After a few minutes, the real Elena arrived home. Jillian knew she was such from the vervain necklace that Katherine wouldn't wear.

"You're you, aren't you?" Jill asked.

"Jill, who else would I be?" Elena questioned.

"Katherine." The younger Gilbert replied. "She was in here and she may have killed Uncle John."

He wasn't dead, however. Elena called an ambulance and Stefan came and took them to the hospital before going back to keep guard. Jill saw Damon talking to Sheriff Forbes. She felt that they really needed to do something. She didn't want Caroline to die. She didn't want anyone else to die. With having a dead father and an undead mother, she just didn't want anyone else to die.

She then found Bonnie, who had apparently got there first.

"Bonnie, how's Caroline?" Jill asked. She thought the witch would be able to tell her, even though she was mad at her.

"Not good." Bonnie answered. "They don't know if she's going to make it."

"Do you know a healing spell?" Jill asked.

"No, she doesn't." Damon said, slowly walking out of the shadows. "It took Emily years to learn a simple healing spell, much less one like this. Fortunately, I have a way to save her. I can save her."

"With your blood?" Jill replied as he nodded. "Then do it."

"No, Jill." Bonnie argued as she started to use her headache thing on Damon. "It would not be safe for her."

"Bonnie, I am seriously pissed off at you over what you and my uncle did. Not only that, but because of you, my boyfriend, his friend, and my best friend were in a car accident, which the latter may not survive. If you don't let Damon heal her, I swear I will never speak to you again and I'll also make sure that no one else ever does." Jill told her. She wasn't going to let anyone stop her quest to make sure Caroline was alright.

"Also, need I remind you, we're in a hospital? It's probably the safest possible place that she could be." Damon added. "It'll be out of her system in a day."

"Fine." Bonnie agreed.

Damon managed to sneak where he wasn't supposed to be and gave Caroline the blood that she needed.

Afterwards, Elena, Jill, and Damon went home. Stefan was there, lying on the floor.

"What happened?" Jill asked.

"Katherine happened." Damon replied.

They spent the next few minutes discussing what they were going to do about Katherine.

"Just do nothing." Damon suggested. "If Katherine thinks she's being ignored, she'll come out because she's an attention whore. Like Snooki…with fangs."

Jill couldn't believe Damon just made a Jersey Shore reference.

"What do we do when she comes out?" Elena inquired.

"Well there are multiple ways to kill a vampire." Damon pointed out. "We could stake her, rip her head off, rip her heart out, burn her…"

"But just how are we going to do that?" Jill questioned. "She's older than Anna and by that stronger."

"We'll think of something." Damon remarked. "Just get some sleep. I promise you that Caroline will be better in the morning."

Jill went to the hospital first thing in the morning, to see Anna in the waiting room.

"How's Caroline?" She asked the vampire.

"See for yourself." Anna suggested as she led Jill to the blonde's room. There was Caroline, conscious and smiling.

"Jersey Shore's on." Caroline replied. Jill didn't understand why MTV insisted on airing that crap at all hours of the day. She guessed it could have been something worse…like Secret Life of the American Teenager. She then went to hug her gown-clad friend. "Ow, still a little sore. So did someone give me some blood? Was it you Anna?"

"Sorry, I couldn't get back here." Anna responded. "You have Damon Salvatore to thank for that."

"Thank for what?" Matt asked as he walked in the room. He then gave Caroline a kiss on the lips.

"Damon happens to be the same blood type as Caroline." Jill lied quickly. "He came by last night and donated some to her."

"Yes, I need to thank him whenever I get out of here." Caroline added.

Meanwhile, Damon was with Sheriff Forbes and the new Mayor Lockwood at the previous one's wake. The two women started fighting about Richard's death. Tyler was shaking people's hands when he noticed a familiar Land Rover pull up. It was his uncle Mason.

"So you just had to come back and my life worse." Tyler remarked. "My girlfriend almost dumped me because you took me there."

"Hey, I laid down the rules before we got there." Mason pointed out. "It is not my fault that you chose not to hunt in an area where there weren't any humans for miles. And I have to be here. My brother died."

It was at that moment that Jill pulled up. That brought a smile to Tyler's face.

"I personally think Jules was a better fit." Mason commented before Tyler shoved him inside and went to meet his girlfriend.

"Hey." She greeted him. "I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier. I had to go by the hospital to see Caroline."

"How is she? Is she alright?" Tyler asked in concern.

"She's going to be okay." Jill told him before whispering into his ear. "Damon slipped her some blood. She's going to be okay."

At the hospital, Stefan went to see John with Elena.

"John?" Elena asked. He immediately tensed up.

"It's okay. This is Elena." Stefan responded.

"Why did she do this to you?" Elena asked.

"Where is she?" John countered.

"We think you can tell us." Elena remarked.

"I can't." John refuted as he tried to sit up. Stefan laid his back up.

"How about your drop the tough guy and tell us how you know Katherine." He stated. Elena put his ring in his hand where his fingers were sewn back on. "You don't have to do it for me, but do it for your daughter's sake."

"My daughter should have taken a cue from her sister and killed you like she killed Isobel." John replied. "Last night was the first time that I met Katherine directly. So if you're not here to kill me then get the fuck away from me."

Elena didn't say anything and just walked out. Stefan grabbed him by the neck.

"You want to die? How about I give you some blood?" He asked before he bit into his wrist and force-fed it into the man's mouth. "If you don't get the hell out of here and never talk to Elena or Jill again, I won't make you like you."

Tyler was busy greeting people that gave Damon a chance to talk with Jill.

"So what do you know about your dog's uncle?" He asked as she rolled her eyes.

"He's the reason that Tyler cheated on me." She answered. " He likes surfing and Lady GaGa."

The two then noticed Katherine by the door. They weren't able to get there fast enough to prevent Tyler from letting her in. They took her to a private room.

"What are you doing here?" Damon asked.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Jillian." Katherine said, ignoring the question. "You know, I had a sister once too. She looked a lot like you. So, Damon, why don't you give us girls some time to chat?"

"You're out of your mind if you think I'm going to leave her alone with you." Damon remarked.

"Oh, Damon looks like you finally got the little sister that you wanted." Katherine cooed. "I guess I'll just go kill some random person then."

Katherine went downstairs and came across Bonnie.

"So Damon seems to think that he's the King of Siam because he healed Caroline." Bonnie ranted. "I wouldn't have had to use the device in the first place if he hadn't killed all of those people in the first place or opened the tomb."

"You're right. Damon's done some awful things." Katherine agreed. Bonnie touched her arm and immediately realized that it was Katherine that she was talking to.

"I should go." Bonnie replied. She called Elena which confirmed her suspicions.

"Ooh, I'm meeting all sorts of new people today." Katherine giggled after darting into the room. "I'm Katherine."

Bonnie tried to give her a migraine, but Katherine just smiled and then laughed in the witch's face.

"Sweetie, you don't think Emily ever tried that one on me?" Katherine asked before she pushed Bonnie against a wall. "You have to be smarter than that."

Bonnie responded by making the doors fly open. Stefan then walked in.

"Not bad." Katherine commented before turning to her fellow vampire. "If it isn't my favorite man in the whole world."

The two of them walked into the woods. Stefan would do anything to get her away from everyone. Stefan rejected every single one of her advances and wasted no time reminding her of how much a manipulative bitch."

Tyler eventually relegated himself to his dad's study with a flask. Jill managed to find him there.

"How did you know I was gonna be here?" He asked her.

"Because I know when times get hard, you look for something to drink." She stated. "I know you Tyler. And now it looks like we do have another thing in common, but it's not something that we wanted."

"I don't even know why it affected my dad." Tyler responded. "He'd never killed anyone and he definitely wasn't a werewolf."

"But he still had the gene." Jill pointed out. "He still had the gene even if he didn't activate it. Look you don't need this."

Jill took the flask out of his hands.

"What if I do?" Tyler challenged.

"When my dad died and my mom disappeared, I turned to some pretty bad stuff." She reminded him. "I don't want you to go down that road. You know I can give you the one thing that's better than alcohol."

She began to unbutton her blouse and went over to lock the door.

Later Damon went home to find Katherine sitting on his couch, wearing a sleek purple dress. He couldn't deny that she looked sexy in it.

"So you're dating someone who looks exactly like me." Katherine declared.

"But she doesn't act anything like you." Damon pointed out.

"How do you know?" Katherine challenged. "You never knew me when I was human. I could have been just like your perfect sweet Elena."

"You know it took me 145 years to get over you, but I'm glad that I did." Damon remarked.

"Well you were so eager to kiss me last night." She responded, moving closer to him. "Face it. I know you're still in love with me. I know that you want to kiss me."

Damon pushed her back. "You know, I think that dress would look better on Elena." He commented.

She just smirked and he grabbed her.

"As fun as this has been, I would rather be with Stefan." Katherine remarked. "Maybe you are really over me. This is good, because I was never interested in you. It was nice seeing you Damon."

From there Damon went back to the Gilbert House to see Elena. He waited on her bed for her. She jumped when she saw him.

"You scared me, Damon." Elena replied before taking a seat next to him.

"Katherine tried to seduce me." He stated slowly. "I was really close to giving in before she told me that she only ever loved Stefan."

"Well I'm glad that you didn't." She told him.

"You probably want to get back with him too." He added sadly.

"That's not true, Damon." She replied, before giving him a hug. "I love you Damon."

"Even if I told you that I compelled you to want the tomb opened?" Damon asked. "I was just using you to get Katherine back."

"Jill told me about that." Elena responded. "I was a little mad before I realized that you actually had fallen for me like I had fallen for you."

She then began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt.

Jill was walking through the halls and was about to check on Elena before heard masculine and feminine moaning coming from her sister's room. She walked downstairs and noticed Jenna was still up. '

"Okay that's going to be the last time he comes over." Jenna commented.

"Come on, Aunt Jenna, you were probably like that not that long ago." Jill responded. "Elena and Damon are in love. Let them have some fun every now and then."

At that time, Anna walked in door with a sleeping bag.

"Aunt Jenna, do you think Anna can stay with us for a little while?" Jill asked. "She stayed overnight at the hospital because she doesn't have anywhere else to go."

"Maybe for a few days." Jenna agreed. "But she's staying in your room."

"Thank you." Anna replied.

Back at the hospital, Caroline was having trouble sleeping. She decided to turn on the TV, only to see Katherine sitting at the foot of her bed.

"Elena?" Caroline asked, wondering how she had gotten in past visiting hours.

"Guess again." The brunette remarked.

"Katherine." The blonde stated spitefully. "What are you doing here?"

"Well the simple answer is I need to give a message to the Salvatore brothers." Katherine replied. "Game on."

"What does that even mean?" Caroline asked in confusion.

"This." The vampire answered before she pressed a pillow against the human girl's face. She struggled but eventually fell limp.

So before you ask, that was Damon and Elena's first time. This story is in 3rd person because this season has a lot more going on. There aren't very many Jill and Stefan scenes in this chapter but she does have some with Tyler and Damon. Also I will be handling Caroline's vampire storyline differently. Please don't forget to review.