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The school musical was coming up and that was your only focus these days. You had to get the part of Sandy, you just had to. It was one of those things where you would wish so hard that your brain hurt, but it also made your stomach flip in anxiety. You weren't positive you were born to be center stage, but this was your chance to prove yourself wrong, to prove everyone wrong. No one loved Grease more than you. A love story between two characters that were from different worlds and managing to make it work by the end? Your heart went out to those kinds of stories, they gave you hope that maybe, just maybe you'd find your very own Danny Zuko. Now how fantastic would that be? A cocky attitude with the sweetest smile, a caring heart hidden beneath a steely reputation. Oh, you could just smell her perfume now. The faint aroma of summer breezes and watermelon lipgloss...

Your eyes snap open. Okay. You were definitely just picturing a certain Cheerio as your Danny Zuko. You rubbed at your eyes, shaking your head as you exited the bathroom stall and went straight to the sinks. This was ridiculous. Kitty as your knight in leathered armor? You definitely needed to stop eating your mother's meatballs before bed, they apparently gave you very, very strange daydreams. You turned the faucet on, cupping your hands beneath the stream then pressing the cool water to your face. Maybe now you'd wake up and stop thinking such foolish things. You grabbed a few paper towels, drying off your face then your hands when the bathroom door opened.

"Hey, this is the girls' bathroom."

Unique ..Wade gave you a look before replying simply, "I sit when I pee."

You kept your mouth shut, deciding to turn back to the mirrors. You were not going to comment on that, if he thought that was a reason to use the girls' bathroom then by all means. You leaned forward, putting yourself a bit closer to the mirror as you applied some lip balm. "So how psyched are you for the Grease auditions?" That was a subject you two could speak about mutually without any awkwardness. "I want Sandy soo bad." Could he hear the desperation in your voice? Probably. You just really wanted that part.

"I'm not auditioning." He didn't look at you, continuing on with his own facial touch-ups.

"What?.. Why not?" He had to audition, he just had to! Wade was one of, if not the, best singer they had in Glee club. You personally favored his voice over Blaine's and he had such a nicer tone than you could ever have. You were pretty disheartened at the news. Maybe you could try and encourage him to change his mind, "You know you could get a part."

"I don't want a part, I want the part. Rizzo."

Oh. That wasn't what you expected. Then again, he always did seem so much more comfortable as Unique so.. really, it made complete sense.

"They're not going to give me the part though.. me dressing as Unique is just a joke to them. They don't understand why I do it.. how happy it makes me. And I'd destroy the part of Rizzo like fat kids destroy chocolate cake."

You smiled at that because he was right. He'd be a great Rizzo, he definitely had the right amount of attitude. You finished drying off your hands before placing one on his shoulder. "Look, you should definitely go try out as Rizzo. Artie and the guys might not completely understand why you do it.. but they know how amazing you are as Unique and so they should know how phenomenal you'll be at playing Rizzo. What do you say?.." You gave him a reassuring smile because you were right. Though the school musical wasn't necessarily a glee club production, it involved members of the glee club which meant acceptance and taking risks against normalities.

Wade glanced at you, returning the smile though it was small and still not completely sure, it was enough for you. You grabbed his hand in excitement, tugging him toward the auditorium to discuss what song you two should audition with. You weren't about to let him audition by himself when he looked like he could use the support. Plus, duets were always so much fun.

You were on a winning streak. Your duet with Wade.. Unique went fantastic. You could tell from the fist pumps that you two had done better than just okay. It was hard to tell what they were saying but there was no way it could be bad things with such wide grins on their faces. Surely both of you would get the parts you desired so you made sure to quickly say you wanted to play Sandy before giving Unique another reassuring touch as she told them she wanted to play Rizzo.

You were on cloud nine honestly. The only way the day could get better was if you spoke to a particular Cheerio with a fluctuating attitude problem (you were trying to forget what had transpired between the two of you a few days prior. You smiled at the thought, already digging in your locker for a pen and some paper. You knew you weren't allowed to just walk up to her and talk so you were going to do it the only way you knew would get through to her. By note. You frowned, moving your textbooks around, trying to find where your notebook went when a voice interrupted your searching.

"Hi, I'm uh.. Ryder Lynn.."

Ohmygod. Ryden Lynn was at your locker, talking to you, and was smiling. Today was really your lucky day. Ryder was definitely good looking, played for the football team and did those cute dances, and he had a really nice smile. You grin a bit too giddily for your own liking, "I-I know. I saw you at the football game on Saturday, your end zone dances are awesome." You were never that coordinated, which you learned extended to dancing with microphone stands as well, but you wished you had his fluidity. They were silly dances but he did them so easily and so carefree, you couldn't help but wonder if maybe he'd teach you a few things. You started to blush, realizing how much of a fan girl you were sounding like in your head. You smiled before finally introducing yourself, "I'm Marley."

"I know." He knew your name? "Your uh your mom rules. She always sneaks me extra meatballs on Spaghetti Day." Wait. Just wait one minute. He knew your name AND he actually liked your mom?

"Really? Wow, she must really like you..." You were definitely going to have a talk with your mother later on about her kindness towards Ryder. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but you thought she would've mentioned being sweet to someone that wasn't another lunch lady.

"Finn Hudson said you were most likely going to play Sandy in the school play and I thought if we were going to be working together, I should say hi." He grinned down at you.

Seriously. Best day ever. Ryder basically just said you got the part you wanted in the play and one of the cutest football players was still talking to you, not throwing a slushie in your face, and was on pretty good terms with your mom. You felt your heart melted a little bit. Not that you'd consider dating Ryder, that was a bit outrageous, you just met him for one. Also, you couldn't just start having a crush on someone because they liked your mom.. but couldn't you? You so badly wanted to.

"I.. I think they want me to play Danny."

Your grin got wider if possible. How fantastic would that be? You, Marley Rose, playing alongside the Ryder Lynn as Danny and Sandy in Grease. You couldn't be happier about this. "Really? That's great! You must sing really well... I can't wait to hear you perform!"

He smiled a bit sheepishly at your comment, shrugging one shoulder. "I guess I was all right.. maybe ..we could sing together sometime? You know, get a feel for how we'll work together."

You couldn't agree fast enough. "Yes! Yes.. that'd be wonderful. Maybe later this week in the glee club room?" You smiled, waiting to see if the arrangement would work for him.

"Hey, Ryder." Your heart shot into your throat at her voice. "Hey, Mona."

You winced a little, hating these stupid games. You turn toward her, binder pressed to your chest as protection. "It's Marley." You looked into Kitty's eyes, pleading with her to just be nice to you.. just this once.

She smirked, "Oh right, Marley.. like the dead dog movie." Her eyes went back to Ryder. "I heard you killed your Grease audition.. and I know you're excited at the prospect at playing because everyone knows poor people don't have many opportunities to actually enjoy anything. Which is why it's going to be such a bummer when I take the part from you."

Your shoulders fell and so did your gaze. The mean stuff about you being poor you could handle even if it stung a little but Kitty couldn't take that part from you. "You're auditioning?" Since when was that a thing? She knew how badly you wanted that part, everyone did.

"I am. By the way, Ryder, you should know about this one's gene pool. She's only got a month or two before she starts ballooning to her natural weight of 5,000 pounds and starts writing her memoir, Fifty Shades of Gravy."

You tightened your grip on your binder then. Your insecurities were being jostled with every syllable Kitty spat at you. It was easy enough defending your mom of her weight because a lot of people did it and you had grown accustomed to sticking up for her. But you never were comfortable in your own skin and despite being medically the right weight for your height, you had already contemplated losing a couple of pounds.. just to tone up, you know? It'd be complete denial if you didn't acknowledge the fact that Kitty had pinched a nerve, particularly your fear of being overweight. It was all complicated because you loved your mother to death and yes, you knew her weight was an issue but your mother was happy and that's all you wanted. But in your case, gaining a lot of weight frightened you because you weren't sure you'd have the same amount of strength as your mom did to overcome whatever bullying would occur. You could barely handle slushies in the face. But that's why you were always pretty cautious of what you ate.. just in case.

"Wow, you're kind of a bitch." Thanks, Ryder. You weren't sure if you said that in your head sarcastically or truthfully. You weren't normally okay with cursing but.. Kitty was being a bit over the top with her rudeness. "What'd she ever do to you?"

"Besides trying to steal away my three-nippled ex-boyfriend, you cast yourself as the poor little, simply adorkable nice girl, but I know and you know and sweet baby Jesus in the manger knows what you really are.. a scheming little kiss ass."

If she said more, you didn't catch it because you were walking away (like you always did), no jogging away. Your heart was about to burst from how much pain it was trying to hold in. Was she doing this to punish you from the other day? All you had tried to do was help! Honestly. You hadn't done anything but help her. Why? Why, Kitty, why? She could have done anything else.. told you to never write her again or at least, just tell you to stay away from Jake. You thought she'd be better than this, but you realized you really needed to stop looking for the best in people.

You didn't bother going to the bathroom, you didn't want her to find you there since it had started to become your sanctuary. Anyways, you weren't sure you'd make it through another emotional rollercoaster ride just because she found it convenient. Instead, you headed toward the auditorium to hide out until the rest of the auditions happened ...when Kitty would audition and take Sandy from your poor, chubby hands. You couldn't even smile at how Kitty called you adorkable, every last rude truth she told had beaten you down and stripped you of your good day.

You stood on the sidelines, watching Kitty and Jake do their duet, blowing you away. Their dance moves were outstanding and far more choreographed than what you had done with Unique. Kitty's voice sounded lovely.. so lovely and on pitch. You were so certain you had this part in the bag but she was going to strip it right from underneath you. You watched the whole thing, mindlessly clapping when they finished all sweaty and full of smiles.

You found a seat off to the side, hidden pretty well in darkness and several rows behind Finn and Artie. You didn't have the energy to go anywhere else and you'd much rather watch the other auditions to take your mind off of not being Sandy. You were so focused on who was performing that you hadn't seen someone take the seat next to you. It was only a gentle clearing of the throat that brought you out of your headspace and back into the auditorium.

"What are you doing here?.."

She shrugged a shoulder, keeping quiet as she kept her gaze on the stage. This bothered you because A. she tore you apart with just mere words and B. she had no right to sit next to you when she wanted to steal one of the few things you ever wanted in life. That may be selfish, but you were beginning to understand that dreams aren't just handed to you.

You leaned forward, hand gripping the seat in front of you to give you leverage as you pulled yourself up. "I'm.. I'm not going to just sit here next to you if you do-"

"I'm sorry."

You blinked, sitting back down promptly. "You are?.."

"Yeah. I'm .. sorry." It looked like it gave her physical pain to repeat it. "I knew..I know how badly you wanted that part and I uh.. I just had to take it. or try to."

"But why? Why go through all that effort?" Your voice became really small sounding, "Did you just want to hurt me?"

"W-what? No! No... Marley, I... I can't explain it to you. You.. you wouldn't understand. I'm sorry about today.. and the other day, I got carried away.. I shouldn't have been so cruel." She surprisingly reached over to brush her fingers along the back of your hand. You guessed it was meant to be comforting, it only sent shivers down your spine.

"But you were. You.. break me down every chance you get.. then you.. you build me back up again with your notes and.. it hurts so much." Why were you even having this conversation? For all you knew, she was recording this and was going to go snicker to Jake about how pathetic and easy broken you are.

"I can't change that, okay? I hurt you, I get it. I don't do this nice thing and you should know that by now. I just wanted to say sorry.. good luck on the part and.. here." The fingers that had been continuing to graze the back of your hand grabbed for the same hand, flipping your hand so it was palm up and placed a folded bit of paper in it. Kitty then stood up and left without another word.

So you two were going to continue playing some weird game with each other. She hurts you then makes you feel better with a stupid note. Whatever she wrote wasn't going to change your mind, you were done with her.

But auditions were still going on and you didn't have anything better to do... you sighed as you unfolded the note.

'You'd make the perfect Sandy. Best of luck.' And of course, she curved the last letter into a heart like she always did and you couldn't stop the smile creeping up on your lips. It was a small little doodle, a dancing tater tot. Was it weird that you were perfectly okay with her calling you Tater Tot the other day? Because now it seemed.. cute and affectionate instead of cruel and torturous. You traced her letters with your thumb, not sure what to do with Kitty Wilde. Would you two ever just become friends and cut the crap? You'd greatly prefer just exchanging notes and doodles with smiles than crying and receiving a note as some weird reward.

Regardless, her wishes of luck must have done the trick. Despite having a callback and battling it out with Kitty and Jake with the handjive, you were cast as Sandy. And Kitty got some role you weren't entirely too sure of, but you wanted so badly to wrap your arms around her neck and hug her tightly. You wanted to thank her for the good luck wish and let her know that she drew cute things too, but you resisted. Instead, you hugged Unique, told her how proud you were of her for managing to snag the role she was born to play.

You only smiled as the rest of the glee club congratulated you. It was nice to be recognized for good work. You shrugged on the jacket Kitty had given you, habitually taking a whiff of the collar before tugging your backpack back on. You managed to get Ryder, your Danny Zuko, to walk with you to the cafeteria to tell your mom the good news and when you happened to glance over your shoulder, you saw Kitty standing alone, arms folded across her chest but she was staring directly back at you with a small smile on her lips. You returned the smile easily enough before turning back to Ryder, hopping into whatever conversation he had started while you had been daydreaming.

Maybe this friendship with Kitty just had to take time and patience. You both had to change and learn compromise. Even though you were interested in the conversation you were having, your mind was drifting off to how exactly you could prove to Kitty you were worth the companionship.

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