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Chucky's Curse

Chapter 16

Charles parked outside Amber's university. He glanced at Tiffany.

"Ready?" He asked.

Tiffany wasn't ready. "Of course," she replied.

Smiling in a comforting gesture, Charles got out of the car with a tote bag and ran to the other side. He lifted up Tiffany and gently put her in the bag.

"Ow!" She yelped.

Charles kept a straight face. He didn't want people around him thinking he was talking to himself.

"Sorry," he muttered so low that even he could barley hear himself say.

Charles entered the college and approached the guard at the front desk.

"Excuse me," he said. "Is there a Jaycee Valentine here?"

The women raised an eyebrow. "That's information that is unable to be released unless-"

"I'm her uncle," Charles interrupted impatiently. "I'm married to her sister, Tiffany."

Now, this wasn't exactly a lie. So Charles said this confidently.

The lady raised an eyebrow. "Well, alright, mister...?"


She nodded slowly, obviously still suspicious. "Okay. Her room number is two hundred and three."

Nodding in thanks, Charles sprinted towards the staircase and raised up the stairs. Tiffany moaned a bit and complained her head was getting smacked around. Charles had to cover her complaints with loud, dramatic, and obviously fake sneezes to avoid anyone hearing her. Students roaming around would arch their eyebrows in confusion at this, but did not say a word.

Charles reached room two hundred and three and knocked.

Nobody answered.

He frowned and knocked again.

A boy with curly brown hair walked by and stopped when he saw Charles.

"Are you looking for Jaycee?" he asked.

Charles turned. "Uh, yeah. I'm her uncle. Had to... give her something," he gestured to the bag in his hand.

The boy nodded. "Yeah, she's out with her girlfriend, Amber."

Charles's eyebrows went up. "Oh yeah? Where?"

"Amber's dad's house."

"Oh! Well, thanks," Charles forced a smile. "Really appreciate it."

The kid replied, "No problem," and then whipped out his iPod and started walking down the hallway. Once Charles saw he was out of sight, he slapped the wall.

Tiffany sighed in exasperation. From inside the bag, she called out, "You don't know where Andy's new house is, don't you?"

Charles rubbed his temples. "Got that right."

"Go on Amber's Facebook again," Tiffany insisted.

"That won't help," he complained.

"Yes it will!"

"No it won't."

"Charles, just listen to me. For once."

Charles scolded and muttered, "Okay, fine." He took out his iPhone and went to the Facebook app. He searched Amber's name, and on her profile it said: Beach Creek, Pennsylvania. Charles raised an eyebrow.

"Beach Creek," he murmured. Then louder, "She's in Beach Creek, Pennsylvania."

"That's a small town!" Tiffany cried. "And it's not too far from here. Come on."

Charles nodded in response, even though Tiffany couldn't see him. He raced back down into the lobby and sped out the door, not bothering to listen to the security guard's questions.


Bella was getting out of hand.

It came to the point where Amber wished Jaycee would just allow her to kill herself. One less moron on this planet wouldn't be so bad when you really thought about it, right?

But Jaycee kept insisting and being her stubborn self.

"Stop saying that," she'd hiss. "You should not be thinking like-"

Amber was actually glad Bella interrupted. But then she immediately regretted that thought. Bella's eyes shone their normal color and she had bruises and cuts and blood all over her. She was dragging herself with one arm across the floor. Her Doc Martens were off, and her shirt and jeans were tattered. Her hair was greasy.

"Help..." She mumbled. "P-please..."

Amber scooted over her tied up self really close to Jaycee. It just had a certain reassurance to know that someone else, someone who was alive, someone who loved you, was close by.

Suddenly, a thumping noise was heard. It got louder and louder as it approached the room, but no one was there. Out of nowhere, Bella was violently dragged across the floor. She whimpered, kicked, and screamed, and begged for mercy. Her nails clawed across the floor so loudly that it made Amber and Jaycee wince. Bella's eyes turned red and she looked straight in Amber's eyes. She spoke cold as ice.


Whatever was pulling Bella had managed to finally drag her away from the room. The door shut on its own. Amber began to shake, and she could feel Jaycee do the same.

Amber had no idea what to do. She didn't even know where Andy was.

Suddenly there was a popping noise from Jaycee. Amber turned. Jaycee had untied herself!

"How did you-" Amber started, but Jaycee interrupted.

"Never mind that," she said. "Let me help you."

It took a while, but Jaycee managed to yank off the rope. Amber stretched her arms and legs. It felt so good. She's been forced to bend a certain way for two days straight.

"We need to get out of here," Jaycee firmly said.

"But what about my dad?" Amber protested.

Jaycee pursed her lips. "Right... Well, we need to split up. We'll find him faster. Maybe we can even get a phone."

Amber's eyes grew wide. "That's not a good idea."

"Staying here isn't either," Jaycee reminded her.

Amber stared at her feet. She knew deep inside Jaycee was correct. But, she was horrified to go out on her own. She was scared. However, she balled her fists, fixed her posture, and faced Jaycee.

Looking straight into her girlfriend's eyes, she said, "Let's go."