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~Chapter 1: The New Girl~

"JADE, wake up!"

Layla yelled at the top of her lungs, effectively waking her irritable, sleeping cousin. She knew that she would probably have to feel Jade's wrath when this was over, but it would be worth seeing her face.

The said girl woke with a shriek, her eyes wide in surprise. Her gaze landed on Layla, who was laughing on the edge of her bed, and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Layla, you'd better have a good reason for waking me up." she growled. One thing was for sure, Jade was NOT a morning person. Any other day it would have scared Layla out of her wits, but the flower girl was too excited to even care.

"We're going to Sky High today!" Layla said excitedly. "Now hurry up and get dressed. We're heading to Will's place before we catch the bus."

As soon as Layla skipped out of the room, Jade buried her head in her pillows and groaned.

"Are you getting dressed yet?" Layla called, making Jade scowl.

"Alright, don't get your panties in a twist!" Jade called back.

She took a quick shower and dressed in her usual white jumper and a black, skull shirt over it, a pair of dark jeans with a little chain belt dangling around her waist and black converse shoes. That's the thing about Jade, she and Layla were nothing alike and some barely believed they were related. Layla had fiery red hair, bright green eyes whilst Jade was slightly shorter and had wavy, jet black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Jade was also the only daughter of Reaper, who possessed the power of shadow manipulation, and Nightshade who was able to phase through objects like a ghost. Both died during a fight with Baron Battle, and Jade was left with Layla and her parents. Jade had only inherited her father's powers, which she was glad about. Accidentally phasing through the floor didn't really appeal to her.

After dressing and taking a few bits of toast, which she nearly choked on as Layla tried to get her to eat faster, the two headed for Will's house.

"Hey Mrs Stronghold!" Jade greeted as soon as Will's mother opened the door.

"Hello Jade, Layla." she smiled at the two. "Are you hungry? We have eggs, bacon?"

"No thanks." Layla piped before Jade could say anything. "You know how my mom could communicate with animals? Apparently they don't like being eaten."

Mrs. Stronghold looked awkward. "How about some juice?"

Layla smiled. "Great!"

It wasn't long before Mr. Stronghold entered the kitchen, along with Will.

"I can't believe you three are starting high school. It seems like only yesterday that Layla and he were swimming naked in the kiddie pool."

Jade snickered as Will whined. "Moom!" and Layla elbowed her.

Then, there was ringing. Mr. and Mrs. Stronghold received another distress call from the mayor, and Mr. Stronghold left the kitchen, but not before reminding Will.

"Remember Will, most kids at Sky High have only one super parent, not two. So no showing off, okay?"

Will nodded. When he left, Jade sighed.

"How long are you planning on keeping this from them, Will?"

"Will shrugged. "I honestly don't know."


As the three friends entered the bus, Will immediately asked, "Is this the bus to Sky High?" to which he was shushed by the bus driver.

"Are you crazy?" he said. "do you want every super villain in the neighborhood to know we're here?"

Will immediately apologized and was about to move to find a seat when the bus driver stopped him again. "What's your name freshman?" he asked.

"Will Stronghold?"

For Jade, it was comical. The man's eyes widened in awe and he stared at Will. "The son of the Commander and Jetstream?"

At Will's nod, he got all excited and announced it to the whole bus. Jade rolled her eyes and whispered in Layla's ear. "Not very subtle is he?"

Layla giggled.

The bus driver introduced himself as Ron Wilson, who tried to get some kids at the front to move, which Will immediately declined to.

"Magenta get up." said a dark skinned boy with thick-framed glasses.

"Why?" a girl who was wearing a lot of purple asked.

"So he can sit with his girlfriend."

Jade grinned as she saw Layla flush. It was obvious that her cousin had a crush on her best friend, but Will was too thick-headed to notice this. Hopefully he would by the end of the year.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

Then another geeky looking boy walked up to Jade and Layla. "In that case, hi. I'm Larry."

Jade merely brushed him off and took a seat at the back, Layla taking the seat next to her, and Will seating next to Zach.

"What do you think this school would be like?" Layla asked.

Jade snorted. "If I'm not mistaken, it's just some other typical high school. That means peers, bullies, prejudice, and a whole lot of drama."

All of them were taken by surprise when the bus jerked forward as they stopped to pick up another student. There was a pause when the bus started moving again, but much faster than it did earlier. Seatbelts appeared from nowhere as Ron called, "Hang on back there!"

"I don't like this." Jade muttered.

Everyone screamed as they ran off a ramp and off a cliffside, and before they knew it, the bus had side wings and rockets at it's end. The bus was FLYING.

Finally everyone stopped screaming to see...

"Is that school floating?" Layla quietly gasped.

"Latest in anti-gravitational technology." said Ron.

The bus bumped as it touched down, "Sorry!" Ron called again.

The whole group approached the school, amazed. They even stopped to watch the cheerleading team, that turned out to be one girl that can multiply herself. Just when they were almost to the steps, something pushed the whole group together like a vortex.

The blur stopped to reveal a rather pudgy guy in a black sports jacket and a cap. "Hey freshmen, your attention please!" he called as another guy stretched his way next to his friend. He had messy brown hair, and wore a black and white striped jumper and a black t-shirt with a skull on it.

"I'm Lash, and this is Speed. As representatives of the Sky High Welcoming Committee-"

"We'd be happy to collect that $15 new student fee."

Lash stretched out his arm to a kid in orange, who hesitantly replied. "There was nothing about a student fee in the handbook."

Jade snorted next to the kid. "I can't believe you actually read that."

Lash's gaze snapped to her and his brows knitted together in confusion; it was as if he had just noticed her standing there.

"Okay guys, very funny." A girl in pink came walking over, and Jade almost gagged at the sight.

Lash retracted his hand and moved to whisper something in Speed's ear. The two stared at Jade, and Lash gave a wink before he and Speed headed back to the school.

"Hey everybody, I'm Gwen Greyson."

As she talked, Jade tuned her out and glanced at her friends. Will was staring at Gwen dreamily, and Jade winced at she glanced at Layla, who looked slightly crestfallen.

"If you can follow those simple rules, I promise you won't fall the edge of the school."

The group gave a weak laughs while Will just looked on, confused.

"Wh-what rules?" he asked as the group walked on.

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