This is a quick one shot that I had sitting my head for awhile. I don't know if I will turn it into something longer or not. Thanks for reading.

Lola watched as her classmates from both Slytherin and Gryffindor stepped forward to face a Boggart for the very first time. She knew full well what this creature was all about: exposing a person's worst fear. Sure some of the other students had silly fears, but hers was more real.

For instance, Ronald Weasley nearly wet his pants when he was confronted with a gigantic spider. Using Riddikulus he was able to transform the hideous insect into a comical sight. On each leg of the spider a roller-skate appeared. It slipped around the floor until it fell flat on its belly.

Feeling quite proud of himself, the red head stepped back into the crowd, laughing with everyone else. Lola only became more nervous. She did not want to be picked at all. She watched as the professor scanned the room for the next participant.

Don't pick me. Don't pick me. Don't pick me.

"Beckett." Severus Snape had made eye contact with her. A few 'oohs' rang out as all eyes became focused on her.

"S-sir, I don't think I should – " she began quickly.

"Is my own snake disobeying me?" He raised an eyebrow. "I don't think anyone would appreciate me taking points away." Her fellow Slytherins began groaning and egging her on.

You better not make us lose points!

Stop being a wuss!

Go already!

Lola swallowed hard as she was pushed to the front of the room. Shaking, she drew closer to the spider that was still having trouble regaining its balance. "Sir, please don't make me do this." She looked over at her professor, her eyes beginning to water. "You know I excel at everything but please I don't want to do this."

"Stop being a coward." Severus spat. "I doubt anything earth shattering could come out of this. You all know nothing of real fear yet." He spoke to the general crowd with his last statement.

Lola closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. The Boggart began to target her and transform into something new. Her classmates, now intrigued by her pleas, watched intently. Before she could even turn to run away, her fear was revealed to everyone.

A second Severus Snape stood in the room. A few giggles came from behind Lola.

That's it?!

Everyone's afraid of him!

What a disappointment!

"We've already seen this. Mr. Longbottom had his turn and the same result. Cast the spell and move on." Severus barked, still seething with anger from his double being adorned in a dress and heels.

But Lola couldn't move. She was frozen to her spot. It wasn't that her Head of House scared her by just his presence. It wasn't his demanding and rough personality. It was being rejected by him – romantically. For a few years now Lola harbored feelings for her Potions Master, but hoped it would pass. It never did.

Lost in her shock, the Boggart Snape drew closer to her. Everyone wondered what it would do to her. Lola shook her head and looked up at the double, his face inches from hers. If it weren't for the audience she would have given in to her feelings, but Boggarts don't exist to please – they exist to cause pain.

"You're pathetic…" Severus' double muttered. She opened her mouth to respond but found no words. The Boggart continued mocking her. "You may be in love with me, but I could never love someone as disgusting as you."

Lola bit her lip. "Stop…" Her heart pounded violently.

"You're ugly and a downright imbecile." The tears finally came. "Crying only proves my point…" The double lowered himself to her ear and began to whisper. "I also know you sit in class daydreaming; you want me to bend you over my desk, don't you?"

"I said stop!" Lola screamed and attempted to shoved the double. It stepped back in time and struck her across the face. The sound of the smack echoed through the silent room. Neither the other students nor the real Severus knew what to do. Lola fell to her knees, audibly crying. It was now obvious why she begged not to go through with this.

"Rid…diku…lus…" Lola tried to cast it through the tears. The double laughed harder. It bent down to her level once again and grabbed her long ponytail, pulling her head back. It hovered its lips above Lola's. Or were they Severus'? She felt sick. The class gasped as the second Severus roughly kissed Lola.

The real one had had enough, however. He cast the spell and sent the Boggart flying back into the armoire. Lola remained on the ground, her head lowered in shame. She could hear the whispering, the giggling, and the judgments being made. None of that mattered though, because there was only one person she knew she could not face. Lola was strong enough to handle the teasing for a few months until this passed, but he made her weak.

Severus looked down at his hurt student, knowing full well how rejection could torment someone. He ordered for the rest of the dunderheads to be silent and he outstretched his arm to her. Lola wiped her eyes and slowly stood, but refusing to look at anyone. He asked her to step outside and she nodded, wiping the dust of the ground from her legs.

Once alone, he tried to soften his approach. "I… apologize for forcing you into this. Had I known, I would have left you alone."

Lola's eyes were red now. "What makes you think none of us would have these problems?" She began angrily, glaring at the floor. "I bet you don't even remember what it was like being our age. That's why it's so easy for you to belittle and dismiss things like this…" She moved past him and made her way down the hall. She wanted to sleep this off before the others began their torture.

Severus let her go without a word. But I do know...