I looked at my brother, who looked very angry.

"Who did what?" I squeaked, unable to control the pitch of my voice. Knox's expression held the threat of danger. The tiger in me was growling, and wanting to come out to play.

"What did Savitar do to my kids? Yesterday they were fine, healthy, happy two week old babies, and now they can talk, walk and look about two years old… What the hell happened?" He growled. I sighed, and I hung my head forward, gently rubbing the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger. Why does he ask me these things? I had a large platter of stress, and he just added desert.

"I don't know, Knox. Why don't you ask him?" I asked, exasperated. Knox's eyes brows scrunched farther into the middle of his forehead, but he turned on his heels, and went into mine and Savitar's bedroom. I followed closely behind him. Knox was leaning over to shake him awake, but I grabbed his arm.

"Knox, you're too upset, let me." I said, and I bent down, and gently shook his shoulder.

"Sav?" I whispered, as he stirred beneath my hand. I saw his violet eyes gaze sleepily into mine. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, as he rolled over, and gently tucked my hair behind my ears.

"Hey beautiful.." He murmured, and I leaned down to gently kiss him on the lips.

"Hey honey… Uh, Knox is here.." I whispered, as I held my head up, and I looked over at Knox, who was still fuming. Savitar sat up, and leaned casually against the headboard. I sat beside him, fiddling with my hands. I heard Knox and Savitar chattering away, but I wasn't paying attention. All I could think about was I had a child growing inside me. I could feel the little kicks now and again. I placed my hands softly on my stomach. I was going to be a mom…. I'm sorry I didn't realize your presences sooner little one… I thought, feelings of joy washed over me. I was going to have a child.

"..Advanced them a couple of years? Why?" Knox spluttered, as I snapped out of my state of awe. Savitar shrugged.

"Well, since there's going to be another baby running around here, in a couple of weeks, I figured that you would like having them more advanced. I didn't do any harm to them, and they are quite intelligent." Savitar explained, as he gently rubbed my back, I turned to him, and smiled. He knew, and he knew that I knew. Knox, however, looked confused.

'Another child… You mean?"" His eyes widened as he deduced what we were telling him. I nodded slowly. He hugged me tightly, and I tried to hug him back, but my arms were pinned firmly to my sides.

'Congratulations!" Knox cried, as he released me. I smiled awkwardly.

"Thanks.." I muttered, still unable to grasp the full reality of my situation still. Knox sighed, and decided that he wasn't going to pursue the argument with Savitar any longer.

"Well, congrats to both of you. I'm going to see my husband and my two children. Laters." He waved, and then he turned on his heel, and left. I looked at Savitar through my eyelashes. He smiled, and kissed me on the lips, a deep, happy kiss. I pulled away, breathless.

"What was that for?" I breathed, and he kissed me on the cheek.

"Nothing, well, for not killing me about knowing that you were pregnant, and not telling you." he explained, and I chuckled.

"If I killed you, who would look after our child? Teach them to surf, and taking them hiking around this beautiful place, and…" I paused, giving him a coy smile.

'Icould never kill you." I explained. He chuckeld and hugged me.

"I know the gender of the child…" He whispered, and I made a low 'mmm' noise at the back of my throat.

"would you like to know?" He whispered, and I shook my head, my hair rubbing his chest.

"No, I want them to be a surprise.." I whispered, and he kissed my forehead once more.

It was about four weeks after I found out I was pregnant, and I already looked like I was eight months pregnant. I felt like a whale, and I was sitting on the beach, watching Aria and Kai play in the shallow swell of the ocean, and the powder soft sand. I heard someone approach from behind. It was Acheron and Bas. I knew it was them, because they had been staying on the island with us. Savitar was getting paranoid about the birth of the child.

"Hey guys." I said, not turning around to look at them. I felt the baby kick in my womb, they were getting restless. I smiled, and gently ran my hand over the bump.

"It's okay baby.. Not much longer now." I whispered, as I watched Bas run towards Aria and Kai, and they splashed each other. The air rang with their shrill laughs, and giggles.

"How're you doing?" Acheron asked, and I shrugged.

"I feel like a whale; all fat, bloated, and hormonal." I pouted, and Acheron laughed, having gone through the same thing with his wife.

"Ah, Lexeigh, welcome to the world of parenthood." He said, and I pouted at him, before turning my gaze back to the children. Kai had found a conch shell, and Aria and Bas circled around him, both eagerly awaiting their turn with the conch. I smiled, and the stood up awkwardly. Acheron held my waist, stabling me from falling over. I wasn't used to being so top-heavy.

"What are you doing?" He inquired, as I straightened my sun hat, and my sundress. I gestured to Kai.

"I'm going to get their sunhats. We've been outside too long for them to not wear a hat." I explained, as I waddled up towards the house. I removed my sandy sandals, and padded barefoot to the room that Knox and Remi shared with the children. Acheron and Bas were down the hall, and Savitar and I had our room, and the baby's room all set up in our happy, huge home. I walked over, and knocked on the door.

"Knox? Remi?" I called, I heard some noise in the room, I knocked once more, and then opened the door. My eyes widened at what lay on the other side of the door. My brain registered only certain images. Ball-gag… the red mark on Remi's behind… My brother's naked body…. I stood staring at them. I heard Knox and Remi scramble to put on clothes. I blinked and I felt my mouth flop open.

"wha… what's going on?" I asked, not really sure that I wanted to hear the answer to that question.

"Alex, I'm sorry. What did you need?" Knox squeaked. I blinked.

"Um… Uh… Hats… I came for Kai and Aria's sunha-" I stopped, a sudden, intense stab of pain rolled through me. I gasped loudly, and my hands flew to my stomach. It was time, I could feel it, as my water broke, and another stab of pain ran through me.

'Shit!" I heard Knox yell, as I was over taken by pain.

The last couple of hours were utter hell. I looked over at Savitar, as he held my hand, and kissed my knuckles.

"He's here honey… he's here…" He whispered, and I looked lazily over, and into the eyes of my son.