Author's Note: Sequel to Revenge of Chucky. Enjoy c:

Chucky's Curse

Chapter One

To Charles Lee Ray, it felt good to finally have a peaceful life back in his own hometown of New Jersey. He avoided murdering, voodoo, and just really changed for the better. However he always got a little sad when he saw his sister Bianca and brother-in-law Eddie play with their daughter, Faith. Charles missed his own kids, who were off in Wagner college, in Staten Island. They always called when they could, but never had a full conversation. It was more of a, "Hey, how's it going? That's great. Gotta go, bye."

Charles also yearned to have Tiffany alive and by his side; she would fill his empty void. Sure, he did have tempted moments to grab the old Tiffany toll and transfer her soul into it. But he managed to stop himself - of course, while kicking and screaming like a five year old while Bianca and Eddie held him down.

Bianca was playing with Faith on the floor, while Charles sat on the couch nearby. Charles was laughing at how high pitched his niece's voice was.

"Iduntalkthat!" Faith protested, jamming her words together so fast, while she was jumping up and down.

Charles smiled. "I was kidding, honey."

Bianca rolled her eyes. "Sure..."

"Oh come on," Eddie grinned, walking in. "Don't lie, Bianca, that kid's voice is loud as hell."

"Daddy! Iduntalkthat!" Faith cried, and once again pushing her words so close in together, the adults in the room could barley comprehend with what she was saying.

Eddie smiled. "Say it slower, dear, I can't understand you."

Faith jumped up and down again. "I.. dun.. tawk.. like.. dat!"

"Alright, alright," Her father gave in.

Charles smiled. Life really did seem to be going how he wanted. He knew he didn't deserve much, but he was thankful for what was given, even despite Tiffany's death.


Glenda and Glen weren't the only ones heading off to college. Amber Barclay was also prepared to go herself. She currently lived in Pennslyvania, and was going to Binghampton University. She was in the middle of packing; she'd be leaving tomorrow.

Andy, her father, walked in. Like Charles, he was upset to see Amber go. Plus, he was worried sick. His daughter had been traumatized by the Chucky experience and feared she'd flip out at just the slightest noise during class.

"Hey," Andy greeted.

Amber spun around frantically, then let out a sigh of relief when she saw it was just her dad. She'd transformed into a nervous wreck after what happened years and years ago as a fourteen year old. She was even diagnosed with major anxiety issues and had insomina. Amber couldn't remember the last time she ever had a decent night of sleep. Of course, the doctors said it was typical side effects of Amber's feelings when it came to her mother's death. Sure, that was part of it. But only Andy and Amber knew the extra details.

"Hi," Amber murmured, trying to cram a hoodie in her suitcase.

Andy half smiled and took the hoodie from her. "Let me help," he offered. Andy folded the hoodie neatly and handed it to Amber. At another attempt of putting it in her suitcase, it easily slid in. Sighing, the seventeen year old zipped the case, and then turned to her dad.

"Thanks," She said.

Andy put his arm around her. "Don't mind it, kiddo. I'm gonna miss you."

Amber was overwhelmed with guilt. She killed someone when she was just fourteen. Her dad never found out. Sure, Chucky still haunted her thoughts. But just knowing she took someone else's life away made her incredibly depressed.

"Yeah," Amber whispered back, hugging her dad. As she looked over his shoulder, she added, "I'll miss you too."

It was true. She would miss him. Because who else would save her if she was on the verge of death?