I jumped up, and took a defensive stance, as I saw the familiar ice in my biological father's eyes. He stood in the corner of Savitar's office. Savitar was standing behind me as he saw Noir as well.

"What do you want?" I growled through my teeth, my motherly instincts taking over. He laughed a vicious laugh. I felt my fingertips twitch into a fist, and Savitar gently gripped my arm, as a preventative measure. He knew that I wanted to beat my father into a bloody mess.

"What do I want? Well, I wanted you for the longest time, my soul heir. And then you went and had a son. Things couldn't have been more perfect. I realized that you and this chthonian here could make wonderfully powerful children. So, long story short, I'm here for Marley." He smiled a cruel smile. The blood drained from my face as I realized the truth, and I felt rage pulse through me in a fiery wave.

"You will not touch my son." I snarled. I was trembling, and Savitar's grip on my arm became slack as he grew more and more furious. Noir laughed at our reactions.

"Oh, but I already have seen him; and I plan on changing his unfortunate name. Marley is not fitting for the prince of Azmodea." Noir spoke, his words sick with sweet poison. I froze. He had already seen my son, which means that he… I felt everything around me begin to spin. He had Marley, and he was already in Azmodea. I felt tears sting my eyes as I tried to burn my "father" with my gaze. He laughed wickedly before vanishing back into his realm. Angry tears slid down my face. I felt Savitar move to hug me around the waist, trying to comfort me.

'What's the matter honey?" He whispered in my ear, his voice soothing. I looked up at him, my cheeks becoming more and more stained with tears.

"He has Marley." I choked out. I watched Savitar's eyes go from a soothing blue, to violent black. He was angry. He let me go, and began to pace around his office, cursing in Atlantian. I was fighting back the urge to go to Azmodea and offer myself over the life of my son.

"We need to get him back." Savitar's pained voice called to me from across the room. I nodded mechanically. I wanted, no, needed my son back.

"I have an idea…." I whispered my eyes on the mahogany desk. I wasn't sure it was a good one, but I knew what I had to do.