Knight ran toward Diggs and jumped. Knight's claws slid out and Diggs jumped. Knight managed to put his paws on Diggs' cheast and push him to the ground. Diggs had a grip on Knight's leg and pushed him off. Diggs got up and took a few breaths. Diggs hesitated and Knight ran toward him. Knight clawed him at the side of his face. Diggs felt the sting of pain and he tasted blood in his mouth. It was Ash's turned he ran jumped. Diggs went under Ash's jump and griped on his leg. Diggs pushed him down on the floor. Diggs let go of Ash's leg and Ash got up. Knight ran to his side. Knight jumped and Diggs bit him in the chest. Diggs tasted warm blood. Knight shrieked of pain. Diggs got worried. He let go of him. He saw Knight standing and he was okay. He was relieved he was okay or he had to face Tab alone. Diggs felt pain his back. Ash was on his back and was hurting him with his claws. Knight pinned Diggs down and Ash got off of him. Knight slid his claws out and raised his paw. He was goanna do a death blow on Diggs. "Say goodbye Diggs," hissed Knight.

Suddenly, Mike ran toward Knight and pushed him off of Diggs. Diggs got up. "This is my battle!" growled Diggs. Mike turned to him. "I won't let you suffer from this!" yowled Mike. Mike turned around and attacked Ash. Knight jumped and pinned Diggs down, again. When did I become weak! , thought Diggs. Diggs got him by the leg and pushed him off. He lets go of his leg and pinned him down. Diggs snarled. He looked at Tab. Tab looked angry. Diggs decided to keep Knight pinned down till the battle is over. He turned his head around to see Mike pinned down by Ash. Diggs saw a big deep scare on Mike's shoulder. Ash raised his paw ready to a death blow. This time Catherine came in the battle scene. She was running toward Ash faster than ever and pushed him off. Ash hit the floor and got up. Catherine slid out her claws and clawed him right side of his face. Blood came down on Ash's face. Catherine jumped at him and pinned him down.

Suddenly there was a loud yowl. It was Tab. Diggs got off of Knight and Catherine got off of Ash. Tab stared at Knight and Ash. "I had enough of this. Ash, get some hospital cats and Knight, get in my office," growled Tab. Ash turned around and went to find some hospital cats. Knight passed Tab and walked on walked on stairs to his Tab's office. Tab looked at Catherine and Mike. "Mike, when your wound is treated, go get some rest. Catherine, when the hospital cat checked you, go to your home and rest," ordered Tab. Tab finally calms down. Catherine and Mike stayed where they are. Tab looked at Diggs. "When I'm done talking to Knight, come to my office," said Tab with a calming look.

Tab turned around and walked to his office. Diggs walked up the stairs and he saw other cats going back to their business. Diggs sat near the entrance of M.E.O.W.S. Two hospital cats where checking Catherine and Mike for any wounds. When they were done, Catherine walk to the entrance. The door opened for Catherine and she went through without even looking at Diggs or saying good bye. Diggs saw Mike walking to Diggs. Mike sat down next to him. "Where's your home?" questioned Diggs. Mike didn't look at Diggs. "I don't have a home with humans. My home is here," said Mike. Diggs somehow liked what he said. Sometimes when Diggs keeps visiting DOG HQ, he feels like it's his home. Diggs was kind of sorry for Mike for not having a proper home, where humans feed him and love him. "Thanks for helping me when nobody else can," said Diggs. Mike looked at Diggs and nodded.

"I think you were lucky to be Catherine's partner," Diggs went on. Diggs saw happiness in his eyes. "Yes, she was a good partner. She has far more skills that I've ever seen. She was trained by Tab and I was trained by Steve," said Mike. Diggs was pleased from what he was saying. "It's good for you and Catherine to be trained by them. They are both strong and wise. Now you and Catherine must carry on from what you have learned," said Diggs. A dusty brown tom came up to Mike. He looked at him hard. "You better get some rest," he ordered. Mike got up and went in to room 8. Diggs looked at the cat. "Who are you?" questioned Diggs. The tom straightened up quickly. "Name's Tony. I'm one of the senior agents, sir," said Tony with stern in his voice. Diggs remembered that when a deputy dies, one of the senior agents get to be picked by a deputy. Diggs looked at Tony.

"Tell me, Tony. Is Catherine and Mike a senior agent even they're an assassin?" questioned Diggs. Tony stared at him and then responded. "Yes, sir," replied Tony. Diggs felt like he was one of his agents but he was not. "Good. You can carry back to your duties," ordered Diggs. Tony dipped his head, turned around, and walked. Diggs saw Knight going out of Tab's office. Diggs walked to Tab's office. The doors opened and Diggs walked. He heard the doors shut behind him. Tab was sitting in his desk. Tab looked at him. He didn't say a word. Diggs was the first one to speak. "I'm sorry that I attacked one of your sons and broke your code of not fighting in the agency," said Diggs. Diggs felt like he was an agent, not leader. Once, DOG HQ hears this, they're sure to be laughing at me because they're think I'm stupid, thought Diggs. A leader apologizing to another leader does feel kind of stupid.

"I accept your apologize but that wasn't what I wanted to hear. I'm sorry for my agents acting this way. My agents will never fight an agent or leader. I will punish them for breaking my code and fighting a leader," said Tab. Diggs accepted his apology. "I think it would be best if you talk to Lou alone. Let's hope it would be okay. I think you do know that Steve trained and I trained Catherine," Tab went on. Diggs nodded. "It's strange that I see your spirit just like them. Diggs, you have strength and truth like Mike and you have trust and loyalty like Catherine," said Tab. Diggs was very pleased. If I do have strength, why didn't I put a lot of hurt into those cats who attacked me, thought Diggs. Diggs looked through the glass door to see the agent doing their duties. He looked at Tab. Maybe it's because they are Tab's agent and Tab would be angry if he killed one of his agents, thought Diggs. Diggs got up on his four paws. "I think I should go to DOG HQ," said Diggs. Tab nodded and responded back. "I think you should check that wound on your face when you get to DOG HQ," said Tab. Diggs nodded. Diggs padded out of his office and went back to DOG HQ.

Diggs went through the entrance of DOG HQ. Dogs were doing their duties and some agents gathered a portal. Diggs went to the hospital station. He walked to a hospital dog. "Can I see Carly, please," Diggs said firmly. The hospital dog nodded. The hospital dog turned around and went to get Carly. A minute past, he saw Carly walking up to him. Carly was surprised to see a wound on his face. "You better come with me," said Carly.

Carly put something on Diggs' face. A surge of pain hit Diggs. Carly turned around and put her stuff together. Diggs stared at Carly while she was doing her work. "Carly, I was in a battle," said Diggs. Carly stopped what she was doing. She turned her head to Diggs. "I know. Catherine told me on the…whatever the thing was on the collar," said Carly. Diggs notice that she didn't know what was in her collar yet. "She ignored me when she left," said Diggs. Carly walked up to Diggs, staring at him. "The reason why she ignored you because you are drawing apart from her of being friends," said Carly. Diggs stared at Carly in disbelief. "I don't understand," said Diggs. Carly turned around and stared at the floor. "When Catherine saw you battle those cats, she told me that you might have died. She told me something's in her life was hard for her. So whenever you or any of her friends fight, she will think they would die. She can't handle it, Diggs," explained Carly. She went back to putting her stuff together.

"What am I supposed to do?" questioned Diggs. Carly stand there for a while, thinking. Finally, responded. "I guess you can try to say sorry. If it gets rough, I think of another reason," replied Carly.

Diggs entered Lou's office. Lou was at his desk, relaxing. Diggs sat in front of his desk. Lou looked at Diggs. "What do you want?" questioned Lou. Diggs was thinking in his mind. What if I mess up? What if Lou would be mad at me? What if Lou wants war with M.E.O.W.S.? All this questions was going through Diggs' head. Then he noticed that Lou was waiting for his answer. "I have news. M.E.O.W.S. was keeping a secret but I was the one who revealed the secret," said Diggs. Lou stared at Diggs. "I'm listening," said Lou. Diggs looked at the floor. "The secret is that Catherine and this other cat, Mike, are assassins," said Diggs. Lou still stared at Diggs. Diggs looked at Lou. He doesn't seem to be mad, thought Diggs. "That's good news. With assassins on our side, I'm sure DOG HQ and M.E.O.W.S. will not lose a battle between evil cats," said Lou. Diggs sighed a relief. Lou stared Diggs. "What would you think I would do? Start a war? No, M.E.O.W.S. is our friends. We will never betray them," said Lou. Diggs was pleased from what Lou said.

"Where did you get that battle scar?" said Lou. Diggs stared at Lou. "A few of M.E.O.W.S. agent start a battle with me. Then Mike and Catherine came to help me. Tab stopped the battle," explained Diggs. Lou stared at Diggs in disbelief. "That I didn't like to hear," said Lou. Diggs had a little worry in him. "Don't worry. Tab and I had a little talk. He punished the agents who attacked me," said Diggs. Lou was silent for a few minutes and then responded. "I'll have a talk with Tab and then call a meeting to tell the agents. Meanwhile, go to your home and get some rest," said Lou. Diggs nodded. "You are dismissed," ordered Lou. Diggs turned around and walked out of Lou's office.

Diggs was at his house. Shane was doing his cop duties and his wife was taking care of the baby. Diggs got on a couch and laid there. Diggs was thinking of what happened today. Finally, Diggs closed his eyes and went to sleep.

So, there it is. I hope you like it. But I got one thing to say. WHY WOULD ANYBODY DO A STORY FOR TAB! He is my third favorite character. Can someone make me happy and make a story of Tab. :(