No Warnings

Chapter 6

Eli could feel cold air hit her face and blow her hair about. She was strongly reminded of training with Storm. She missed those days. The brunette pulled the release to the chute, and she felt her descent jerk to a steady slow pace.

Eli could see Tony zooming toward the two Asgardians. Eli knew she would get to them after Tony did; she could only hope that Tony didn't do anything stupid. Eli could see that Tony slammed into Thor. Eli groaned.

"Steve, when you land head toward Tony and Thor…the guy with the cape. If I go I won't be able to stop them." Eli looked toward where Loki was. The tall man sat himself down and got comfortable. "I'll head toward Loki, he doesn't look like he will be much of a problem."

"Are you sure?" Steve asked over the intercom.

"Yeah. Natasha, start heading out this way too, but be discrete. I don't want our ride to accidentally be destroyed by the two of them." Eli said as she landed. She was glad that she was relatively close to where Loki was. His back was facing her, when she reached him. Eli was amused by how blissfully unaware he was of her presence. She wondered how close she could get to him without him noticing. She was about five feet from him when he spoke.

"You can't keep your nose out of places where it doesn't belong can you?" Loki asked without looking at her. Eli scowled at the man in front of her. They both knew that she could do nothing to harm him. They both also knew that he could end her with less than minimal effort. Despite all of that Eli felt compelled to make Loki look at her.

"Does it kill you to know that they'll band together to stop you, to humiliate you?" Eli asked, she wasn't completely sure if it was to make him angry or if it was to get his attention on herself. Green eyes slowly met her blue ones.

"You think they will stop me?" Loki laughed. Eli had to breathe deeply to calm her suddenly racing heart. "I assure you they will be the ones humiliated."

Eli glanced at the scene before her. Tony had just hit Thor with his repulsors at what seemed to be four hundred percent. They two of them attacked each other with vigor. Eli knew first hand that Tony wasn't one to back down from an argument, and that those tendencies transferred into his crime fighting hobbies. She knew that Tony hated loosing, no matter what.

"I'm sure they'll pull through," Eli walked up to Loki. "Tony hates loosing; almost as much as I do."

Eli sat down beside Loki, and a sense of ease washed over her. Eli squashed that feeling down like it was an insect. Loki shifted so he could see her better. Any tension between the two seemed to be left in the Quinjet. Eli wondered if it was because they were away from prying eyes.

"You should know that I won't stop until I win," Loki said with intent. "There is nothing that can stop me."

"I've heard many people say that," Eli smiled. "Most of them have failed."

"What makes you think I'll fail?" Eli heard genuine curiosity in Loki's voice. Eli searched his face, and wondered how she should reply. A small part of Eli didn't actually believe that Loki would fail. It was like a small splotch of black ink that grew across a white canvas. Eli would have never thought that Tony would fail. She had unflinching faith in him; faith that should never have been questioned.

"Like I said, Tony hates loosing, and besides-" Eli was cut off by a very loud sound as she was nearly flung backward. Eli almost didn't register the fact that strong arms had pulled her close to a firm chest covered in leather. The smell of ice and warm spice invaded Eli's senses. Eli clung to Loki like he was a life-line. As suddenly as the shock wave started it ended.

Eli opened her eyes, her face was buried in Loki's chest. She slowly pulled away from him, though she kept her hands on his chest. Eli could feel Loki's heart beating under her palm. Eli also noticed that Loki's hands had unwrapped themselves from her waist, but they stayed firmly on her hips. They both avoided the other's gaze, and opted to look to the battlefield.

All of the trees surrounding Tony, Steve and Thor looked as though they had been pushed over in a circle around them. The three of them looked perplexed by the situation. Eli almost wanted to laugh at them. "Impressive," Eli said with mirth. Loki looked down at her amused face, Eli knew because she could feel his gaze. Eli met his gaze and was slightly shocked by how close they really were. Eli pushed herself away and up from her spot on the ground. Loki followed.

Eli refused to look at the Asgardian again. There was a familiarity she felt between them that was growing too quickly; like there was some outside force that was trying to force them together. Eli hated being manipulated, but, even as she thought that, she could feel her body tingle where he had touched her. Eli determinedly confirmed that there would be no more touching.

Suddenly, the Quinjet hovered above Eli and Loki. Eli looked up, she could almost feel Natasha's glare. A reluctant sigh passed the brunette's lips, as Tony landed next to her. She was in trouble; she knew it by the way Tony actually pulled her onto the Quinjet. As an after thought, Eli wondered if she shouldn't have had jumped off the jet.

Then Eli defensively thought that they shouldn't have had listened to her plan in the first place, and should have just let Steve deal with Loki. Those thoughts flitted past her brain almost as fast as she had thought of them. Eli realized that it wasn't so much as her ideas that caused this…tension, but as it was the position she and Loki were most likely found in; they were embracing after all.

Eli found herself on the opposite end of the Quinjet as Loki. If she was being honest with herself, she was relieved by where she was put. If it hadn't been for the fact that Tony made her feel like a spoiled five year old that had got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, then she wouldn't be feeling as bitter as she did.

A malleable tension settled into the Quinjet. The tension only grew as the jet got closer and closer to the Helicarrier. Eli desperately wanted to say something, but the anger in Tony's eyes was enough to stop her. Normally, she wouldn't care one damn bit, but Eli knew better than to think that Tony didn't care about her well being. She, Pepper and Rhodey were some of the few people that he depended on.

Eli scowled at the sudden need to apologize to Tony. She wouldn't though; the blue eyed girl was too stubborn for that. Instead, Eli resigned herself to sulking in the corner.

The sun had started to set when the Quinjet reached the Helicarrier. Eli assumed they were somewhere near the States. A guard detail greeted the occupants of the Quinjet. They were to escort Loki to a cell somewhere within the Helicarrier. Thor pulled Loki out of the jet. Steve and Tony followed soon after. Natasha batched her stride with Eli's and the two left the jet to some engineers.

When the group actually got inside of the Helicarrier they dispersed. Tony when off to change out of the Ironman suit. Thor and Steve helped escort Loki part of the way to his cell. Eli wanted to take a shower straight away, but Natasha pulled the smaller woman to the side.

"What do you think you're doing?" Natasha asked in harsh whispers. "How much closer do you plan on getting to him? I thought that you-"

"Natasha, look," Eli interrupted, "even with the inhibitor, I have access to some of my mutant abilities. One of them happened to be Xavier's ability. I tried reading his mind, and he caught me. End of story."

Natasha looked somewhat relieved, but she was still eyeing her. "And what was undressing in front of him?"

Eli looked at Natasha incredulously. "Was that any different from any of the other times I've undressed in front of men while on any kind of mission or outing? Just because I'm not a mutant anymore doesn't mean that I'm going to change everything about myself. Besides, I do what I want."

"I suppose you're right," Natasha admitted with a sigh. The redhead's face still held a look of suspicions, but everything Eli said was true. It wasn't the first time the brunette shed clothes in front of men on missions or on any other occasion for that matter. "We are going to the Conference Room."

"Wait! Can't I go take a shower!"

"No," Natasha once again dragged Eli to a different location. Eli scowled the entire way to the conference room. Eli was bold, but not stupid. She knew that Natasha could put an end to any disruptiveness Eli could think about concocting. Eli also knew that Natasha knew Eli's preferred style of fighting and that she could adjust to the near impossible strengths Eli possessed. And above all that, Natasha could get nasty in a fight, and Eli wasn't going to risk unneeded scars.

As Eli was being pulled away, she realized that Loki could have been a lot like Natasha, in regards to her being cut throat when in a serious fight. Eli could have easily lost her life. The scowl on her face deepened when she realized that she should apologize to Tony. The blue eyed woman hated to be the first one to apologize.

Natasha opened the door to the Conference Room. The sun had gone down, but the room was still brightly lit. Eli could see that the Conference Room doubled as the Control Room. A cruel smirk passed Eli's lips for a second at how much trust there was within S.H.I.E.L.D. As Eli walked in, Nick Fury was heading out; to no doubt speak with Loki. Fury eyed Eli the same way Natasha did.

"What?" Eli said somewhat snippy. The look that Fury gave her a look that meant that they would be talking later. Eli was beginning to worry how bad her wrinkles would be in the morning if she kept up her scowling. The small girl stalked forward and sat herself down in the chair furthest from the door. Eli could practically feel wrinkles forming on her face.