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Silent is invading Kisaragi once again, eleven years later. Atsuki returns for the first time since the witch-hunt, and tries to stay away from his friends in fear that they might not have remembered him. But it is unevitable when chaos spreads with a single flap of a butterfly wing...

October 1st, 2019. Cockatrice


All he saw every time he looked into the inner hell of a person or animal. Darkness. He was burdened with the task of reading the minds of others and killing Silent. He would touch the heart of another, freeze his own heart, read their thoughts, eradicate the Silent, and all would be well unless they were too far gone. In such cases, they would have their minds erased. He would then leave the city after his job was done. That's how it was, that's how it always would be.

But it started being different.

He showed concern for others. They showed concern for him. He grew attached to them. Too attached. Eventually, quitting FORT and staying with his friends actually entered his mind when he was about to leave Kisaragi. In fact, it didn't just enter. It invaded his mind, assasinating his reasoning and murdering his apathetic ways. It set off an explosion of sadness in his heart and stayed like a ghost, always coming back to haunt him. Sadness, for he knew that he could not do such a thing. He became FORTs valuable resource, and as soon as he quit, they would lose to Silent.

As soon as they lost to Silent, the world ended.

And if the world ended, his friends would die. His new family would die. Everything he held dear to him would lay in a sea of blood, their souls forever trapped in darkness. His new family... their deaths being just like that of his old family... His mask would almost break just at the thought of it.

And so he left, the memories of him even existing vanishing into thin air, as if it was not worth remembering. As if he wasn't worth remembering. He banished the thought to the back of his mind, scared of Silent using his sadness and loneliness to kill him and others.

He missed them all so, so much...


Atsuki Saijo, 5'7, born in Japan. His hair is the color of ash, hanging one inch below his shoulders and in a ponytail. The hair that isn't long enough to be tied in the ponytail frames his fair, feminine-yet more narrow-face. One of his eyes is as gold and blazing as the sun, the other darker and more mysterious than the night sky. A black eye contact covers his golden eye, and a black shoulder length glove covers his left arm. He wears a black jacket with a white undershirt and black pants. His Lux-Pain is in the form of a ring, which turns his left eye gold and covers his left arm in black patterns when used. It allows him to feel the invisible world to find the existance of darkness. Hobbies include listening to music and almost getting himself killed over and over. Twenty-eight years old.


It's been eleven years since he had destroyed the Original, and the number of Silent infectees decreased dramatically.

But they were still everywhere. It was thought that there were only six-hundred eighty-five Silent, and that Atsuki wiped out the last two in Kisaragi, as well as the original.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. FORT had unexpectadly lost many telepaths over the short month Atsuki was gone, and only had enough to send one to every fourth country. It only added to around fifty, and there was still too much Silent around to possibly ignore, so it was obvious that Atsuki could not leave FORT. They would need their best telepath, who had officially destroyed over one thousand smaller Silent last year, and prevented more from spreading.

Technically, though, they had fifty-one telepaths. The most recent two arrived within the last week.


Kenshin Enoki, 5'5, born in Japan. His hair is black and messy, reaching the middle of his neck. His eyes are a bright piercing blue, but hold a perpetual unamused expression. He wears a black muffler to hide his Lux-Pain, which is a choker that prints black patterns on his back. He wears black skinny jeans and a belt with key patterns. His shirt is a hooded loose jacket which is also black. He has powers similar to Atsuki, but they are weak. It takes a while for him to reach into another's mind, so he cannot do so while others are looking, or risk getting called a weirdo and get arrested for being a 'degenerate'. Hobbies include sleeping, playing his acoustic guitar, and looking at porn. It's often the reason why he has a lump on his head in the morning and an angry sister by his side. Twenty years old.


Chouko Enoki, 5'5, born in Japan. Her hair is black with a slight wave, like a river, reaching the middle of her back. Her eyes are like her twin brother's, but they hold a child-like curiosity and interest in everything. She wears a white long sleeved turtleneck to hide her Lux-Pain print, which travels down her neck, over her shoulders, and to her wrists. She wears a black knee-length skirt and black boots that cover her shins. Her Lux-Pain is in the form of a bracelet. She has the same powers as Natsuki, which makes it very hard for her brother to look at porn. Her hobbies include painting, looking at flowers, buying floral print EVERYTHING, and hurting her brother whenever she finds anything related to porn. Twenty years old.


Natsuki Venefskuja, 5'4, born in Europe. Her curly twin-tails are pale teal, and both of her eyes sparkle in a bright golden color. Hobbies include getting as much free time as she can and spending that free time with her obsession, Atsuki. She, along with Nola and occasionally another telepath, have to make sure that the twins don't destroy everything each morning. Atsuki could tell it was wearing down on her because her voice was getting more and more tired and she seemed less peppy. He was glad that her loud, piercing voice quieted down, but he was also concerned for the poor girl. Twenty-four years old.


Those two lively twins were introduced to Atsuki one day when Natsuki told him about a strange Shinen in the area he was at, saying that it was probably the Silent they've been searching for. The two stumbled across the screen, the male running away from the female who was armed with(somehow) a steel pipe. Atsuki witnessed the death of many computers that day.

He was in a rather well known city in a very well known state in America. He was in Spokane, Washington. The Lilac City, the birthplace of Father's Day, so on. He's been here before, actually, and quite frankly loved the city. Not for the people, no, they weren't anything special. But the parks, rivers, ponds, simple trees, beautiful morning and evening skies, and the way that each season had the same weather patterns and temperatures as in story books and such soothed him.

It was a lot like Kisaragi City weather, he realised... The snow in December, spring air in April, summer heat in July. The falling leaves in October...

He shook his head. Now was not the time to think about that. He was told of a psychotic and depressed Shinen here. He sensed said Shinen, and had found it.

There, on the park bench, was a lady with a stroller next to her.

She had tree bark brown hair and green, tired, depressed eyes. He had to guess that she was around her early thirties. He felt a strong, creepy Shinen of a satisfied killer eminating from her when walking around the famous River Front Park mixed with a guilty concience. It was obvious that she was infected even without reading her thoughts. He slightly narrowed his eyeborws in concentration and delved into her mind...

My daughter...

Should return...

Silly girl...

She'll return through this child...

Reborn perfect!


That stain on the counter back at home...

Wasn't there before...


She was a lie...




This one will be the most perfect child...

The other Shinen was of regret and self hatred. It remembers a child that isn't the one next to her. It can barely tell what is reality or what is a dream, but still softly holds its grip on the real world.

What am I doing..?

Not right...

Who is this child..?

Where is Hona..?

Precious Hona...

What have I done..?

Where am I... Reality?

Or Fake?




I'm not me

Save me please...

Someone kill me...

I deserve death...

The two Shinen clash with each other. One knows how horrible the act is and is full of sadness and self hatred, the other sees imperfect people as things, is selfish, and doesn't care. The two merge and form a whole other Shinen. One of a fearful serial killer.


Watch for the woman...

Is that her?


Kill all witnesses.

Destroy evidence...


Does anyone know?

Don't want to end up in jail...

A man is staring at me...

Dark, accusing black eyes...





He'll know what happens when one messes with me...

The mother of perfection!

Suddenly, time seems to stop. The world around Atsuki seems to crack like a broken mirror. His Lux-Pain, Gawain, shines on his finger with an eerie red light. The cardnal light surrounds his hand, and with a sudden burst, shatters the world. All of the pieces seem to fall down to nothingness, and he is surrounded by darkness.

A pair of yellow eyes appear from the darkness, and the black world turns into a dark shade of violet. The realm pulses like a heart, and where a pair of eyes was stood a dangerous and large insect that looked like a cross between a lizard, a beetle, and a spider. It stands on its gray legs and roars like the monster it is, sending four dark shadows to Atsuki. As the shadow is being created, it seems to whisper to him.

A world of Darkness, this is not reality... Come to the real world... Come to me... Succumb to death... Spread death...

An ability of Silent; to absorb bad emotions and transform them into energy for themselves or attacks. Being as experienced as he is, Atsuki dodges one as it whizzes past him and sends back the others with Gawain, a reflective barrier surrounding his hand. When they come in contact, the orbs of darkness immediatly burn with a golden light. The violet world pulses a bright gold each time one light sphere strikes the mutant insect. It cries out in pain, the apathetic but determined Atsuki not pitying it in any way.

"Honestly, hardly worth my time."

Glaring at the second being to invade the woman's mind, the Silent howls furiously. Seven spherical shadows surround Atsuki, each protected by a diamond case that looked similar to glass. The shadows grow and grow in size, pulsing every second.

With a growl, Atsuki leaps at one of the protected shadows, his entire arm bursting with light. His left eye glows immensly, shaming the sun and all of its glory.

The light pulsing from his ring and arm suddenly gathers and takes the form of a ribbon. It wraps around the left limb like a sleeve. His fingers start to morph, elongating and ending in a deadly point, reaching farther and farther down until it touches the base of his knee when his arms are held at his sides. The golden light rectracts back into the form of tattoos on his arm and the red pulse from Gawain, which is now in the form of obsidian claws, black as his left eye.

The tips of his claws come in contact with the barrier, sparks flying in every direction. With an inaudible grunt, he continues stabbing at it at an unfollowable pace. His arm continues to strike over and over, occasionally twitching to the point of looking like it's having a seizure. With one more quick jab straight to the middle, the barrier breaks, the pieces of glass flying around his body.

He quickly slashes at the ball of blackness, his scissor hands acting like the barrier and turning the orb brighter with each strike. The claws are moving like a hummingbird's wings, blurred from the speed at which they flow. He continuously claws through the shadows, and he doesn't stop until it turns a bright, pure white. When it does, it grows and solidifies like water in cold temperatures. Atsuki fits it into his black palm and claws before powerfully hurling it towards the Silent.

He continues with the other six, not a single one exploding in a mass of black smoke and flames as it does if he waits too long.

The Silent cries out in agony, and a flare of bad Shinen is flung at Atsuki as it slowly dissolves into nothing.

This world is imperfect

Night eclipses the land in shadow

King of the Night

Gray world

Death is perfection

Everyone writhe in pain below me

Black blood shall write the course of history

No such thing as true light

Everyone hates, no one loves

Greed. Murder. Insanity. Dellusion.

No hope for the weak

I am God

I am powerful

Bow before me, the perfect one

You will suffer without me

In darkness I reign forever

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The world around him shines, and Atsuki's concience is returned to the visible world. The woman on the bench abruptly stands up. She looks around, then down at the child in the stroller. Her eyes widen and tear up. Scared that she will be thrown in jail if caught with another woman's child, she runs away, crying. Her heels clack against the pavement, no one even bothering to glance at her, paying too much attention to their activities to care. Atsuki waits close by the stroller, not leaving until the mother finds her child.

Another woman with bright blond hair, blue eyes, and a very worried expression turns the corner and enters his vision a few minutes later. She spots the child, and feeling the relieved Shinen rising up in her, Atsuki assumes that she is the infant's mother, and leaves the scene.

That woman before had stolen the mother's child, who was beautiful and perfect in her eyes. She took the baby, planning on replacing her deceased daughter, Hona, with the child. Consumed by Silent, she killed Hona years ago, the imperfection she saw in her child's eyes becoming disgusting to her. It's a wonder that nothing else has happened since the child's death.

Concerned that the woman may kill herself after regaining her reason, Atsuki follows the brunette.


She is standing in a parking lot next to a light pole. Everything seemed to be frozen in time. The edges of the sky on the horizon is painted a brilliant gold as the sun sinks into it, slowly ending the existance of twilight. Her eyes are fixated on the burning, beautiful sun. She looks down and into her hands, her gaze traveling up a shining, sharp edge of silver, stained a rusty red from blood spilled in the past.

"Why?" She asked the sun this question, a thousand words spoken in one simple sigh of desperation, hopelessness, and finality. She doesn't notice the beautiful young man aproaching her silently, though he is walking up to her directly. The man clears his throat, and she looks up, startled. She shies two steps away as he takes two more steps towards her. She flinches as the man places both hands on her shoulders, forcing her to look into his eyes, tears spilling from her own. His eyes, they are so young and beautiful, filled with mystery and wisdom. She feels as if she's been hit with a search light. They are filled with an appropriate amount of concern and pain, slightly drooping so she sees the sadness in his eyes. Those eyes cry out to her...

"Please, that is enough. You needn't do this to yourself. You regret what you had done, and you have been forgiven," he says to her, a look of sympathy etched on his features.

More tears continue flowing. She is frozen to the spot, staring into those all-seeing eyes. He places a hand on the knife, and removes it from her grasp, replacing it with a pack of ice and a note attatched to it. He walks away, and she is still frozen. Still as a statue, she watches the mysterious man leave with the knife that slaughtered her daughter.

It is not until the sun has completely vanished from sight that she is able to move once again, and she slowly opens the note.

"When life hurts, do not harm yourself to take the mind off of the pain. If you ever feel the need to replace ugly thoughts with physical hurt, use ice. It is a safer way to take the mind off of it all. Stay safe and do your best to do good from now on as repentance."

The woman smiles softly as more tears roll down her cheeks. 'How sweet of him.. Despite what I've done... What a strange young man...' She walks off on her own, and heads home.

The man smiles, feeling accomplished after stopping one more death from occuring too quickly. The darkness of the night is absorbed in his eyes and replaced by a kind light. He treads down the lonely, dark sidewalk, his job done for the night.

The last Silent in America: Exterminated.


A melodic and happy ring of bells is heard in a shop with a very home-like atmosphere. Light blue and pink large tiling covers the floor. The white walls are decorated with large, beautiful paintings, and some furniture items can be seen here and there. The dark brown ceiling is held up by wooden beams of the same color. Wooden tables are scattered around the floor, wooden chairs with pink cushions accompanying them. Comforting lights are strung on the ceiling. Every other light has a pumpkin on it, giving the room a slightly orange glow. It's a very busy place, with many people settling down and eating pastries of many kinds.

A young red-haired woman enters the shop. She looks as if she is in high school.

"Welcome! Oh, Yayoi! It's been a while since you've stopped by! You should come by more often, y'know?" A young man with green hair greets her. Yayoi laughs nervously, and bows her head a little in apology.

"Sorry, Akira. I'm always at home trying to get Momo to finish her homework..."


Yayoi Akiyama, 5'2, born in Japan. Her hair is as red as blood, reaching the base of her spine. Her eyes are incredibly dark and red, but are also very kind and motherly. She doesn't look much different from when she was in school. She wears a blue top that has frills on the neck and the base of the sleeves over a long-sleeved pink dress that goes down past her knees. She is an Art Therapist. Her hobbies include painting, drawing, wandering around her favorite places in the city, and taking care of her reckless six year-old child, Momo. Married to Hiraku Akiyama at twenty years of age, had their child two years after that. She is twenty-eight years old.


Momo Akiyama, 3'3, born in Japan. Her hair is hot pink, and it only reaches down to her shoulders when loose. It's very curly, and tends to be in twin tails. Her eyes are a bright blue. She wears a bright blue T-shirt with a lime-green undershirt and skirt. She has blue tennis shoes and a bright blue headband in her hair. She's a student at Meiko Elementary, currently a first grader. Her hobbies include drawing on EVERYTHING, asking lots of questions, not doing any of her homework, and eating garlic. Six years old.


Hiraku Akiyama, 5'7, born in Japan. His hair is as white as a cloud on a bright day, is curly and reaches barely past his head. His eyes are a bright blue, shining with kindness. They make it look like he's laughing on the inside, as if he's constantly happy for no reason. He wears a bright white vest with a blue undershirt, and brown khakis. He has a pendant in the shape of a message in a bottle around his neck. He works as a police officer. His hobbies include looking at scenery, watching bugs, and taking photos of cloud formations and horizons. Twenty-nine years old.


Akira shakes his head and chuckles heartily.

"Nah, s'okay. I used to do the exact same thing, remember? Of course I quickly grew out of that 'cause of pops 'n all... Ahaha... Oh, Mika and Rui are already here, by the way. Have a seat!"

In the back of the room are two women that appear to be the same age as Yayoi. One of them is trying to steal a strawberry off of the other's cake while she is waving at Yayoi. Her eyes sparkle with mischeif as she plucks a frosting coated red berry off of the cake. She strips it of it's frosting and eats the naked berry whole, her eyes now shining with flavor ecstasy.

"Um... Rui, Mika's stealing your strawberries," Yayoi says shyly while giggling to herself. The blonde woman, Rui, looks down at her cake with wide eyes. She counts the number of strawberries to herself to make sure, and sure enough, there were only four out of six strawberries on her cake. The blunette, Mika, laughs nervously.

"Ahh, sorry, umm... Thanks for the strawberries?" She continues to grin sheepishly while a red vein pops out of Rui's head. 'Uh oh, looks like the culprit has been caught, hahaha,' Mika thinks to herself.

"Nngrrrr... I'ma KICK you..!" Rui growls like a feline as she jumps out of her seat and stomps around the table. Mika gives a loud squeak of pain as a foot is connected with her shin, and she leaps out of her seat. She whimpers pathetically as she caresses her bruised leg.

"Oww! Rui, that wasn't nice," she whines. Rui just grumbles softly about her precious strawberries being stolen.

"So, what'll you be having, Mrs. Akiyama?" Yayoi laughs a little at the sudden formality Akira jokingly presents towards her.

"I'll have a 'Mont Blanc', please." Akira nods and yells at his dad, Kenichi Mido, to make the desert and all of the other items that other customers are waiting for. Kenichi yells back at Akira, telling him to not create a disturbance and calls him a punk again. He chuckles and wishes them a nice time. With other orders to fill, he scoots off to the rest of the waiting customers.

"So, how's Momo?" Rui asks this while stealing two strawberries from Mika's desert for payback.

"Ah, still a little troublemaker. Nothing I can't handle, but I sure do wish I could get another babysitter for her... Nami's still an adventurist, and with having to babysit Momo, I feel like I'm holding her back," Yayoi says with guilt. She sighs and leans back in her chair a little, seemingly tired all of the sudden. Rui and Mika exchange worried glances.

"... You had another suicidal patient, didn't you," Rui says more like a fact than a question. Yayoi nods and flinches a little, feeling slightly more disturbed.

"It was horrible, not to mention that it was a little girl. What she painted was just so disturbing... There was the Saint Maria Church, burning to the ground. The people were all burnt black... Some people had blades protruding from them... The sky was just so gray... I didn't think a little girl could've thought of something so disturbingly violent and sad..." She sighs again. "I honestly didn't know what to think, let alone say. I was on the verge of tears!" She closes her eyes, as if wiping the real world from her vision will eradicate the thoughts in her mind... But it only increased the potency of them and she snapped her eyes back open in horror. Rui looks at her in empathy.

"I've told fortunes for people who were doomed with futures almost as violent as that painting... But honestly, I hadn't heard of something so horrid since-" She stopped talking suddenly. Silence fills the air around the group, the clacking of utensils and idle chatter around them just noise. Mika looks between the two, confusion and concern filling her eyes.

"Yayoi..? Rui? Are you... okay?" Yayoi nods slightly, and Rui looks to Mika. She sighs and slouches, staring at her cake without interest. She reaches into her pocket and fumbles with an old cheesy doll falling apart at the seems. Mika sees this, and doesn't ask further.

With understanding, the group stays silent. Sadness is etched onto each of their faces, pained by a string of good memories that ended much too soon. They were all thinking about one thing. One person, to be exact.

Atsuki Saijo.

He came as quickly as he left. He was only there for such a short amount of time, and so long ago, each thought they would have gotten over his disappearance by now. Nontheless, they made such beautiful memories... If it wasn't for Rui, those memories would have ceased to exist. It was cruel, how he tried to make everyone forget him and just left without a word. Over time, with the gang's help, people started to remember Saijo. They were all just as mournful over his lack of presence. They all knew he was not coming back, so it was almost as if he had died.

"Okay, one Mont... oh," was all Akira could say when he saw the solemn expressions of his friends. He knew exactly what they were thinking about, for only that could make them this way. He became infected with the contageous illness, and soon enough the entire store seemed a little more gray. Those who did not know of him looked around in confusion, shrugged their shoulders, and went back to eating.

"... Well," Akira spoke, "we really shouldn't be so down on a day like this... I mean, it's pretty outside, there are desserts everywhere... urk..." He scratched his arm, feeling weirdly awkward and depressed at the same time. He didn't do well at brightening up the atmosphere when Atsuki was involved. Everyone loved him, after all.

He loved the mysterious man, too. He'd even say it out loud. Saijo was, like, his best friend! And he never gives that title away to anyone. He considers all of his friends to be a sort of family to him, so Atsuki was a really special case. He always made eveyone so happy, even with that quiet attitude of his, and he just up and left everyone after that witch-hunt incident occured. He was a miracle in human form...

Now he couldn't be uplifted from the sadness. 'It's been eleven years, and yet we're still like this... And the city is returning to the state it was in before Saijo appeared...

Damn it, Atsuki... Why'd you have to go?!'

He sighed, overwhelmed with the suddenly heavy atmosphere, and left to continue his baking.

After eating in silence, they said their goodbyes, and left without another word.

The sun slowly sank down into the ocean, the moon taking its place.

Day one, end.



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