How am I not supposed to be concerned when your sending her to her destructor?!" Serena shouted with all her strength as tears slid down her face hitting the floor.

"I never said Rini would meet such an end."

Serena's heart stopped with the clock as she lowered her eyes down to her stomach realizing that the child inside her was not Rini. It was a child who would carry out horrifying acts, a child that she was not meant to know. Serena shook her head in defiance that this was the life for her first born child. What kind of mother would let her child believe that it wasn't loved, that it wasn't wanted, to be damned with a monstrous darkness that no one could defend…?

"No! I won't let you take it!" Serena growled like a mother with her cub refusing to hand over her most precious possession.

"If I don't stop it now you will die, King Endymion and your kingdom will fall and no one you love will be left alive."

"I don't care. I'll protect us. I'll save us all! You're not taking it! This is my child and I won't give it to anyone! Not even if it's whole purpose in life is pure evil!" Serena stood up on her weak legs holding her stomach like it was going to fall off as she started to run further and further away.

"Unfortunately your highness you don't really have a choice in the matter."

Serena ran so fast she tripped over herself forcing her body to twist so she would land on her back. She cried in pain as she got up on her feet running as quickly as she could to Darien.

"Darien!" Serena shouted feeling like she wasn't getting any closer to her bedroom. The walls were closing in and the ground was pulling backwards making her tired and weak.

"I can't let time reach its end because you wanted to keep something you know nothing about! Don't you see how selfish your being?"

"You're the one who's selfish! This baby deserves just as much happiness as the rest of us and a world with people who love it and would never betray it. I'll never surrender this baby to you! Never!" Serena broadcasted as she spoke loud and wide never giving up.

"Very foolish you are, I believe this child is going to be a great leader for the negaverse. In fact it may meet you after all; too bad you're still Sailor Moon in the time this baby's going in. HAHAHAHAHA!"

A slithering wind grasped the child inside her womb. She could feel her baby's fear as the child slowly faded with a dark moon on the top of its forehead.

"NOOOOOO! LET IT GO! YOU CAN'T TAKE IT!" Serena shattered into pieces as she felt her stomach slowly sinking in with no space to fill it with.

"Come child, to the time which is yours."

Serena could hear her child's cries as she knew it was in danger but what could she do. Her baby was out of her reach, just like her dream. She was incapable of preventing this horrid deed; nothing she could do would protect her child. Serena moaned in agony tightening her hands around her waist as she knew the baby had been taken. The voice was gone and so was her unborn child. The walls drifted to their rightful distance and the ground was no longer in motion. Serena sunk her head down to the ground as she sat paralyzed, lifeless, a mother who couldn't save her infant. How was she supposed to go on, supposed to live in this world that everyone else was so content in, when she knew that there was another child that was hers? How does someone handle knowing that their child would have brought chaos to all living existence? Had the future Neo Queen Serenity accepted this for the sake of everyone on earth?

How could you not stop it Serena…why couldn't you stop it from happening…is this the life you knew I would deal with…did this child mean nothing to you?

"Answer me! How could you do it?! How could you go on with your life when you knew there was another being out there that was once yours?! Rini doesn't even know…does she? You never told anyone because you were afraid that it would lead to the end of our world. I can't believe this…" Serena quivered with forbidden knowledge that was never known to anyone before she was queen or after she was Sailor Moon. Tears melted into the hard ground, a ground that had also been dripped with tears and sorrows of the Neo Queen Serenity in the time before that.

A purple flitter of light danced on Serena's hair as she opened her eyes to look up. It was Sailor Pluto.

"Serena, I have seen this moment throughout many different times before yours ever came and there has been nothing neither you or anyone else can change to make things right. This was how the world and the worlds you do not know of were meant to be. I know this place is a hard one to accept but it must stand or life as we know it truly will disappear from everywhere. I am the keeper of time and I will let destiny decide what the fate of every soul can withstand. That is why I am here to assure you that everything is alright and that this will reflect in the past after you. Rini will soon be here and then you will feel no regret or guilt that you feel at this very moment. I must go now Serena but remember your destiny has been made for you, cherish it and overcome any trial you feel you cannot win."

A bright light flashed from the soldier's staff creating an open door for her to walk through. Serena stared at the light of time as she felt her body crumble inside. There was no way she would ever let her child be taken from her. She was Neo Queen Serenity and the first to make a difference in the order of destiny.


Sailor Pluto stopped from entering the glowing doorway and glanced behind to see a determined soldier fight for her beliefs. The blonde woman struck like the moon to the sun into the white light that controlled time. She whipped by so fast Sailor Pluto couldn't even comprehend what had just happened.

"Serena! Noooo!" Sailor Pluto shouted after her almost able to grab onto the queen's shoulder but not fast enough. It was already too late; Serena had entered into another time and era where she would reface her enemies that had already been defeated.

White mist surrounded her as she felt as if she were floating on clouds. Knowing what terror could be caused Serena had to correct this glitch in her world whether fate agreed with her or not. She knew she made the right decision in going after her child. No one can choose her life for her but her. And this one was definitely not going to be one she'd just pick up where she left off the next day.

Finally it was here. The night was quiet and the sounds were smooth. Crickets sprung their legs while city lights raised high in the sky. She had forgotten what it was like in the past; so many things were different in the future. Much more was advanced then she expected.

"Okay, what time am I in?" Serena questioned as she looked around for any familiarity that reminded her of a certain age she might have been.

Nothing really looked too exact where she could specify what day and age she was. She started to walk towards the city that in her world was known as Crystal Tokyo but here was just known as Tokyo. She walked passed the arcade where her and her friends used to play all the time. She smiled at the sight of it. Brought back so many good memories she couldn't forget. She walked by the apartment building that Darien used to live in. She wondered what he would do if he saw her at this age.

Probably have a heart attack. .

Serena giggled at the thought. She knew she couldn't mess too much up from her past. Had to keep herself hidden so no one would see her. She walked into a little shop close by and bought herself a cloak where she could cover herself better. The cashier smiled and thought she kind of looked familiar.

"Thank you!" Serena smiled as she exited the store. She looked around for any sign of a crying baby. How was she going to find it? It could be anywhere.

Okay gotta think. The voice said the child was going to be a leader for the negaverse. How do I get to the negaverse? Always been a question since I was a sailor soldier but now I'm a queen. I have more power so this should be simple right. Right!

She held the same silver crystal that had been handed over to her through all the years and held it tight in her palm. Closing her eyes she begged from the crystal.

Silver Crystal please, take me to the negaverse!

Serena raised the crystal high in her hand having all her faith be entrusted into the power of the crystal. She closed her eyes and waited for it to take her but nothing happened. The crystal didn't work.

"How can this be? It should've worked." Serena gazed at her crystal confused by its nonresponsive effect.

"Maybe it's because I'm in a different world. That means the crystal that's being used for this era is the only way I can use to get to the negaverse." Serena felt like a crime solver. She had to find her other self and use that crystal.

Serena started to jog in the direction she knew her old house was at. She turned the corner and almost fell over at the sight of a young blonde girl with two buns and hair falling out the side of them. Serena quickly reacted and pulled back behind the wall as she saw the other Serena talking to her fellow scouts. She peeked over to make sure they didn't see her. They luckily did not giving Serena a big relief. She smiled at how cute they all looked back at that age. She wished she could be in that time now.

"So tomorrow study group at Rei's. Sound good?" Mina confirmed with everyone as they agreed.

"Alright by Serena!" The girls smiled as they waved good bye to their dear friend and left.

Serena watched as the other Serena began to walk inside her house. She walked up to her door step when she heard something move behind her. She looked around but saw nothing; just a bush that she didn't know hidden behind was where her future self was buried. Serena raised her head from the bush as she watched herself close the door to her house.

Okay think! How do I get that crystal? There must be someway I can get it. Did I ever leave my bedroom window unlocked? Maybe if I sneak in from the back I can make it into my bedroom before the other Serena comes.

She quietly crept behind the house praying that the back door was unlocked. It was! Success! Serena opened the door and looked around seeing her parents and brother sitting on the couch watching some TV.

"Serena! Don't forget to grab your clothes out of the laundry basket!" Her mom reminded as she folded clothes next to her husband.

"I won't mom!" Serena promised as she jumped down the stairs and walked into the laundry room grabbing her laundry basket. She looked to the side and noticed that the back door was open. Setting her basket down, she walked over and closed it.

"Sammy quit leaving the back door open! All the bugs are getting in." Serena annoyingly claimed as she walked back up the stairs.

"I didn't leave it open!" Sammy defended himself as he continued watching the show.

"Oh right, the door just opened by itself." Serena rolled her eyes entering her bedroom and setting the clothes down on her bed.

She took a deep breath and fell back on her bed thinking about her friends and how lucky she was to have them. What she didn't know was that in her closet was where some big blue eyes were watching her in the shadows. Not a few seconds later a black cat came strolling in and leaped up next to Serena.

"Oh Luna, I wish today wasn't so late already. I want to see what Darien's doing." Serena moaned with frustration.

"You'll see him tomorrow Serena, doesn't hurt to give Darien a little space does it?" Luna advised seeing how much the two are always together.

"Hah! Darien doesn't need any space! He wants to be with me just as much I do!" Serena announced dismissing Luna's advice.

"Well don't blame me when he tells you himself that he needs a break from all this girlish nausea you're putting on him." Luna closed her eyes as she felt the nice peaceful rest she wanted that entire day finally arrive.

A pillow was tossed straight head on at the little intelligent cat as the teenager steamed with rage as she stomped into the bathroom. This would've been a perfect moment to grab the crystal except that Luna was in the room.

A little too risky if I try to get it now. Guess I'll wait.

After twenty minutes of freshening up Serena climbed into her bed and turned off the light. Luna laid sleepily beside as the night was silent. Slowing pushing the closet door open Serena crawled out into the open. She stood up and looked around trying to remember where she'd put it. She opened the drawers along the desk but couldn't see her broach. She looked through her jewelry and under her cushions but could not see the little colorful gremlin that was hiding from her. She turned around and saw her red bag. Perhaps it was in there. She opened it up and low and behold there is was. The circular star on the frame with her crystal glittering on the front, she loved it so. She tip toed to the door and snuck out the back again surprised at how easy it was for someone to break in.

I have it now my darling, I'm coming for you!