The Chosen Undead

And that is the end of my tales. Is that sleep I see lurking in your eyes, making your head nod and your lids droop with slumber? Ha ha, no need it to hide it, my boy! I am a knight, or what passes for one, and I admit, the art of bards is beyond me.

Ah, I see that in your hollowed eyes lie not even the tiniest speck of fear. That is good—courage will carry you far in these times. Just take care to not let that courage become recklessness, lest your soul become as hollow as your eye sockets! Be brave, but be patient; listen to you what your senses tell you, and be sure to be prepared; watch your foes for weakness, and exploit it; and beyond all else, surrender not to despair. I do not know if you are what the legends say, but…I have seen too many promising young men and women turn hollow. Make certain that you yourself avoid that fate.

Take heart, be strong, keep your sword sharp.

And may the flames guide you.