This is what I came up with as far as a school AU. Although, using an OC as a narrator might not be the brightest least she's easy to work with, as far as staying in character. But then she'll be accused of being a Mary-Sue, which i'm trying to avoid. This isn't the story: just an idea for how I'd write about it (because I've come up with some real crap when writing in the school universe). If this seems okay, I'd like to see reviews. I might update this once, when I'm ready to post the actual story, if anyone wants to follow.

I can't forget that one sentence he said to me on my first day of school in spring term 1991. I had just arrived that morning, and was being shown around by my new roommate, the Republic of Ireland. She looked okay when I met her, but when I told her I was a "transfer" and not a territory or freshman, she decided to do everything in her power to let me know of the mess I got myself into.

She was saying something I no longer remember when she was stopped abruptly by someone behind her. She turned her thick-browed scowl to the perpetrator. He had one hand on her shoulder and his eyes closed. He actually looked a lot like her.

"Stop acting like a hardarse, Ireland. We both know you aren't any good at it." She looked like she'd just been slapped in the face. He looked me once over briefly. "And you seem to be scaring her, though you're doing it wrong." He turned to look at me; still speaking to her, he said, "She doesn't need that on her first day. Harass her tomorrow."

Wait. "Who told you I was new?" I said, with rather more attitude than I care to regret. He was about to turn away; he looked back as I said it.

"It shows." I didn't like how he said that. "Yes: we all know about you. There are one hundred and eighty-four students at this school; I've grown up with most of them and have never seen you before. Also, there are a surprisingly small number of female students: they tend to stand out. In addition, you bear a striking resemblance to Czechoslovakia – or, as he's now called, the Slovak Republic – who has mentioned en passant he has a twin sister. Therefore, you must be the Czech Republic."

He knew an awful lot about me, far more than I was comfortable with. He smirked at me. "I have to give my sister credit for one thing, though," he said, shaking his head as he said it; behind him, Ireland looked ready to thump him good. "You don't have any idea what you're into now."

"I've run my own country."

"Incorrect. If you ran any part of the country, you would have attended here with your brother all this time. We have at least three countries represented by siblings; one more than the others, often, but still both. If you did anything, both the new Czech and Slovak republics would've been here for years before your recent arrival." He was doing all sorts to make me hate him.

"Well, you know all about me," I said, aiming to wound. "Let's talk about you."

"All in time, love," he said, turning my arrow back on me. "Until then, I'll leave you ladies," he looked from my knitted brow to Ireland, red as a strawberry under her flaming hair, "to your tour." He finally walked away. As he neared the corner, Ireland opened her mouth, ready to spew all her anger at me, when the cocky voice came from the hallway, uttering the words still ringing in my head. "Oh, and by the way," he stopped and looked back at our pair, all traces of his smirk gone: "Welcome to the World Academy."