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Chucky's Curse

Chapter Twenty-Three

Jaycee lifted herself off from the ground. Sitting on a curb and crying wasn't going to do anything and she knew that. She finally decided with herself that she'd worry about Amber after she found a way back to Binghamton college. The question was... how?

Jaycee wrestled with her thoughts and declared she had no choice but to ask for a ride from someone. She knew it was dangerous considering that's usually how rape and murder occurs, but luckily she's watched enough safety programs in school to know that you're better off asking for a ride from a young women with kids.

She eventually found herself hanging outside a gas station. Nobody came to get gas and the owner of the store noticed this. He came out and told Jaycee that she can only stay if she's willing to buy something.

"I have no place to go," She admitted sheepishly. "I was gonna hitchhike, but obviously no one's out..."

The owner noticed how cold and scared the teenager was. So he said, "Tell you what, I'll let you use my cellphone for a call. I don't care if it's long distance. I just want you to be safe."

Jaycee smiled from ear to ear. "Oh thank you so much!" She took his cellphone and dialed Binghamton college. The owner went back into the store to close up.

The security guard answered. "Hello, this is Binghamton College, how may I assist you?"

Jaycee explained she was a student there and was lost. The security guard promised they were sending police cars down to where she was and should be present within five minutes.

"Just stay put," She told Jaycee. "I'll stay on the phone with you until they come, if you want."

"Okay," Jaycee replied. She did want someone other than the owner to be her companion. He was creepy looking.

Eventually the police car came and Jaycee thanked the security guard and hung up. The owner returned outside.

"Thank you," Jaycee told him and handed him his phone. She sprinted to the police car and got inside.

"Are you alright?" The cop asked her.

Jaycee buckled herself in. "As soon as I get water, food, and a bed I think I'll be fully alright."

The policemen chuckled. Jaycee smiled tightly in response.

Amber had went to a motel with the Ray family and slept with them that night. It felt fantastic to her to finally have free sources of food and water handed to her anytime after being tied up for three days. Amber had also awoken this morning looking forward to the little hangout (more like date, really) she was having with Glen.

She stuck out her legs from the motel bed. On the bed next to her lay Tiffany and Glenda. Glen and Charles were sleeping in the next room. Stretching, Amber debated on what she should wear. Then she started to dwell on other stupid things - Was she attractive enough? Should she order a small popcorn or a large one? Water or soda?

"You're a moron," Amber scolded herself. She then began wondering why she was even thinking about those things. She's never acted that way with someone unless it was -

Her face fell from frustration to sadness.

Jaycee. Unless it was Jaycee.

Amber dropped her head in her hands. "Oh, god," She murmured. "I do like Glen."