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Chapter 3:

Kaito spoke of everything that led up to that very moment so skillfully that he even had the wise owl thinking he was the good guy in the whole thing. But it quickly shattered once the story reached it's climax, Nagi suddenly found himself hating Kaito more then when his reason for entering the prison was merely a rumor.

He found a look of disgust taking over his features. "Why would you do such a horrible thing?" he involuntarily interrupted.

"I was angry," Kaito stated, his voice as strong and calm as it had been in the beginning.

Nagi cringed a little, but he was equally as calm when he spoke, "I'm leaving." The man stood up and went to the cafeteria where he knew Fey would be savoring what ever she had bought.

Fey guiltily sat alone at a table in the corner of the dining area. She had just purchased a meal with cast points she hadn't even earned and was already halfway through it.

"Why can't I eat this with a clear conscience?" she murmured aloud.

"Hello Fey," Nagi says taking a seat across from her, giving a little smile.

"Here's your card back!" Fey suddenly thrusts it forward, "Thank-you some much!"

"You're very welcome," Nagi took his card back and suddenly Fey's conscience cleared a little.

She swiftly and suddenly began to eat, "So." Fey swallowed the little bit of food she was eating, "How'd your conversation go?"

Nagi pondered a moment, trying to correctly word his thoughts, "That man is evil." It was a blunt, yet true statement.

"Why?!" Fey practically choked, "He saved me!"

Nagi's heart broke a little, he'd taken her in as somewhat of a stand in until he could see his real daughter, and her being mad saddened him. "I don't expect you to understand." Nagi speaks slow a deliberate to make sure his point is gotten across, "Just remember I warned you."

Fey knew he was right, he was most always right, so she submissively nodded.

Kaito sighed, once he'd returned to his cell everything slowed down again. "I suppose I can't wait all day for interesting things to happen," he thought aloud. "Perhaps I'll have Fey finish my tour."

He entertained the thought for a while, but finally decided to explore on his own. It's not like Fey was actually any help. Kaito left his room, this time there was no distressed little kid nor was there a big brute attacking them.

At first he was completely aimless, just turning randomly when he felt like it. But soon he developed a pattern, turn left twice then right and repeat. Once he became tired of walking around the endless maze he entered the first public door he could find.

It just so happened to the entrance to weight room, where, as he usually is Senji Kyomasa is working out.

"Hello," Kaito greets as he spots the muscular man.

"Huh?" Senji's only working eye narrowed as Kaito became visible.

"I said hello," Kaito repeated.

"Hello," Senji grunts, continuing with his lifting, "What do you want?"

"Err, nothing," Kaito said, completely honestly, "I was just saying hi."

"Oof!" Senji set down the heavy weight, "You're the new guy, Blue Jay, right?"

"Uhh, yeah," Kaito responds, not as prepared for a conversation as he thought he was.

"Hmm, you're fighting Nagi right?"

"As far as I know," he responds, "Why all the questions?"

"Just curious," Senji responded, his focus now returning to his work out.

Kaito gave a nod of acknowledgment, but instead walked over to the small weights. He picked up a ten pound one and began to fiddle around, not really caring if he was actually doing anything or not. In no time he was bored once again, setting the weight back in it's place he turned to Senji, "You seem to have a pretty good idea who I am, so who are you?"

"The Crow," Senji responds, "Senji Kyomasa."

Now I know three people by name

, Kaito thinks, But he's probably as much help as Fey. Rudely he left, not even mentioning his own real name. Kaito retreated back to his cell, he still had that little drawstring bag to look through.

Fey goofily bounced down the hall, she was full for the first time in weeks and it felt amazing. "Bum-dee-dum-da~" she sung aloud.

"Hello Fey!" she hears the oh so familiar voice of Noose, one of the inmates whom she had been transported to the prison with.

"Hello," Fey whispers, all joy suddenly leaving her tone.

"Now I heard you were stealing from one of my subordinates today, is that right?" he says, stepping closer to her, his crystal blue eyes flickering with amusement.

"I wasn't!" Fey defended herself, stepping away from his approaching figure.

"My, you seem scared of me since I became an undertaker," Noose mused, "Tell me why?"

It was true, Fey was scared of him more then previously. But it wasn't due to his status as an undertaker, in fact it was rather of their match up a few weeks before he became one. "I'm not scared." Fey once again finds herself denying something that was absolutely true

He smirks, "You keep telling yourself that love, but I don't think you believe it." Suddenly he shoots forward and grabs Fey. "We have something interesting planned for you."

Fey wriggles her left arm free from his grasp and bites her pointer finger, straight through the skin. She attempted to calm herself, remembering the simple fact that scared people bleed less. Pretty soon the blood began to flow freely swirling about.

Noose laughed, "I know how your branch of sin works love, it's not going to hurt me."

Fey frowned. He also has those stupid neutralizing weapon things, she thinks. Her blood stops swirling and falls from the air.

'Splish! Splish! Splish!' the blood patters, sending a quiver through her spine as Fey realizes she hass lost.

Kaito sighs, he's already made his bed twice, washed the cell from top to bottom, and alphabetized his few belongings. There was officially nothing left to do. He stretched out of the uncomfortable bed, deciding to take a little nap.

Only moments after he drifted to sleep there was a rapping on the door. It took a few knocks before Kaito finally rolled over and stood up.

"Hello," he said, opening the door.

Two guards stood outside. "Time for your fight," one of the guards says.

"Okay," Kaito nonchalantly says, willingly going with the guards.

Authors Note: Since I am incredibly bored I have decided to post facts about my two fovorite OCs which happen to be Kaito and Fey.

Kaito wet the bed as a child.

Fey is half American.