Brady and Jules went through the forest and threw their fallen comrades' bodies on the fire. Another werewolf named Stevie came out of the forest.

"Tell her." Brady instructed him.

"When Tyler said that Mason was here for the moonstone, something clicked." Stevie stated. "Mason was working with that vampire Kathy to break the sun and moon curse. Now there's a witch. They're putting everything in place to break the curse."

"We can't let them do that even if we have to kill every vampire in this town." Brady replied as Jules looked at him nervously. "Are you with me?"

Jill was woken up to the sound of her phone ringing. She had been sharing Caroline's bed with the blonde and Anna.

"Hello?" She answered. Caroline whined, wanting to go back to bed. She crawled out of the room.

"How was the slumber party?" Stefan asked.

"It was great except for the part where Tyler showed up." Jill explained, closing the door so the vampires could sleep. "Long story short, we're broken up."

"I'm sorry." Stefan told her. "I know you were really mad at him for what happened last night. So I was wondering if you wanted to go to Blacksburg with me today."

"I'm not really looking to apply to Virginia Tech." Jill responded.

"I was hoping that you would want to see your mom there." Stefan responded.

"Yes." She replied. "It's too bad that Elena can't come with."

At the Salvatore house, Damon let Ric in. It was one of the few nights where Elena didn't stay over and he was glad that she didn't because of John's visit. He actually hadn't told her about anything last night.

"John Gilbert gave me something to kill Elijah." He said as he took out the dagger. "He said that you have to dip the dagger in this ash."

"Do we really need to kill Elijah?" Ric asked. "I mean he did save all of your asses last night."

"Well I'm not sure about if it even works." Damon admitted. "So what are you plans today, Mr. Saltzman?"

"Jenna and I were supposed to go to the Gilbert lake house in Blacksburg but we both got roped into hosting Elijah and the Historical Society."

"Well you probably wouldn't want to go there anyway." Damon remarked.

"Why?" The teacher asked.

"Let's just say that it's kind of occupied at this time." Damon replied.

"Miranda lives there." Ric concluded. "Yeah, I don't think Jenna should see her vampire sister right now. So don't tell me that you're going to kill Elijah at the tea party."

"No I want to know his plan before I kill him." Damon responded.

As Jill prepared for her trip, Caroline and Anna met with Bonnie. The latter two were finally starting to get along.

"So what's this plan you have?" Anna asked.

"Caroline is going to help me ask Luca about Elijah." Bonnie replied.

"I am?" Caroline asked in surprise. "How am I going to do that? I don't think he'll just tell me."

"Who said that he'll have a choice?" Bonnie responded.

"Isn't it kind of hypocritical for you to want to mind control someone when you're a victim of yourself?" Anna asked.

"I need to this." Bonnie argued. Anna sighed and got up to the bathroom. On her way she collided with someone. It caused the glass he was carrying to fall, but luckily she caught it before it hit the ground.

"Sorry." He apologized. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

"I guess there was no harm done." Anna said to him. "I'm Anna."

"I'm Tom, the new bartender." He introduced, pushing his long hair out of his eyes. "Anyway, I need to get to work. Maybe I'll see you again sometime."

Across the restaurant, Caroline noticed Matt. They looked at each other for a second before he looked away. He was mad at her for backing out of their meeting.

"Just tell him what happened." Bonnie told her.

"I don't think that I should tell him that I was almost killed by werewolves." Caroline stated. "I don't think he would believe me."

"Just tell him that Jill needed you for something." Bonnie suggested.

Tyler walked into the woods to the RV to find Jules.

"You're still here." He commented. "That guy said you needed to get out of here."

"We need you to help find the moonstone." Brady told him.

"I know where it is." Tyler replied. "But I can't get it for you."

"Why not?" Brady asked.

"Jill has it." Tyler told them. "And we broke up last night."

"Then sneak into her house and steal it." Jules suggested.

"It's not in her house." Tyler replied. "I don't think doing this would win any points with her. I'm not going to help you."

Jill was busy packing for her weekend getaway and Elena was helping her.

"You know I'm jealous of you right now." Elena remarked. "Tell Mom that I miss her."

"I will, but you can help Damon spy on Elijah." Jill suggested. "I mean maybe we can figure out how he plans on killing Klaus."

Once she was done packing, Stefan took her out to his car and they were on their way. She received a few texts from Caroline but there wasn't a big deal.

"She's going to Mountain Lake in Blacksburg." Tyler told the other wolves. "Her family has a house there."

"Then let's go get the moonstone." Brady replied.

After driving several hours, they arrived at the lake.

"So you're going to have to invite me in." Stefan told her. "Your mom got there before the deed was transferred."

"Okay." She agreed as she knocked on the door. Miranda answered it and Jill gave her a hug.

"You didn't say that you were coming." Miranda remarked.

"Well it was a spontaneous thing and I needed to get away from Tyler because we broke up last night." Jill explained to her mother. "Stefan, would you like to come in?"

Stefan entered and the two of them looked around the place.

"So, I would have to make a room for you two. There are only two bed rooms and I'm using one. Can I trust the two of you?" Miranda questioned.

"Mom…" Jill replied in embarrassment.

"I also don't have any food." Miranda added. "I'd have to get some. There is blood in the fridge if you want any Stefan."

At the Historical Society, Damon and Elena went and Damon was formally introduced to Elijah.

At the Grille, Caroline was over to Luca with two things of coffee while Bonnie watched from a table and Anna from the bar.

"I come bearing coffee." Caroline said.

"So you're talking to me now?" Luca asked.

"Well I am really grateful to your dad saving me and my friends." She responded as Luca took a sip.

"Had I known it was all it took, I would have saved you myself." Luca joked. He suddenly felt woozy and collapsed and the three girls took him to Bonnie's house.

At the lake, Jill stood outside wrapped in a blanket and stared at the water. Miranda was at the store. Stefan came out to see her.

"So you don't still have a crush on me, do you?" Jill asked.

"No." Stefan lied calmly.

"That's good because I wouldn't want things to ever become weird between us." She told him. "I mean after what happened with Tyler, I don't know if we could ever be friends again."

She then sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Well being here really makes me miss my dad." She admitted. "I mean it's great that Mom's here, but I miss him."

"Well at least you know that your dad died a hero." Stefan told her. "He valued Elena's safety over his own."

After the party, Damon went into a room with Elijah to talk.

"What can I do for you, Damon?" He asked.

"I want to know what you're doing here." Damon replied.

"Why don't you just worry about protecting Elena?" Elijah suggested.

Damon grabbed him by the neck but the Original got out of the grasp very easily.

"Young vampires are so arrogant." He commented before he stabbed a pencil into Damon's neck. "I'm an Original. Show a little respect."

At Bonnie's house, she laid Luca down on a pillow as she prepared the spell. Caroline and Anna set up some candles.

"I still don't like this." Anna commented.

At the lake house, Jill began to look around, eventually coming across a room with vampire hunting equipment. It was at that time Miranda returned and saw where she was.

"We weren't exactly tolerant of vampires." Miranda stated. "I keep this stuff here in case I get any unwanted visitors. If you need any of it, feel free. We were going to tell you and Elena at some point, but then the accident happened."

At Bonnie's house, Luca was in trance and Bonnie prepared to ask him questions.

"Why are you working with Elijah?" She asked.

"Klaus." Luca answered. "We both want him dead."

"Why do you want him dead?" Caroline asked.

"He kidnapped my sister." Luca droned.

"How do you kill Klaus?" Bonnie asked.

"After the sacrifice, Klaus will be vulnerable." Luca responded. "Elena has to die."

That night, Miranda went to get some firewood since she was the host. Stefan went to get some blankets.

Brady entered the shed and shot him with a wooden bullet.

Jill was shivering a little. She could sure use a blanket while her mother was getting the wood. "Stefan, I could really use one of those blankets."

She noticed the current moment seemed eerily like a horror movie. She grabbed a stake and went outside. Brady tried to grab her but stabbed the stake into him, unfortunately not in his heart. She then began to run up the stairs after Brady broke down the door. He chased her through the house, eventually coming outside where Miranda ripped his heart out.

"No one threatens my daughter." She stated.

Jill then noticed Stefan…and Tyler.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"I brought him here." Tyler admitted. "I didn't know that he wanted to kill Elena. I just don't want this anymore. I think I'm going to leave…for good this time."

The rest of the wolves were in the Salvatore house, torturing Damon after having killed Ric. They wanted to see if he knew where the moonstone was. That was when Elijah showed up with it. He ended up killing all of them, except Jules who had run off. He then broke the chains away from Damon.

"Like I said, no harm will come to Elena's loved ones." Elijah stated. "I would appreciate a thank you now."

After all of that was finished and Ric revived, Damon received word from Caroline, who then called Jill.

"So wait, Elijah wants to kill Elena?" Jill asked.

"Yes." Damon answered simply.

"Damn it, I never should trusted that bastard." She replied. "I guess our weekend getaway is going to have to end early."

"No let us take care of this." Damon responded. "You two kids have some fun.

"I wish I had paid more attention to his words." Jill stated. "He never promised to protect Elena. So what did she say about it?"

"I haven't told her yet." Damon admitted. "I was about to go there now."

When Tyler got back to Mystic Falls, he met Jules, who had apparently survived. Together, the two of them drove away.

At the Grille, Anna went by because Caroline sent her to spy on Matt. It was there that she noticed Tom.

"So I have a message that you need to tell your friends." Tom told her.

"What's that?" Anna asked.

"The whole Curse of the Sun and the Moon is a sham." Tom explained. "It does exist but it wasn't cast by a shaman."

"What do you mean?" Anna asked nervously, wondering how he even knew about or knew her.

"After your friends came to Duke, I did some digging and found out that it was cast by a witch in the 11th century." Tom responded. "It also doesn't have anything to do with werewolves turning during a full moon or vampires walking during the day."

"What is it then?" Anna questioned in confusion.

"It's a curse that was placed on Klaus." Tom told her. "I don't know what it entails but he wants to break it."

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