"You have really crossed the line now, Cody," my mom screeched at me, "You are far beyond just crossing it! You have set up camp on the other side!"

"It wasn't that big of a deal," I fought back, "I just wanted to see what it was like to throw water balloons off the roof of our hotel!"

"Well, even though that is a terrible idea, it is even worse when those so called "water balloons" are filled with pee!"

This made me burst out laughing. Not just at her saying the word pee (I know, very immature of me), but the memory of the reactions of people who got hit with those balloons. I even managed to hit a mailman and a cop car.

"Whatever mom," I stood up and plugged my ears with my headphones trying to drown her out with a random Drake song. Before I even get to walking, or even starting the song, she ripped the earpiece out of my ear.

"You know what, Cody?" she challenged, ripping my phone and head phones from my hands, "If you are going to do this, then we are grounding you once again. No TV, twitter, phone, Xbox, guitar, friends or surfing. You cannot go to any parties, movies, or hangout with anyone. Now go to your room and grab your computer and Xbox and everything else, and then bring them to me."

I grunted, but kept my smirk on my face, as I trudged up the stairs to my room, appearing back down them with everything she asked for. "No sense in fighting her now," I thought.

"Thank you," she said. I watched her take everything to her room.

I sank into the couch and thought of what to do until I remembered what tonight was. "Of course, the party!" I thought. I rushed up to my room and began to prepare. Who says you can't break the rules?


"Woah, Jay," Sky said to me, taking the bottle away from my lips.

"Heyyy," I whined with a smile, "That's my favorite." I was referencing to half full bottle of grape smirnoff in her hand.

"Yeah, well share," she laughed and took a swig.

"Why do we always have to meet under here?" I complained. We were in a drainage tunnel underneath the road.

"Hey, this is a sacred spot," she said, pointing to the graffiti all over the walls.

"Ya," I mused, "Real sacred when someone sprays the word 'Peniswhistle" on the wall."

We both giggled as we passed the bottle back and forth, chewing on gummy worms as we did.

The screech of tires scared the sh*t out of us and made us drop the bottle, it shattering across the cement.

"F*ck," I swore as I got up and tried to avoid getting the liquid on my pants.

We walked out of the pipe and were met by Sky's mom glaring at us.

"Sky Marie Jackson, what the hell do you think your doing," she screamed at us.

Sky's words came out slurred, "Having fun. Pipe down mom."

I was squinting from the bright California sun. Through my blurred vision, I watched as Sky's mom grabbed Sky by the arm and dragged her to the car, speeding off.

I shrugged and kicked at the dirt. "Guess I'm walking home by myself," I mumbled to myself.


I checked myself over in the mirror. "Man, I am one hot dude," I thought to myself. I ran my fingers through my hair, grabbing my wallet and walking over to my window. I slid open the window and slipped out, walking lightly along the roof and clambering down pagoda. I jumped to the ground below and swiftly ran to the street. I walked a bit farther down the road and met up with Jake in his convertible.

"Hey man!" I hopped into the passenger seat and fist bumped.

"Whaddup bro?" he smiled, starting up the car.

"Grounded again," I sighed, "That's why I was trying to be brief on the house phone."

He nodded and started for the party, "Well, this party is going to be the epitomy of awesome."

"You got that right bro!" I shouted, feeling the wind rush through my hair and making me feel free.


I stumbled into the house, feeling the alcohol as if it was pulsing in my veins in place of blood.

"Jordan Andrews! Where the hell have you been?" my mom shrieked at me, hurting my ears.

"What?" I sassed back. She came into view from the kitchen.

"You better damn well drop that attitude," she looked livid, but why would I give a damn?

"Whatever, I'm going up to my room and then I'm going over to TJ's," I said, starting up the stairs, ignoring her as she tried to object.

I got to my room, slipping off my Tom's, along with my dirt covered skinny jeans. I changed quickly, replacing my Tom's with my combat boots and popped in a breath mint. I grabbed my purse off the floor and headed back out, out the door, ignoring my mom's comments of me leaving.

I walked to my car, started it up and left.

Hey guys! Hope you like it! :)