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"Mum, this is so unfair! I never got the chance to say good bye to Kayne!" I whined.

"You had plenty of chances, Rin. You knew we were going to move. Don't worry – you'll make some new friends," My mum said firmly.

"Why couldn't dad move instead? I liked our home perfectly well," I pouted.

"We decided to sell the home and split the money. It's the only fair way. And anyway, I just got an interview for a great job that might turn our fortune around," Mum sighed.

"Mummy!" My little brother, Riku, cried.

"Yes, Riku? Oh look, we're here," Mum turned around in her seat and smiled at me, parking the car.

"This run down place? Mum!" I groaned. "This is hardly a home!" I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the car door. I heard my brother cry louder.

"Rin, help me with the luggages please," Mum opened the car boot. I ignored her and stared at the run down flats in front of me. "Rin Maeko! Come here now!" My mum ordered. I rolled my eyes.

"Geez, okay," I whispered quietly to myself. I grabbed my luggages and pulled up the handle. All while my brother was sitting in the car, snug and with his favourite teddy bear.

"Great, we have to go check in. Stay here while I grab the keys, okay honey?" My mum kissed the top of my forehead and walked stiffly over to the reception office. I could tell she didn't like the flats either.

'Dad is probably living in a 5 star hotel right now. Or even worse, he's living with Marianne already!' I shuddered. Marianne was my dad's girlfriend. She was the reason mum and dad broke up, and we had to move out. By 'we', I meant mum, Riku and me. Dad didn't want to bring either of us.

"Room 17," My mum rushed out and grabbed the left over luggages. 5 neat luggages containing all our stuff. I had to give most of my belongings to the local charity bin, but so did mum. Riku didn't have a lot of stuff, so we managed to fit his into one luggage.

"I'll find it," I said. I grabbed the keys from her and power-walked to the nearest flat. I looked at the number – 9. I went along the row of little flats until my eyes lit upon the number 17. I unlocked the front door and took a deep breath. I could hear mum right behind me.

"Home, sweet… home?" I turned on the lights and gasped. This was even worse that I had thought. Run down cabinets, wardrobes… I left the luggage by the door and walked deeper into the flat. The flat had three small rooms – at least that was something! There was a bathroom, a room with one bed in it and the main room with two beds in it. I decided to have the room with one bed. I flipped over the blanket of my bed and saw coffee stains. I frowned and went into the bathroom. The toilet cover had dirty scratches on it and the shower was tiny. The plug in the shower had hairs all over it. "Eww! Is this it?"

"Yep, this is it…" My mum said, letting go of all the luggages but clinging onto Riku. Or you could say that Riku was screeching his little head off and was clinging onto mum.

"Mum, let's go find a better place than this! This is no home for a family which used to have maids," I begged. "Please? I saw a motel in the newspaper the other day…" I drifted off when I saw mum's lips tighten.

"Rin, this is not a lot but this is all we have for now. And we have makeover skills, remember? We can fix this!" Mum tried to say enthusiastically.

"No amount makeover skills can fix this," I muttered.

"Come on Rin. Look, at least we have a decent balcony. It can be all yours. Please, please just cope with this for a while?" My mum looked at me pleadingly. I thought about everything that she had been through – when she found out dad was seeing someone behind her back, she just… broke. It took her a couple of months to build a wall around her. Filing a divorce was harder than she had thought.

"Alright," I sighed. 'I'm going to regret this.'

"Thank you so much, Rin!" My mum practically gushed. I started towards the luggage.

"Wait! I think we had better give this place a clean-up before we start unpacking," My mum managed to untangle Riku's hands from her neck and set him down.

-3 hours later-

I wiped imaginary sweat from my forehead. We had just moved all the wardrobes and cupboards out, stripped the beds bare and scrubbed at the mould. But mum had the most grotesque job of all – getting rid of all the hair in the plug.

"I'm just running down to the laundry room to wash our sheets and all that, okay? Maybe the coffee stains will go. Why not try to plan out all our rooms?" My mum suggested. I watched her as she walked over to the laundry room and dumped all the sheets and blankets into the laundry.

I dawdled over to my balcony and looked down. 'Make some new friends? As if. It took me 2 years to make friends… back then.'

"You idiot! Why didn't you go after the apples instead?" I heard a girl's voice shout.

"Your safety is most important, Ayuzawa," I heard a smooth guy's voice reply.

"Argh! Usui, you are such an idiot!" I stared down at the road. A girl and a guy were standing there. The girl had her arms folded and the guy was smiling at her. I watched as the girl ran after the apples, picking them up as she went along. Suddenly, a reddish-brown haired guy appeared. He picked up an apple and started eating it.


"Oh? Misaki!" I moved away from the balcony – I had seen enough. All these names were confusing me.

"Rin! I've decided to throw all these cupboards away and get new ones. Maybe second hand, but that's still pretty good," My mum entered my room.

"Can I come?" I asked eagerly.

"Sure! But Riku has to come too – you know he can't stay… in this place alone," My mum paused momentarily.

"Great! Can I buy some stuff for my room? I mean, it looks so… plain," I said. My room had a bed in it, and that was all.

"Okay, but you will need to give up some of your allowance…" My mum's eyes gleamed. I sighed.

"Alright! I will get it back someday, though. Right?"

"No guarantees!" My mum laughed, a sound I hadn't heard in almost 5 months. "Let's go."


"Idiot! Don't drop them again," I warned. Usui smiled winningly at me.

"I won't. But why don't you tell Mr Third Rate over there not to eat the apples?" Usui suggested, throwing a glance over his shoulder. I turned around to face Shintani.

"Shintani! Don't eat the apples!" I scolded.

"I'm sorry," He mumbled. "I'm so hungry!" I sighed.

"You'll get some when we get to my house," I said.

"Okay!" He cheered up and walked faster to match my pace.

"Oh… here it is. Don't drop or eat the apples," I said, trying to keep my voice down. 'Mum's probably sleeping…'

"Welcome home Misaki!" Minako Ayuzawa opened the door. 'Or not…'

"Usui! Shintani! My, what a surprise! Come in!" My mother ushered them in. I closed the door behind me. "Thank you for helping to carry the apples."

I felt tempted to say, "No, uh, actually Usui dropped them and Shintani started to eat them.", but I kept my mouth shut.

"Nee-chan," Suzuna's head popped around the corner of the kitchen door. "I got a book in the mail today."

"Really? Which magazine was that from?" I asked. Suzuna always won things.

"The one with cartoons in it. I'm guessing no one else bothered to enter," Suzuna said.

"Dig in," Minako placed a plate of rabbit apples on the table. Shintani grabbed two toothpicks and started shoving apples into his mouth.

"Don't eat too fast or else you'll choke!" I scolded. It was meant to be a concerning act, but it came out fierce and threatening.

"You took my toothpick," Usui said, annoyingly calm.

"Huh? Sorry," Shintani studied his toothpicks and gave the slightly dented one to Usui.

"I don't want it now – you just put it into your mouth," Usui said, throwing the toothpick behind him. I grabbed it off the floor immediately.

"Idiot! Don't litter!" I hadn't even taken one piece of apple, and there were only three left. Shintani reached for another one, but I smacked his hand away.

"No more for you!"

"But I'm still hungry!" Shintani cried.

"I'll get something for you to eat," Minako got up and shuffled around the kitchen. Suzuna was calm as well, eating another piece of apple. I sat down and grabbed my apple. There was one piece left. We all stared at it silently, like we were expecting it to choose who it wanted to be eaten by.

"I want it," Shintani said, sticking his toothpick through it.

"I haven't had one and you've had heaps," Usui grabbed the toothpick off Shintani.

"Don't fight over an apple piece!" I reached for the toothpick, but Usui danced out of my way. For the next half a minute or so, I tried to wrestle the toothpick off him.

"You're too slow," Usui teased. I blushed furiously.

"You can't talk!" Suddenly, I froze. Usui froze too.

"My, what a delicious apple piece. Thank you Usui!" My mother gushed. She was chewing on the apple. We blinked at her.

"No problem," Usui regained his calmness. I lunged for the toothpick and grabbed it.

"Aha!" I waved it in the air triumphantly, then dropped it into the bin with a smug look on my face.

"I'll clean up," Suzuna got up quietly and gathered the dishes.

"Time for you to go." I ushered Usui and Shintani out the door.

"See you at school tomorrow, Prez," Usui waved. I flushed deep red, and I saw a satisfied smirk stretch across his face. I slammed the door shut before he could say anything else.

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