Heart bursting. Brain throbbing. Muscles freeze. Everything is white. Everything is black. I can feel my pupils dilating and contracting. I catch glimpses of her standing in front of me touching my hands and face. Her mouth is moving and I know she's saying things to me but I can't hear anything. All I hear is the screams of everyone I ever knew who is dead. When my vision goes black I see their faces. When all I see is white I see her, the most-

disgusting, foul, shouldn't-be-alive piece of murderous mutt. She killed my family. I saw it. She did it. I was right there when she slit my brother's throat. The blood spilled across his neck as she playfully traced his eyes, nose, and mouth with her knife and then peeled it back leaving bone and muscle exposed. I saw things I never wanted to see. She did the same to my middle brother except to add to his torture she cut out his tongue and made slanerdous remarks about the avoxes in the Capitol. My mother got the worst. By the end of her torture, all her fingers and toes were gone and she was begging for death which her torturer was happy to partake in. My father tried to fight her off but she shot him. Right in the skull, the spray of blood, brain, and skull fragments showering my dead family members lying behind him. He joined them, dead, on the floor and she turned to smile at me. She would have killed me too but she wanted me to watch and live with the images in my mind forever. She enjoyed the whole event and wanted me to endure it. I helplessly watched on as she-

gently caresses my arms. She's trying very hard to calm me down and bring me back to reality. I know it's not true but there's nothing I can do to stop it. There is a fire smoldering everything I once loved. I can feel it enveloping my body as if I am physically standing in a raging fire that is boiling me from the inside out. I begin to sweat profusely as my body desperately attempts to tame the blaze. It's no use though. The "memories" adulterate all of the things I am trying to hold on to to keep me from killing the girl in front-

and in arm's reach of me. Now's my chance. I can finally avenge my family's death. This filthy mutt doesn't deserve to live! It's not only my family I have to avenge. It's everyone is 12 she maliciously put in harms way and some she even killed to save her own skin. Well now her skin is mine! All I have to do is reach out and pin her. She won't know what-

I would do without her. She is perfect. She is-

lying and deceitful. She is-

beautiful. She is the-

reason everyone I know is dead. She is-

the reason I wake up every morning. She is the-

one who must pay. She is-

kissing me. My body shudders as I shake out of it. My breathing begins to slow and I can take a deep breath. I can't see her but I force my hand up and run my fingers through her hair, her soft, wonderful, comforting, beautifully smelling hair. My body relaxes and I can pull her towards me and kiss her back. She may have been the terrifying star of this flashback, but in the end, she's the only one who could ever save me. I owe my life to her for that. I love her.