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Full Summary: Maki died in an accident but her soul still wanders in the human world. Only one person can see her, Kirihara Akaya, the person that had caused her that fatal accident. She will ask him to help her deal with her unfinished business that might have been the cause why her soul still stays in the human world. The two got closer despite the fact that they are from two completely different worlds. Both of them just realize that they are falling for each other as they spend time together. Could this be possible?

Oh My Ghost!

Chapter Four

It was lunch break. Kirihara was seating on the cold concrete floor of the rooftop as he eats his bentou alone. Well, whoever see him will think that he is really alone but in fact, he is with someone invisible to the naked eyes. With him is Maki, a ghost. Maki watched the curly haired teen as he eats his bentou with full appetite. She cringed with the way he eats, he swallow food fast as if he is not chewing anymore.

In as fast as blink of an eye, he finished eating his delicious looking lunch. "I'm full!"he exclaimed as he carreses his stomach.

Maki cleared her throat. "Since you are finish with your lunch, are you ready to hear what my wishes are before going to the spirit world?"

He nodded. "Fire away."

She breathe in deeply. "I have three wishes. First..." she trailed and blushed. It was amazing to see that a ghost can actually blush! She's kinda cute, he thought. She look down and fidget her fingers. "I wanted to confess to my best friend that I love him..."

Suddenly, Akaya made a face. "What's the use? You are already dead."

"So that I don't have any regrets. I don't care anymore if he doesn't love me way the way I love him. What important to me is for him to know my true feelings..." she smiled but sadness is evident in her eyes.

"What if he feels the same?" he deadpan.

"Well at least, I'll be happy when I go to the spirit world." Her smile grew bigger and brighter.

He shrugged. Girls are really love sick freaks, may she be human or ghost. "What do you want me to do?"

She eyed him sharply. "Let me finish saying all my three wishes first before we proceed to the plan, okay?"

He can't help but shiver everytime she looks at him like that. "H-hai..."

A deep sigh came out from Maki. "My second wish is to apologize to my p-parents..." tears formed in her eyes, "...a-doptive parents," she almost whispered.

"You are adopted?"

Maki responded with a slow nod. "I just recently found out the truth...just yesterday, before the accident..."she suddenly remembered what happened yesterday...

Maki just arrived from school and she went straight to the garden to join her mother and aunt to have some snacks and tea. Her aunt Margaret is her mother's best friend and wife of her mother's older brother. Her mother and uncle both studied in a university in England where they met this kind hearted British woman.

They were having a little chat and their main topic is his cousin, her Aunt Margaret's only son but they were interrupted when a servant came saying that a visitor has arrived, looking for her father who's currently in Korea for a business meeting.

"Alright, usher the visitor here..." her mother said.

After a few moment, a woman just the same age as her mother came and stood a few meters away from them. She looked elegant in her white dress with black floral prints. She's wearing a wide brimmed hat and a dark sun glasses. The woman's lips upturned in a small smile and remove her glasses

Her mother suddenly look pale when she see the woman. "Rie, what is that woman doing here?" her aunt asked her mother. Rie just silently stood up and walk towards the woman.

The two women talked for a minute but then, her mother assist the visitor to go inside the house.

Before turning back, the woman looked at Maki and smiled sweetly. But she felt that her smile is somehow insincere. She just followed them with her gaze until they disappear from her sight, they were probably going to the library.

"Do you know that woman, aunt?" she asked her.

"She's your father's ex-fiancee," her aunt replied after sipping her green tea.


She nodded. "She's your father's first love. Twenty years ago they planned to get married but your father's family was against it because he was arranged to be married to your mother ever since they were young..."

She was in awe, she knew that her parents were products of arrange marriage but she didn't know the whole story.

"What happened to her when father and mother got married?"she curiously asked.

Margaret shrugged. "I heard she migrated to the States and married an American businessman. That is why I'm wondering why she's here and what does need."

"But auntie even if my parents just got married because of an arrangement, they truly love each other, right?"

Her aunt Margaret smiled and touched her cheeks. "Of course they do and you are the proof of their eternal love for each other."

She smiled back. Of course she knows that they truly love each other and no one can seperate them. But somehow she's curious why that woman suddenly showed up.

Slowly, she stood up from her seat. She will find out. "I'll just go to the comfort room,"she told her aunt. She walked back inside the house but her feet took her to the library instead of the comfort room.

The door is slightly open that she can hear their conversation clearly.

"What do you want?"her mother asked.

"Taking back what truly belongs to me."

"He was never yours," came her mother's calm response.

"Well, he will be now since we have a son."

"We have a daughter."

The woman laughed mockingly. "A daughter? Don't fool me, you never concieved a child and you never can."

She was shocked with what she just heard. Tears streamed down her face like a water fall, her mother can never concieve a child...then...she is...she doesn't even want to think of that word, her heart beat fast and hard as if it will jump out her chest that she even clutched her chest because of it hurts so much.

"That child is adopted. She is a daughter of your former servant."The woman said matter of factly. "I hide my son for a long time because I don't want to ruin your family... But I had the guts to tell the truth about him upon learning the truth about your so-called daughter. My son is the rightful heir of Ashida Ren, not that poor child." Maki just stood there still crying silently, as she hear those revelation.

Rie didn't deny anything nor say anything, instead, she just heard slow foot steps coming towards the door. She opened the door wide. "Just leave, Mariko." Her mother's eyes grew wide when she saw her standing near the door, her face all wet with tears.

"Maki! Y-you heard us?"she asked, stuterring.

She just continue crying while nodding slowly.


She can't stand it anymore, the revelation is too painful for her to handle, she run away and locked herself inside her bedroom.

She throw herself on her bed and cry out loud.

"Maki..."it was her mother's voice, or should she even call her that. All these years, they've hidden the truth about her real identity. It's so painful. Why does she have to know it that way? Now she know why she doesn't resemble either one of them. Just the color of her hair makes it obvious that she's not their daughter. Rie has brown hair and Ren has jet black, how about her? A scarlet hair!

"Maki, open the door, let's talk," Rie said calmly while knocking the door.

"Please, just leave me alone,"she answered in between her sobs.

Rie sighed deeply and left Maki alone. She knows that she needed space in the meantime. She must tell her husband about what happened and talk to their child together when he arrives.

Maki doesn't know how long had it been since she started crying. She felt that she's been crying forever but the tears wont stop from falling.

A loud knock sounded that caught her attention. "Maki, let's talk." The male voice said with authority. It was her father, or should she say adoptive father. He should be home tomorrow but she bet that he insisted to go home because he heard that she now know that she is not a real Ashida. She sat up and wipe away her tears. It's time to clear everything.

She open the door and saw the two people that she loved all her life, the couple who raised her but were not her parents. She can't help her tears to fall again.

"Maki..."Rie called her name gently. She tried to embrace her but she stepped back. She turned her back and walk away from them. She heard that they enter the room and shut the door.

"Why didn't you tell me truth?" she asked them, still facing the wall.

"Because there is nothing to tell," Ren answered, his voice is still calm. "You are our daughter. Your mother may not be the one to conceive you, you may not have our genes but we are your parents. We raised you, we give everything you want, everything you need, we gave you wealth, shelter and most of all love."

Tears continue to fall down to her face. She knows and she felt everything he said, she love them too. So much. And that is why she's hurting right now because the people who she love deeply deceived her all these years, why didn't they be more honest?

She needed to know who her real parents are, she needed to see them and ask them so many questions. She turned around and faced them. Rie was crying silently while Ren's eyes were teary, obviously fighting his tears.

"Who are my parents?" she bravely ask.

"You don't have to know them, they gave you to us. You are our daugther. You are Ashida Maki," Ren sternly said.

"You are so unfair!"she exclaimed. "I have the right to know them!"

"Then w-what? You will leave us?" Ren's voice broke.

She was taken aback. Yes, what will she do after meeting her biological parents? Will she leave this couple who raised and love her...

"I don't know!" she answered. "I just want to meet them and know where I really came from, I want to ask them so many questions but after that, I don't know if I will still stay here with you or not..."

"Maki, my baby, you can't leave mother just like that..."Rie said in between her sobs.

"I don't know, I'm confuse..." she cried again.

"No, you will never meet them,"Ren said firmly. "If I have to send you abroad, I will."

"But you can't do that! I have the right to know them!" she argued.

"No, start packing your things. You too, Rie. We will fly to England first thing in the morning," he said with full of authority in his voice.

No, she will not leave Japan, she will find her biological parents. "No!" she run away from them. "Maki!" she heard them call her but she didn't stop. She run fastly and went to the car park. Luckily, she saw their driver. "Give me the keys," she ordered.

"But ojou-sama..." the young driver hesitate.

"I said give me the keys!" she snapped. With trembling hands, the driver gave her what she wanted. She started the engine, before she sped away she saw her adoptive parens were running towards her, calling her but she didn't stop and drove the car fast...

"I just needed to get away, I planned to leave the house for a few days. After leaving them, I know that they will eventually tell me who my biological parents are but it didn't happen because I had an accident, and now I'm dead..." she continues.

There was silence between them after told him her story. He symphatize her, and her fate, she died at an early age, without even knowing her biological parents and she was not able to tell her adoptive parents how thankful she is to them and how much she loves them. If it happened to him, he don't know if he can handle it.

"I think I know your third wish..." he broke the silence, "You wanted to meet your biological parents."

Maki nodded as an answer.

"Your wishes will not be easy, especially now that you are ghost."

"That is why I need your help. Please, I beg you, help me, Kirihara-kun," Maki bowed her head.

"I will help you...but not yet now..." he said hesitantly.

"But why?!" she snapped.

Kirihara waved both his hands in the air. "Don't get the wrong idea! I will help you but not yet now. I will be so busy these next few days because of the Nationals..."

"Nationals for what?"

"For tennis."

Her face lightened. "Really? My cousin Kei-nii and Chou-chan also plays tennis. Their team will be one of the Tokyo representative."

His eyebrows crossed. "One of Tokyo representative?" Maki nodded. "Kei-nii and Chou-chan..." he trailed off...his eyes widened when he realized who they are, "don't tell me that they are Hyoutei's Atobe Keigo and Ootori Choutarou!"

She nodded with a small smile. "I knew that you know them."

Kirihara growled. "Of course I know them but I don't like them."

She pouted their lips. "But why? They are adorable!"

He made a face. "Adorable?! No way! They are a bunch of cocky brats!"

"No they are not!"she defended. "Kei-nii may be a brat and a diva most of the time but he has a soft heart, he cares for his family and friends so much. And as for Chou-chan..." her eyes sparkled and her smile brightened, "he is the kindest, most caring and most lovable person..."

Akaya can't help but roll his eyes when he heard her words, "So, he is the best friend that you are talking about,"he guessed. Maki nodded in response.

A deep sigh came out from him. "Like I said, I will help you, even though your wishes are kinda hard to accomplish but not yet now, I'll be busy...Actually, later our team will leave for a one-week training camp because the National tournament will be next week..."

Maki stared at him for a moment with a pout on her lips. She sighed deeply afterwards. "Alright fine. I know that the National Tournament is important for a tennis player like you. I understand you, just promise me that you will help me right after the tournament."

Akaya nodded. "I promise," he answered which made her smile brightly.

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