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Chapter 4- Ticks from the Past

"Luna! Luna!" Serena shouted scorching threw her room high and low.

"Yes Serena what is it?" Luna walked in the room licking off the breakfast she just finished from her lips.

"I can't find my brooch. It was right here!" Serena declared as she shook her red bag on her bed dumping everything inside of it out so she could make sure.

"Perhaps you left it at one of the girl's houses. You do become forgetful after a long day at school Serena." Luna inquired as she started to open the communicator and report that Serena has lost the crystal.

"This doesn't make any sense. I know it was here! You think Sammy could've taken it?" Serena accused feeling that was the only explanation.

"Please Serena, like Sammy would ever come into your room. He'd eat his own foot first." Luna laughed at the idea.

"Nice choice of words Luna. Well who could've taken it then, I'm really starting to worry." Serena started to hyperventilate.

"Alright now this is definitely going to work! I have complete faith in you." Serena snickered as she played with the brooch in between her fingers.

"Now let's try this again."

Please let this work!

"Silver Crystal! This is your queen speaking! Please! Take me to the negaverse!" Serena shouted in a dark alley as she raised her hand high up once more pleading for a dark entrance.

A bright white light with glowing rays of pink shot out around the alley spinning in circles around the queen. Serena smiled pleased that she was a step closer to finding her child. The lights devoured Serena taking her through a portal that no one had ever been through. A few minutes had passed and then she arrived. Serena was sitting down on strange floors that looked like dirt. She opened her eyes and noticed a weird looking bark in front of her. It had moss on it and looked old and wilting. Serena shrieked as she realized where she was. It was the doom tree!

"Woah! Okay, time out! Something went terribly wrong here! There is no way my child was taken to this place at this time. There are only two villains in this part and my child is definitely not an alien."

Serena noticed that the negaverse right now was only Ann and Alan.

Does that mean I have to go through all my battles that are to come just so I can find my child? Isn't there an easier way? I don't even know if it's a boy or a girl!

Suddenly a familiar voice was heard coming from the door to the aliens' apartment. Serena quickly hid behind the doom tree out of sight.

"So many babies, so full of energy they don't even know what to do with it." Alan grinned admiring the energy they would soon be able to feel.

"It's perfect Alan, all the energy we need with no fuss!" Ann wickedly commented looking over all the children that would soon meet a threatening attack.

"So Ann, pick a cardian that will zap the juice from those gurgling babes."


A card was drawn from Alan's deck and an evil cardian would soon be the culprit behind many innocent lives without any energy to support them. The two disappeared like evaporating air to watch their prey be fed on.

"Oh I hate this scene. Of all the events that occur for this part of the story why did I have to fall into this one? Especially when it's about babies, it's a very sensitive subject right now." Serena scratched her face in aggravation as she debated what she should do.

Well first things first I have to return this to the other Serena before those babies get zapped. They don't stand a chance without Sailor Moon to help.

"Amy this is a huge problem, what am I going to do if I can't transform?" Serena sobbed wishing she knew where her transformation device was.

"I'm sure it will turn up soon Serena, maybe you dropped it somewhere." Amy predicted hoping nothing to serious would happen until she found it.

"Oh don't say that! Who knows what kind of wrong hands could find it." Serena wailed praying she would find it before someone else does.

As the two turned the corner they noticed that they were at the little baby daycare. They knew an adorable little boy who went there. Shortly lurking from behind Neo Queen Serenity was unseen from the girls.

I have to put this in her school bag before the cardian attacks. But how do I do that?

Serena hesitated as she knew there was no way to get it in there unless Serena wasn't looking. She remembered back then that for the first attack Serena had to look away because the light was so blinding.

Maybe if I play this out correctly, I can put the brooch in her bag right when the fiend collects the energy.

"Oh hello girls." Mrs. Winston greeted kindly when suddenly a burning force formed in the shape of a sun sent flames of scintillating twine wrap around the virtuous children. Everybody stunned by the overwhelming blast, their eyes lost vision instantly.

Now's my chance!

Serena launched over to the school bag just inches away from succeeding when Serena started to open her eyes back up.

There's not enough time!

Serena clipped the brooch onto Serena's uniform begging that she wouldn't notice her touch as she withdrew fiercely out of the sailors view. Fortunately the queen had accomplished her mission. Serena was too alarmed by the invasion she didn't even notice.

The one time when my ignorance comes in handy, that's the first.

Serena caught her breath leaning against a wall as she felt relieved that was over.

This is harder then I imagined. My baby could be anywhere, who knows if it's time has already passed. It could've been around when Queen Beryl was still in control of the dark kingdom. It's hopeless…I'll never find you now.

Serena could feel the murky cloud coming over her as her hope for any chance of finding her precious newborn was becoming almost impossible.

"Serena, you can't do this."

Uncovering her face Serena saw Sailor Pluto dressed as a normal girl with her purple suit and bright red bow. Serena stood up straight with a defiant look in her eyes.

"I'm not leaving until I find my child Pluto." Serena ignored moving past the sailor.

"It's Trista for now Serena and you can't keep defying your responsibilities for your kingdom. The throne needs you, your people need you. Without you now Crystal Tokyo has no choice but to fall." Trista implied worried about Serena's rationality.

"Well you should've thought about that before you let that no good baby snatcher abduct my child." Serena angrily hissed feeling that she was just as much to blame as the undertaker.

"Serena you can't honestly hold me accountable for this. This was the destiny for that child. I would've told you sooner but time wouldn't allow it." Trista maintained her purpose.

"Yes I'm sure it wouldn't! You couldn't prevent my child forced against its will to be a prisoner for the dark force. How innocent you are! I don't care if it would've messed up the entire future system and everyone on this earth would be turned into apes! I will never let my child be brainwashed by those negamonsters! As far as I'm concerned you're one of them!" Serena fumed with sparks on the side of her head dismissing Sailor Pluto.

Trista was absolutely in shock from her queens accusations, she stopped following.

Oh Serena, how do you want me to stop this forthcoming of the inevitable when this was how it was written? Not even I can delay such foul certainties.

"Serena! When did you find your brooch?" Amy asked puzzled by its sudden appearance.

"Huh?" Serena couldn't believe her eyes. The brooch she couldn't find earlier was attached to her the whole time.

"What?! Okay this is really weird! Why is it here now? Does it have little legs of its own that I'm unaware of?" Feeling uneasy with this surprise, Serena felt like a ghost was chasing her.

"Well at least it's back. We were so worried." Amy smiled just happy that Serena had her power.

Serena slapped her face and pulled herself together. Was her brooch possessed? She'd never know.

"Serena?" Darien repeated searching the kitchen where Serena was supposed to be making breakfast an hour ago. Confused as to where she could've gone he started walking where the scouts' dormitories were. Maybe she went in there.

As Darien knocked on the large white door a blue haired girl entered from the opposite side. She had a hand full of beautiful flowers that she had picked from the garden outside.

"Hello Darien, beautiful morning today isn't it?" Amy said smelling some of the roses she picked.

"I guess. Have you seen Serena anywhere? She was supposed to be making some breakfast?" Darien asked distressed.

"Why no, I haven't. Perhaps she left with the girls a little while ago. They're getting gifts for when Rini arrives. We made her a new room and everything! She's going to just love it!" Amy excitingly told just thinking of how much fun it was going to be for Rini.

"That's strange that she wouldn't tell me first that she was going." Darien crunched on whether he should look for her or not.

"Well you know Serena, always doing one thing and then the next." Amy chirped positive that Serena was just out shopping and forgot to mention it to Darien.

"Ya you're probably right. I'm sure she's with them." Darien accepted not knowing how he was ever going to get used to Serena and her spur of the moment decisions.

"Would you like to help me get some water for these flowers?" Amy invited hoping for some company.

"Sure, I'll grab a vase." Darien offered delighted to see Amy's selection of flowers to use for her decoration.

Okay I can do this. Now I just have to write down everyone I've ever fought with in the past.

Serena sat at a booth in a little café her and her friends used to eat at all the time. Brought back so many memories, made her want to cry. She had a piece of paper and pencil to write down all the villains she battled.

"Let's start with the beginning. So the voice said that it would be a leader. Let's put down all the people who were in charge at that time." Serena nodded ready for the names to pop in her head.

"Oh there's so many of them! Even in the beginning! How am I going to possibly name every one of them?" Serena crumbled in her seat knowing this was going to take all day.

Let's just write down the main villains one by one and then under their name put the generals and minions and such underneath. Starting with my first battle.

Main Villain list

Queen Beryl- Had four generals. We have:

Jedite (Cute but a little too evil for my taste), Neflite (Poor Molly), Zoycite (Malicious witch), and Malachite (Oh what a drama queen). Next in line was my dear and handsome Tuxedo Mask also known as Prince Darien (That was a nightmare I won't forget), Seven Great Youma (So colorful on the inside) and last but not least the Doom and Gloom girls (Good times… NOT)

Ann and Alan Obviously neither could be my children, they were born by the Doom Tree. Only used cardians which crosses them out.

Wiseman- Oh jeez way too many people on this team. From the Blackmoon Clan there was: The Negamoon sisters (I need to really catch up with them, it's been so long), Grim Man (Evil droid with a stick), Rubeus (So glad he's gone), Prince Diamond (Just a stalk away from happiness), Emerald (A laugh that makes your ears bleed), Sapphire (Maybe I'll give him a hug while I'm here), Wicked Lady (I'm still recovering from the image)

Queen Nehelenia – She's been through so much. Followers were:

Zirconia (No comment), The Amazon Trio (Everyone's chest was violated), The Amazon Quartet (Memo to self need to find the tailor of their outfits)

Mistress 9- Rini would love this thought. Alright contestant number one:

Doctor Tomoe (Actually wasn't too bad until he looks like Melvin in his lab), Kaorinite (Show off), Witches 5 (What a lovely bunch, hope it didn't rain on them), Pharaoh 90 (Who's silenced now!)

Sailor Galaxia- This was an intense battle. Alright list of her minions:

Sailor Iron Mouse (Kind of funny at times), Sailor Aluminum Siren (For being evil she was very polite), Sailor Lead Crow (Reminded me of Rei), Sailor Tin Nyanko (I saw her good side, it was there)

Fiore- Had a rather "close" relationship to Darien. The Xenian flower was the true villain for this one.

Princess Snow Kaguya- Almost feel sorry for her, never knew true love or friendship. Her only followers were her Snow dancers which crosses them out.

Queen Badiyanu- She has also been an abductor of my children. I'm not feeling as forgiving as I should. Her little group was if I can recall: Pupulan (Don't eat the candies!), Banane and Orangeat (Never really acquainted), and Peruru (But he wasn't a villain at all)

"Okay have my list. That wasn't so hard. 12 down! A million more to go. "Serena squinted in frustration at this quest. Her head fell on the café table as she wept.

Even if I do find my child, how will I know it's them? It could be any one of them!

The café door opened and a group of girls started chatting away as they sat themselves at a table. The voices were recognized instantly without Neo Queen Serenity even having to look. It was her friends, if only she could ask them for their help.

"You guys you won't believe what happened today!" Serena bubbled up like a cherry ready to explode.

"Well come on Serena, spit it out!" Rei impatiently waited for Serena to answer.

"Darien and I taught Jordan to walk and talk today!" Serena jumped with joy as she felt a side of motherly efforts she never thought she could do.

"That's amazing Serena!" Lita saluted congratulating her.

"You and Darien will definitely make a great couple someday." Mina encouraged thinking about what her future would be like.

"I know! I felt so close to him this afternoon. Since he still can't remember anything about our past lives, today totally felt like how it used to be! You think I should go over there again? I wonder what he's doing tomorrow.." Serena fiddled to herself coming up with magical ideas that the two could do. Maybe go on a date perhaps.

The girls gloomed with pity for that boy.

"Serena you need to give Darien some time for himself. You're always with him and he's going to feel claustrophobic if you don't cut it out." Rei folded her arms wishing she could spend as much time with Darien as Serena does.

"Listen if Darien becomes sick of me then he will say so. He's not one to just sit and glump all day because I'm…as you say too much in his face." Serena flew her hand up for she had spoken.

The blonde girl definitely had an addiction to this man. Not that anyone could really blame her, he was quite the stud. But for her sake it would be ideal for her to take a break.

Neo Queen Serenity just smiled at the girls, remembering how easy it was back then. Their problems were as simple as tearing through tissue paper compared to the problems she had to deal with. She noticed that her and her past self weren't as different as she thought. She felt like she was so much smarter and less immature but the truth was she hadn't changed all that much. The two were the same person and even the past could still reflect on you. Wasn't a second later Darien walked into the café. Serena glowed like a light bulb the minute she saw him but she had to keep her distance. She knew she couldn't mess this up; the past was too fragile for her to break. Nothing can change; it must stay the same way it played out for her when she was that age. So the queen sat and admired her handsome husband from the other side of the room as he sat down with the group of leaches around him.

I can't think about him right now. I need to find another way to know for certain which one of these names is the name I must fight for. I wish there was some sign or sense for me to know.

Serena sighed and put the piece of paper in the pocket to her cloak. She stood up and began walking out of the café. She hid herself well so no one noticed her resemblance to the other Serena. Darien had been watching her and thought she disguised rather suspiciously. Darien stood from the table ready to follow after her.

"Darien? Where are you going?" Serena whimpered like a puppy dog pleading for him to stay.

"I forgot I have to be somewhere. See you girls." Darien stuttered barely keeping his words up with his mind as it was purely focused on the person outside. He fled the café and chased after her looking around to which way she went.

"That was weird." Serena questioned wondering where he was going.

"Don't worry Serena; I'm sure he's just made dinner plans with his other girlfriend." Rei viciously narrated feeling Serena's claws jab out.

"That's it!" Serena bolted in a flash at Rei yanking her hair and trying to put her hands around her neck. The scouts held her back with all their strength knowing that there was no stop to Rei's nasty intentions.

Serena felt someone coming in from behind. As she glanced around she saw a dark tall man not more then 10 feet from her.

It's Darien! What's he doing? He's coming closer! Oh no! I hope he doesn't know who I am!

The queen began to run hoping her cloak kept her appearance hidden or else who knows what might happen.

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