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Full Summary: Maki died in an accident but her soul still wanders in the human world. Only one person can see her, Kirihara Akaya, the person that had caused her that fatal accident. She will ask him to help her deal with her unfinished business that might have been the cause why her soul still stays in the human world. The two got closer despite the fact that they are from two completely different worlds. Both of them just realize that they are falling for each other as they spend time together. Could this be possible?

Oh My Ghost!

Chapter One

The screeching noise of the tires and the sound of the revving engine uproared in that usually quiet streets. Maki stepped on the accelarator even further which made her car move faster. She still doesnt have a license and not an experienced driver but she dared to drive this fast. She just had a fight with her father and decided to take his car . She needed space and get out of their house, she needed time to think what to do with her problem.

With tears endlessly streaming down her already puffy face, she fixed her eyes forward on the road and continue driving with unknown destination.


The sun is just starting to set, painting the sky with a mix of color orange and violet with some stars blinking like diamond.

"I must get back before sunset that's what buchou instructed me. I should hurry up and get back!" Akaya reminded his self as he run with his arms clutching a paper bag full of tennis supply. He hurriedly went to the nearest pedestrian lane and waited for the green light. "Hurry, hurry, hurry," he impatiently muttered as he jogged in place. "My senpais will get mad if I wont be able to bring these on time."

Akaya decided to find a shorter route back to his school. He dont want his senpais to get mad at him, they are in the middle of an intense practice since the national tournament is just a week ahead.

He run even faster, with his current pace and with him taking the short cut, there is no doubt that he will get back before the sun sets.

Because of his almost inhuman speed, some tennis balls bounced out of the paper bag. "Dammit!" he can't help but curse with his misfortune. He picked the two balls that he first saw. He looked around and saw another one rolling across the street.

Without even thinking, he crossed the street carelessly and run after the ball. Gladly, it stopped before it even rolled farther. He stooped down and picked the ball.

Suddenly, he heard a loud bumping sound behind him. He turned around saw a silver colored car collided against a big sakura tree at the sidewalk.

Thick smokes erupted from the car's engine. Soon enough, a lot of people surrounded the car trying to help the passengers. "A young girl is the driver! I think shes dead!" shouted the middle-aged woman who opened the car's door.

The loud sound of the police mobile soon heard followed by an ambulance. The police and the rescue team came to aid the victim.

"Why did that girl bumped into that tree?" Akaya asked his self as he watched the girl covered with her own blood lying on the stretcher. The rescuers pulled the stretcher towards the ambulance.

"Maybe she's still not licensed but she stole her parent's car. Some teenagers are really impulsive, poor girl," he commented. His eyes widened when he remembered his task. "Damn! I have to get going, " he run from the site as fast as he can.


"Believe me buchou, fukubuchou, senpai-tachi, an accident happened on the way that was why I came back late," Akaya explained to the regulars after arriving at the tennis courts. "A girl was the driver of the car and it bumped against a huge tree," he continued.

"Don't make such silly excuses, Bakaya, you are not a good trickster as I am," Niou mocked the junior ace.

"You are such a bad liar," Marui just shook his head with a smirk plastered on his lips. Jackal just kept silent while Yagyuu, as a gentleman that he is, didn't interfere and didn't judge their kouhai.

"I am not lying!" he defended himself. "It's the truth and I think the girl died."

Yukimura sighed deeply. "Akaya you dont have to tell morbid things for an excuse."

"Buchou, im telling the truth!"

"Tarundorou! If you are lying and you just slacked off I swear you will suffer akaya!" their strict vice captain assured him.

"Renji, what do you think?" yukimura asked renji.

"With the tone and volume of his voice and with his actions, theres a 90 % that he is not lying," Renji assured them.

"That's it then, he is not lying. We have to trust Renji, his data is always correct," Yukimura remarked. "let us just let this issue past and and just continue with our practice, shall we?"yukimura ordered.

"Hai," everyone agreed.

Akaya pouted childishly. "Buchou believed in Renji-senpai but he didn't believe me, not fair" he muttered in a low voice but his captain still heard his complains.

"You were saying something, akaya?" the child of god flashed his kouhai his infamous angelic but sadistic smile that made the junior ace shivered.

"A-anou, nothing buchou!" the curly haired teen run towards the locker area to change into his tennis attire.


Maki opened her heavy eyelids. "Where am i?" she asked herself and looked around. She noticed that she's still inside the car. She fixed her eyes forward. Its already dark but with the help of the lamp posts, she saw a huge sakura tree in front and what's horrible is that the bumper crash against it!

A loud gasp escaped her mouth. She could have die because of the impact. She touched and examined herself but it seems that she was not injured at all. "Oh my God! No one even helped me? Good thing I am alright but I still need to see a doctor."

A sound of an upcoming vehicle broke the eerie silence of that place. Soon, a huge tow truck parked near her car and three middle aged men descended.

"Good heavens! there will be someone to help me," she told herself, she get out of the car and yelled, "Mister help me!" the three men walk towards her direction.

"Man, look at this, the car look like an inflated thin can!" one of them said as they examine her car.

"Uhm, excuse me, do you mind if you accompany me to the hospital? I am the driver of this car." she told them but the three just ignored her.

"I pity the girl who drove this car. She's still so young to die...she's only 16, just as old as my youngest daughter." the other man said.

"Die?! I am still alive!" but they still ignored her.

"We should start towing this car, but before that, let us offer a prayer to the soul of that girl," the three men bowed their heads with their eyes closed.

"W-what are you talking about? I'm here, I'm alive!" she tried to hold the oldest man's shoulder but what happened surprised or rather shocked her. She passed through the man's body!

"W-what the heck just happened..." she said still cant believe what happened. She tried to tug the other man's arms but her own hand passed through.

She stare down at her own hands and noticed they seem to be...transparent. "No, no, no. This is not true. This is just a dream!" she run away from the crash site until she reached the crowded streets.

I'm alive, I'm not dead!

"A thief! Help me!" a woman's voice sounded. Maki turned around and saw a teenager holding a pink purse running her way. He's so fast that she thought he'll bump into her but he didn't, instead he passed through her. She just stood there, still can't accept that everything is not a dream.

A lot of people walked pass through her but she just stayed there, unable to move because of the shocking truth. She fell down on her knees and cried out loud. A cry that no one can and will ever hear…

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