Before she even reached her room, almost all of her year had heard about the Boggart incident. As Lola threw herself onto her four poster bed and drew the curtains tight, the halls erupted with giggles and whispers. By dinner time the whole Great Hall seemed to be buzzing with the gossip. Severus sat with the other professors as usual, very well aware of the conversations taking place. Each time a student looked up at his table, they were met with a deadly gaze.

Professor McGonagall had caught wind of the event - her own students could barely pay attention to her lesson. "Severus," she leaned over and lowered her voice, "Is all of this-"

"Yes." He muttered quickly. "It's over."

"Over?" She looked around the Hall again. "From what I see, it's just begun. Have you spoken to Miss Beckett?"

Severus closed his eyes. "I did. I apologized - which I never do without good reason - for pushing the lesson. I was accused of 'not understanding' and all of that teenage nonsense. She then stormed away. It's over." He tried to wave her off.

Minerva only shook her head. "They are going to eat her alive. As her Head of House you're going to have to be prepared for that. I have a feeling this will escalate because you were the, ah, target."

"Can't you say something? You're a woman." He did not want to be bothered by this anymore.

Minerva scoffed. "Well thank you for noticing Severus, but I don't think that's wise. It's bad enough more students know. How do you think she feels knowing that the whole staff does as well?" She then returned to her own plate.

Severus quickly took hold of his Firewhiskey and drank deeply. "We shall see."

McGonagall's predictions rang true. Lola felt like there was no safe place for her in the castle anymore. Just like Severus she believed it would blow over in a week, but it only spiraled out of control. If students weren't throwing notes at her with "Lola + Snape" on it, they were making kissing faces and crude noises.

One afternoon in Potions before Severus arrived, Lola entered the room to find a dirty, and very detailed, drawing on the blackboard. She ran up to the board and dropped her bag, her face growing very red. The class roared with laughter behind her as she furiously attempted to rub the chalk off with her hands.

"What is wrong with all of you?!" She cried out on the verge of tears. When the laughing died down, she thought perhaps they had realized their mistake. When Lola turned around however, she was met with Severus standing in the middle of the classroom, watching her attack the board. He had just caught a glimpse of it before she made her first swipe.

Immediately she picked up her bag and rushed past him towards the exit. Severus let her go, again, without a word. Lola just barely heard him take 100 points from each House until the culprit stepped forward.

Lola laid in her bed for what seemed like the millionth time these past couple weeks. She couldn't bring herself to do any of his assignments or even attend the classes. Every time she attempted to overcome this, someone took it upon themselves to find a new way to torment her.

She heard footsteps outside of the room and she closed the curtains once more. She could barely see through the emerald fabric, making out of the figures of her room mates.

"Did you see the look on her face when he showed up? How pathetic!" One girl exclaimed. The rest followed suit with insults and "jokes".

Lola's face burned and her hands balled into fists. I bet it was one of them... Admit it! She leaned in close, ready to pop out at any moment.

"It's so disgusting! I mean, it would be one thing if she was in love with a guy in our year but... he's SO OLD! Thanks for talking me into that though, I always knew my artistic abilities would come in handy one day." The girls once again began laughing loudly.

The curtain flew open and Lola planted her feet so hard it grabbed their attention. "You did this? Why?" She moved close to the other girl. The group fell silent. "I asked you a question, Amanda. You're supposed to be my 'best' friend, which means you don't do shit like this!" Her volume increased with each word.

Amanda seemed unmoved. "It was funny. Can't you take a joke?"

"A joke? A joke?! The whole castle has been after me for weeks, and you think it's still just a joke?!" Lola did not stop moving closer and had backed Amanda up against a dresser. She had never felt such hatred for anyone in her life before.

"You're insane! Get out of my face!" Amanda yelled.

"And you're a back stabbing bitch!" Lola grabbed her shoulders and shoved her into the dresser before smacking her across the face. Amanda reached for her wand but Lola only shoved her again and she dropped it. "Relax - it was just a joke." She glared at the rest of the girls and left the room.

Lola couldn't see straight as she walked through the dungeon hallways. She couldn't believe that someone she trusted for so long would just betray her. Beginning to calm down, she leaned against the wall and began to breathe normally again. Looking around, Lola knew it was already past curfew. She rolled her eyes, dreading going back to her room.

"Out of bed, Beckett? I thought you wouldn't want to be caught considering I'm missing week's worth of assignments from you." Severus stepped out of the shadows.

Lola only continued to stare straight forward. "I had to leave."

"Yes, breaking rules is something you have to do now it seems."

"The drawing from earlier... I found out who did it and hit them." She admitted firmly. "I don't feel any better now but at least I know the only friend I had never was one." Lola looked at the ground and shuffled her feet. "Could I get an extension on the assignments... considering the situation?"

Severus shifted uncomfortably for a moment. He debated with himself if this was a good enough excuse. Usually only students who are on the verge of death in the Hospital Wing received this favor. "Tomorrow is Saturday. You will spend every weekend, including Fridays, in my office completing what you owe me. Now go back to the Common Room before I change my mind."

Lola did not look at him but nodded in acknowledgement. "Thank you." She turned around and walked as slowly as possible, hoping the girls had gone to sleep.