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Full Summary: Eli Potts finds herself in a precarious situation. Although, it hasn't been the first time she has put herself in danger, but this time she is no longer a mutant and she falls victim to something a little more abstract. She is unsure of if she should side with her only family or the stranger she has fallen in love with. Perhaps she should have just listened to Tony when she had the chance. All she knew for sure was that Stuttgart changed her life.

Chapter 1:

"Tony, I know that Jarvis is a huge part of our lives, but I don't like having a male artificial intelligent program in my room. No offense Jarvis. It's just that it feels like I'm being watched by a pervert." Eli said to the AI. "Look, all I'm saying is install Jarvette into my room and my room only." Eli walked away from Tony into the kitchen. Tony followed close after her.

"Jarvis is not a pervert, and I don't like anything that I didn't create in my house." Tony said.

"Well, I don't like half of the things you create, and Jarvette was based off the technology that you created. That makes her at most twenty-three percent your tech." Eli said off handedly. "Oh, don't worry Jarvis, you are still my favorite."

"Of course, Miss Eli," Jarvis said over the intercoms.

"If she is based off my tech that means she is my tech and I demand that you hand her programming over to me immediately." Tony said in a matter of fact tone. Eli scoffed at Tony.

"That would be like me asking you if I could borrow Jarvis for a day. What would you do with Jarvette; Study historical theory or break mutant genetic codes?" Eli poured herself a class of Green Machine, which Tony took from her before she could stop him. "Tony, you know that Jarvette was created to help me with my research, both biological and historical. She can't do the things that Jarvis can, but she is vital to my mental stability."

"I'm glad you think so highly of me Miss Eli," Jarvette said over the intercom.

"I knew it!" Tony yelled, pointing at Eli. "You, little missy, were going to ask to upload Jarvette into your research labs weren't you. And how is Jarvette using the intercoms?"

"Of course I was going to ask, but now I'm going to demand it!" Eli put her hands on her hips defensively. "Look Tony, I am very close to making suitable inhibitors for mutants. This will help mutants all over the planet control their abilities. Jarvette is the only person, besides myself, that I trust with that information. I need Jarvette in a position where she can be present for my experiments and record data."

"Why can't you just use Jarvis? He is more suitable than Jarvette for the things you need, and besides, I made him. And what is so important about a drug that you know works?"

"What is the point of improving the Ironman suit? Or having a database, in Jarvis, that is separate from the databases at Stark Industries?"

Tony and Eli were staring each other down when Pepper walked in. Neither of the dark haired geniuses noticed that she had entered the room. Which suited the redhead perfectly. She didn't want to get caught in the middle of an argument between the two of them. Their egos were always clashing.

"I don't know why or how Jarvette is using the intercoms, but it isn't my fault." Eli said stubbornly. "The last time I checked there are only two people who have access to the Towers systemscrime" Pepper said in her best reprimanding tone. "Besides, right now, Jarvette will only operate while Eli is here. So you still have a lot of control over the Tower, and Eli will have Jarvette to help her with her work."

Eli stuck her tongue out at Tony and started to make eggs. Tony dumped seasonings that Eli didn't like into the pan. It made the entire kitchen smell and the three occupants of Stark Tower had to leave the room. Eli and Tony argued the entire way to the living room.

"All I'm saying is that an amateur's tech is always going to be worse than an expert's. Jarvette couldn't compete with Jarvis on his worse day. Which is never, by the way." Tony said arrogantly.

"Tony, Jarvette processes entire genomes in a matter of seconds and is able to locate irregularities that are normally overlooked with accuracy that is unheard of. She is also the best historical archive in the entire world. Jarvette was created for biological and historical purposes. I'm not saying that Jarvette is better than Jarvis; I'm saying that she is better suited for what I do than Jarvis. And do you really want to share Jarvis? Or is this about me keeping secrets again?" Eli was speaking at speeds that would make an auctioneer's head spin.

"I refuse to acknowledge that Jarvette is any better than Jarvis or any of my tech in any way." Tony said with finality. Eli shook her head with frustration.

"That is it. Pepper, I have to pack, then I'm going to head to the airport. If I have enough time do you want to get lunch?" Eli said ignoring Tony.

"Sorry Eli, Tony and I are going to launch the arc reactor today. I can't go to lunch," Tony threw a smug look at Eli, "but I can help you pack and make you breakfast."

Eli threw a smug look back at Tony. Eli then left to her room to pack. She knew that Tony and Pepper were going to have words over this. But neither she nor Tony could deny that Pepper was right. Jarvis needed to be with Tony when he was in danger instead of babysitting a Tower.

"Jarvette, what dress should I wear to the dinner party?" Eli asked as she opened her closet. Jarvette created a miniature hologram of Eli and was going through her many dresses.

"You should go with the backless black one you had made," Pepper said from the doorway. "It's very pretty."

"Well, of course it's pretty, I designed it." Eli said happily.

"You and Tony are so much alike," Pepper laughed. Eli pulled a face at being compared to the techmeister. "Really though, the black one will look the best. What is the party for, again?"

"Herr Doktor Heinrich Schafer has invited several geologist and historians, and some of his rich friends," Eli said with amusement, "to a museum for a presentation on a rare metal he has found. He thinks it was used during World War II, but in actuality the metal is worth almost 1.6 million dollars. I think he is just showing off.

"He's having a dinner party for a piece of metal that he isn't even sure was used in the second World War. But, if it does have some value, I'll be sure to study it" Eli looked at her watched and then made a panicked face. "I have to skip breakfast, I forgot that I have to pick up a diary from the Historical Society. I'll see you in a few days."

Eli hugged Pepper at the elevator and Tony walked up.

"Leaving so soon?" Tony said, eating an apple. "Finally some peace and quiet." Eli stole the apple and took a large bite out of it.

"Yep, and by the way, Tony, you are uninvited to my recital." Eli said before the elevator doors closed.