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The next few weeks were some of the best of David's life. He and Bryan went on a date nearly every night, and when David was hired at one of the clinics, Bryan actually cooked him dinner. David was pleasantly surprised of the fact that Bryan could cook-and cook well at that.

Amir often asked David if he and Bryan were official, but David never had a straight answer for him. Sure he and Bryan went out together all the time, and yes they kissed at the end of each date…but neither one of them had mentioned the term boyfriend. David knew his own feelings on the subject-but he had no idea how Bryan felt.

David was currently getting ready for yet another date with Bryan when Amir walked into his room and flopped backwards onto his bed. He turned around, raising his eyebrows as he finished buttoning up his shirt.

"Something wrong, Amir?" David asked when his friend let out a loud sigh.

"Everyone's pressuring me to move in with Tina again," Amir said, sighing again.

David nodded in understanding. "Well, you and Tina have been dating for as long as I've known both of you. What are you waiting for?"

"I don't know," Amir said. "I guess I'm afraid of getting on each other's nerves or something."

"Amir, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about," David said, turning around to put in his contacts. "Tina's too nice to be afraid of."

"I know," Amir said, a fond smile on his lips. He turned his head to look at David in the mirror. "But what about you and Bryan? Any plans on declaring your love for each other yet?"

David's face flamed. "Not that I know of."

"Oh, come on, D!" Amir said, sitting up. "The two of you go out all the time. And I see the way you look at each other."


"David," Amir interrupted. "I think you should make the first move. Stop waiting for Bryan."

"I have to go," David mumbled. "I'm going to be late." He grabbed his car keys and raced out the door, ignoring Amir's impatient sigh behind him.

David was still thinking about Amir's words when he knocked on Bryan's door. Could he work up the courage to tell Bryan how he felt? Could Bryan be waiting for David? Maybe Bryan was just as nervous-it was unlikely given how confident the other boy was-but maybe he was.

Bryan's door opened then, and David was surprised to see Roxxie standing in the doorway. Usually she had left for home by now.

"Hey, David," Roxxie said, letting him inside. "Bryan's in his office-he was writer's block."

"Thanks, Roxxie," David said, smiling at her before making his way to Bryan's office. He knocked on the door before opening it. "Bryan?"

Bryan glanced up at David from where he was staring at his laptop screen, elbow on the table, his head clasped between his hands. David chuckled at him, causing Bryan to straighten up and glare at him.

"This isn't funny, David!" he said. "The rest of this script is due tomorrow!"

"Roxxie said you have writer's block," David said, still smiling as he leaned inside the doorway.

Bryan groaned. "I do…two of my characters have been in love since they first met, but I can't find the words to make them say 'I love you'!"

David bit his lip. My problem exactly.

"I'm sure you'll find a way," David said. "But why don't you take a break? We'll skip dinner and just take a walk or something."

Bryan smiled at David, who temporarily lost his train of thought. "What would I do without you?" he asked, getting up and wrapping his arms around David's neck.

David blushed. "I'm not sure. Do you want to find out?"

"Maybe some other time," Bryan said, winking at David before pulling away and taking David's hand. "Let's go for that walk."

Clasped hands swinging between them, David and Bryan walked down Bryan's street. They didn't say much, content to just walk and be together. But the quiet gave David the opportunity to think-and the only thought on his mind was how he felt for Bryan. He thought of how Bryan couldn't find a way for his characters to tell each other they loved one another.

What better way to do it than just say it?

And why shouldn't David follow his own advice?

David glanced over at Bryan, who also seemed deep in thought. Could David make the first move? Amir thought he should. David could feel himself shrinking away from the idea, but one more glance at Bryan made him reconsider.

Bryan was beautiful, but that wasn't the only reason he loved the other boy. No, there were many other reasons. He loved how Bryan could become very self-centered, because David knew how kind Bryan was, and how he never thought of himself first when it truly mattered. And he loved how funny and sarcastic Bryan was, but how serious and sweet he could become in less than a second. Yes, David loved Bryan. And he needed to tell him.

"Bry?" David said, tugging Bryan to a halt.

"Yes?" Bryan asked, smiling.

David took a deep breath. He opened his mouth once…twice…before finally blurting out those three little words.

"I love you."

Bryan's eyes widened, and there was a long silence that made David start to panic. And as he frantically tried to think of something to say to cover it up, he almost missed Bryan's response.

"I love you, too, David."

David's jaw dropped. "You…You do?"

Bryan stepped up to David, wrapping his arms around David's neck and pressing a soft kiss against his lips.

"Of course I do," Bryan murmured into the kiss. He pulled back enough to look into David's eyes. "How could I not, David? You're perfect."

David pressed their lips back together in a deep, sensual kiss. There were no fireworks, and there was no epiphany of his feelings. There was only a sense of Bryan-and-David, and David finally understood. Bryan loved him, and he loved Bryan. They didn't need labels, and they didn't need to explain themselves to anyone.

They only needed to be.

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