Long ago, when M.E.O.W.S. was made, DOG HQ celebrated because the war was over. M.E.O.W.S. was accepted to celebrate with them because they helped. The war was hard to win. A lot of agents died. Tab, leader of M.E.O.W.S., was the one who made the agency. Before this happened, Liberty, Tab's wife, had a litter of four kittens. When the war was over, Tab, Liberty, their half-grown sons and daughters, and some agents, went to celebrate DOG HQ. One of their sons, Midnight, had a secret. His brother, Leopard, bully's Midnight because he likes to. That was Midnight's secret. The reason why he doesn't tell his mother or father, because Leopard threatened Midnight, that if he ever told Tab or Liberty about this, he would kill him.

When they were at DOG HQ, Leopard said to Midnight somewhere in DOG HQ was gold. Midnight and Leopard explored a different place in DOG HQ that no dog used it yet. When Midnight explored the place, Leopard jumped out of nowhere and attacked Midnight. Midnight earned a lot of scars from the attack. When Leopard was ready to do another attack, he hesitated. Midnight managed to pin him down. Leopard shoved him and Leopard jumped. Midnight went under him and bit his hind left leg hard. Midnight heard a growl. It was Tab. When they stopped fighting, Tab punished Midnight for doing this. Midnight noticed that Tab saw only the part where he pinned his brother down and saw the whole thing.

Tab went to talk to Liberty. Midnight was spying on them. He overheard that Tab doesn't need him because what he was doing. Midnight became angry. He felt like he wanted revenge. Then he had an idea. Midnight tricked some dogs that there are evil cats up in surface, down town. When they were at the surface, dogs started to attack innocent cats and some humans. Midnight created a huge fire and the dogs were too busy to notice. Midnight challenged a small grey cat but then a huge Siamese attacked him. He was the father of the little cat. When Midnight gave up his challenge to the huge cat, he ran to the forest. Midnight still wanted revenge so he ran after him. There was a fence blocking the Siamese's way and there was no escape. Something came to Midnight's mind. The only way to ruin the little cat's heart is to kill the father.

Midnight attacked the Siamese. When he pinned him down, he clawed his throat and his heart. Blood squirted on Midnight's pelt. The Siamese lost all of his lives and he was dead. Midnight licked the warm blood and he felt proud from what he did. When it was over, he went to Tab and Liberty. When he entered the room, happiness showed in his eyes but in their eyes, he saw horror. Tab banished him to somewhere that he would be locked up forever. Midnight said that one day he would have his revenge. When he went to jail, the DOG HQ leader punished the dogs that were tricked and betrayed M.E.O.E.W.S. as an enemy because of Midnight. Many days past, Midnight thought of what he did. Leopard created this monster. This blood-thirsty monster waiting to kill. If Midnight found Leopard, he would say thank you for creating this monster and kill him. One day, he disappeared without a trace. No one ever heard of him ever since, until now.


A scary robot dog was walking in the shadows. There were blood stains on him. His name is Scrouge. He stopped walking and sat down. "It's almost done, sir", said Scrouge. A black cat walked out of the shadows. It was Midnight. "Good. When it's done, start it up and test it on DOG HQ. The world will be mine to rule", said Midnight.

There it is. If your wondering what Leopard looks like it's by his name. He looks like a leopard. This story in the past. Not even when Diggs was in DOG HQ. It would be easier to understand if you read my story called Catherine's Life. BYE!