A/N: Hey all, here's my first My Candy Love fanfiction. I was orginally going to post this story on the MCL site but I'll try for a test run here. :) This is dedicated to my best friend on the site, Belleve. Here goes nothing.


Twins. Two baby girls.

One born with blue eyes and one of brown eyes.

One born with glowing white skin and the other with skin resembling that of pale caramel.

One was wanted, the other, rejected.

Both were brought home none-the-less.

One was to be the pride of the father.

The other was to serve him.

My father never loved me. I didn't know if my mother loved me but I suspect she didn't either for I hardly ever got to see her as I was always in the kitchen, below our house preparing meals and doing chores. I was doing that until I turned 11 when they decided to get rid of me and hired a maid. They sent me to live with my uncle Lumaris who is brother to my father, thinking I would blend in with him simply because I was different, like him. Uncle Lumaris whom I refer to as Uncle Lume, is a scientist and an inventor, he invents all kinds of usefull things.

My parents think Uncle Lume is strange simply because he does not work a "normal" job like a lawyer or a teacher or a dentist. My uncle says that those jobs bore him to death and so did school when he was my age. I agree with him. School is boring. And "normal" jobs are boring too.

Uncle Lume loves me. He treats me more like a daughter than a niece and I feel the same about him. We have a close bond and we treasure that. Uncle Lume has a special friend, a lady who works with children at the local kindergarten who always buys jewellery from his shop. Her name is Kelly but I call her Aunt K because I'm close to her as well. She is always coming over to the shop and to our house to talk to us so she is like my step mother. She loves dressing up and is always in some different eye catching costume whenever I see her.

"Belle, could you bring me some coffee please, dear?" I look up from my drawings as I hear Uncle Lume's voice from the back of the house where I am trying to replicate the beautiful scenery of the stream and the forest with the mountains on paper. I leave my art things and walk into the kitchen and pour some coffee I had made earlier into a mug and hand it to my uncle who is leaning over his research in his study. He turns away from his work and accepts the cup with both hands and looks at me.

"Belle, I need to tell you something." Uncle Lume stands up and sets his mug on the table and puts both hands on my shoulders then looks me in the eyes. I stare into his grey eyes, which complement his greying hair and goatee.

"I will be leaving soon to visit my old friend Proffesor Sen. As you know he lives very far away and so I will be gone for a very long time; say 4 or 5 years depending on how well my new discovery is. So I want you to stay with Aunt Kelly while I'm gone, okay? Do you understand, Belle?"

I blink twice, trying to absorb everything he'd just said. What? Why must he leave? Why can't the Proffessor come here?

"I understand, uncle. I know your work is very important to you and I respect that." I smile at him, telling him that I am fine with it. But really I am not. I have grown so used to living with him that I cannot imagine life without him.

"I am glad you understand that Belle. I really appreciate all that you've helped me with." He smiles and pulls me into a loving hug. I will miss you, uncle.

He lets me go and says; "I'll be leaving in about a week's time. So you should probably start packing for Aunt Kelly's. She's got a spare room in her apartment so you should be fine there."

All is fine about Aunt Kelly's and I have been to her apartment a couple of times with my uncle for dinner but the only problem is that it is in the next town. Moving to Aunt Kelly's would mean that I'd be changing towns and high schools. Not that I like my current high school anyway. No one really appreciates me there; they just take advantage of my better nature. Actually the change could be a good thing. Why? No more stupid Kenneth following me around like I am a walking fire hydrant and he's a really desperate puppy. That stupid stalker, always at my heels! Anyway there is no boy who I actually like there anyway. I guess I can welcome the change.

It'll be a fresh start, except my uncle won't be there so it won't be as interesting.