"Alek?" Chloe says looking at the ajar door of apartment 18.03. She opened it fully, prepared to tell the Mai's of Brian's death, and her own. But when she opened the door she didn't find a lazy Alek on the couch, or Jasmine eating her ice-cream. Instead she found a dead looking Valentina on the rug in the living room, and from a quick scan of the whole room Jasmine lying in a pool of her own blood.

"Jasmine" she says rushing over to Jasmine first, her injuries looking far more worse than what she saw of Valentina's. She bent down on her knees hovering over Jasmine. She quickly strained her hearing, and found Jasmines heart beating, not fast but it was still there. She than shifted a little to face the direction that Valentina was laying, again she strained her Mai hearing and heard nothing. No heartbeat, no peacefully thump of Valentina's heart. Chloe held back a sob, and turned to Jasmine she would not lose three people tonight, she could hardly deal with one. Chloe jumped up, and ran towards the washroom opening up the cupboard under the sink and grabbing wash clothes and a small first aid kit. Chloe ran back to Jasmine, checking her heart beat before bending over her. But sadly Chloe didn't know what to do, she seen people put pressure to bullet wounds in action movies but she was hesitant to do. Chloe made up her mind quickly deciding it was better to try something than nothing at all but before she could lift up Jasmines shirt a group of men in black ran threw the door. Hopefully these where Mai's because she wasn't in the mood to fight and Jasmine needed help.

Thankfully they where Mai's and two came to Chloe leaning over Jasmine one of them gently picked her up and placed her on the kitchen table, Chloe looked away from them but kept her hearing on Jasmines heart beat. Chloe looked across the room to find the three other men that had walked in bent over Valentina and talking in hushed voices.

She didn't want zoom in on there conversation with her Mai hearing because she was listening to Jasmines heart beat, and she didn't want to hear what they had to say anyway. Chloe stood there not knowing what to do, she turned around prepared to ask the men if they needed help but before she could even shift her body her phone rang. All five of the Mai men looked up at Chloe like they didnt know she was there, and than they went back to there previous job without speaking a word.

Chloe slide her hand in her back pocket and pulled out her phone, and the picture of Alek lit up the screen. And than Chloe's heart stopped, for a second. She forgot about Alek in the midst of everything with Jasmine and Valentina. Alek wasn't here, which lead the question to where was he?

"Hello?" Chloe answers her voice cracking, proving that she was panicking.

"Chloe." Alek says breathlessly. Chloe could hear fast and heard footsteps.

"Alek, whats wrong?" Chloe ask in full panic mode. What wasn't wrong? Brian died, in Chloe's hands because of her lips. Valentina was dead, and Jasmine was severally injured. What if Jasmine didn't make it?

"Are you okay, is there a mai watching you right now?" Alek asks his breath shallow.

"Yeah. What's wrong Alek?" Chloe asked for the second time. Where was Alek, Chloe needed him here. Her legs where getting heavy and her head was pounding.

"Thank god" Alek says his voice lighter, but still had shallow breathing.

"Chloe go check back to the apartment, make sure that Mai's are there. Now" Alek says his voice booming, but he was still breathless.

"Im here, they're here" Chloe told him quickly spinning around to look at the Mai's hard at work. She felt a pang of guilt, if she wasn't the Uniter this wouldn't have happened. If The Order didn't watch over her so much and if Chloe didn't stay near Alek and the rest than this wouldn't have happened. After awhile of just Alek's hard breathing, Alek than curses "Shit" than the pounding footsteps stop, and Alek swears more and more.

"Alek where are you?" Chloe finally asks once his curses stopped flowing.

"I'll tell you when i get home. Tell your mom your sleeping over at Amy's or something" and with that he hangs up.

"Uniter" one of the man call for her. It was the helping stop Jasmines wound from bleeding out even more. Chloe walked towards him, hearing the click of her boots on the tile floor. Just like the sounds of the women's heels, clicking away on the floor before she had shot Chloe. Chloe stops, in mid-step, and closes her eyes and trys to stop the flow of the thoughts. She couldn't afford to break down now, she just couldn't. She opened her now glossy eyes, and finished the rest of the walk towards the man in seconds.

"I hate to ask you, but we need more fresh towels. Could you bring them?" the men asks squirming in Chloe's glossy gaze. She steps around Jasmines body, and the men hovering over her and runs towards Alek's bedroom. She didn't want to go into Jasmines right now. She rushed past his bed, and into his personal washroom. If no of this ever happened Chloe, would have taken her time and looked around the washroom and seen what Cologne he used. Chloe had to admit Alek, always smelled delicious. She opened the little closet, and pulled out a few folded black towels, which were on the top shelve. She turned around slamming the door and running towards Jasmine and the men.

But she stopped, once she spotted Alek. Standing in the doorway, staring at Jasmine. His eyes were watery, and than shifting his gaze to Valentina. Who was still covered with men. Chloe walked towards the awaiting men, and handed them Alek's black towels. They nodded there head in thanks, and also into a sign she wasn't needed anymore. Chloe turned around, and headed towards Alek. Whom was still standing like a statue at the door. His eyes never leaving Jasmines bloody body, Chloe zoned her hearing on to Jasmines heart just in case. There was an awful amount of blood, but most would have been from them moving around and touching her.

"Alek." Chloe whispers. Alek's gaze drops for Jasmines and onto Chloe's. His eyes scan her body, and than pop when they see the bullet holes and blood all over Chloe's shirt. He reaches forward, but stops himself midway.

"No Chloe" Alek groans, his head swung back. He rakes his hands threw his hair, and leans down to face Chloe. She shrugs, silently telling him its all right.

"We needed to move the bodes, and move you guys out of this house. The order know you live here" Kyle one of the men tending to Valentina says. Chloe turns her head towards the exact same spot that Valentina had been and sighed.

"Alright." Alek says, pulling Chloe out the apartment door. He held onto her wrist the whole way down, and even as they left the apartment building he held it. He started running, pulling Chloe along with him, he had stopped after ten minutes of running. He still didn't let go of Chloe's wrist. She caught her breath, and looked up at Alek. Signaling that she was ready to run again, but he didn't make a move to run. He let go over her hand and walked into another rich looking apartment.

Chloe was shocked, when she entered the room. Again they were on the top floor, making the elevator ride really awkward. Chloe opened her mouth to voice her thoughts to Alek, about how beautiful this place was, but nothing came out. Instead she stared at the beautiful decor, and lovely furniture. It was the same layout as the last house. Kitchen beside the entrance, but you still walked into the living room. But besides that, they were totally different. The placing of the couch and television were opposite. The colours were different swell. There last home had been light browns, were as this was bright blues, and beautiful reds.

Chloe turned to Alek, who was shrugging off his jacket and placing it on the coat rack beside the door. He bend over and took of his shoes, placing them underneath the coat rack. Chloe mimicked Alek, noting that he'd been here before.

"Wow this place is awesome" Chloe said, she mentally scolded her self for it sounding lame in com person to this beautiful house.

"Yeah, been here a couple of times" Alek says quietly cutting of any conversation left. He turned back towards the door opening it up. Chloe looked over Alek's shoulder to find, Samuel the Mai whom was in charge of the healing of Mai's standing in front of Alek. Alek had probably been listening carefully outside, Chloe noted.

Alek didn't say anything just stared at Samuel. Samuel slipped through the door, and past Alek not subtly. Samuel came towards Chloe, mer inches from her face. She took a step back, glancing at Alek. He raised his eyebrow but thats all Chloe got from him. Alek moved closer to them making it so they all were in conversation standing points.

"Jasmine still needs time to recover" Samuel said breaking the awkward silence.

"Okay" Chloe said her voice cracking. Alek looked down and her his eyes watching her carefully. Alek could tell Chloe was tired, she was dragging her feet when she walked. He really wanted to pick her up, and carry her bride style.

"How about Valentina?" Alek asks, he'd seen her when he walked into the apartment. But Zane ran away right when Alek had walked in, making Alek run after him but not before Alek did a quick phone call. Alek was gone so fast that he didn't get to see the extent of her injuries. It turns out that Valentina was drugged with something that is vital to Mai's. But Alek knew she wasn't dead. She couldn't be? It was Valentina for basit sake, she killed close to 15 people for the order with her bare hands. It wasn't possible.

"Alek I'm afraid she won't make it" Samuel told Alek. He clamped his hand on his shoulder for good measures and turned out the door of Alek's new home. Valentina had bought two houses just in case something like this happened. She never thought this would have happened. No one did. Aleks shoulders sagged once the door shut with a leaving of Samuel. He looked down at Chloe, and saw the heartbreak and sadness filling her beautiful blue eyes. He turned away knowing she lost two people today. He sucked in a big breath and imagined a brick wall blocking and hiding his emotions.

Alek turned back down to Chloe nodded his head and left towards his new bedroom. He didn't want to cry or do anything stupid in front of Chloe she didn't need it.


Chloe wasn't sleeping, she was sitting up thinking about all the happened today. She didn't even try sorting the blame, she automatically blamed herself. If she hadn't gotten so attached to Valentina or Brian or anyone this would've happened. Alek wouldn't have had to suffer. Chloe wanted to cry but at the same time she didn't. If she cried she'd drown in the ocean of her tears.

The creek of the door crashed Chloe's pity party. She opened her eyes and taking a second to readjust , her eyes turning into slits. Alek was standing at the door. Chloe lifted his self on to his elbows and shifted to face the him. She didn't want to sit up, because she was sore all over. Chloe waited for him move, to make any movement but he didn't he stood there stick straight. She glanced at the alarm clock it was 3 am in the morning, Alek should've been sleeping by now. She looked back up at him, he still hadn't moved.

"Alek?" Chloe asks her voice husky from not using it for hours. But he doesn't respond just stares at her. His eyes where filled with unshed tears. Chloe looked at the vulnerable Alek standing there in his pyjama bottoms. He was shirtless, and now wasn't the time to admire his beauty.

He still hasn't moved, Chloe pulled her self up more and slipped out of bed. Her bare feet touching the cold wood floor. She hesitantly walked towards Alek. But he just stood there eyes following her movement.

"Alek?" Chloe asked reaching up and placing her hand on his shoulder. No response. She slides her hands to his check caressing it. He close his eyes, squeezing them shut.

"Alek?" Chloe asks again watching Alek's beautiful eyes open. Alek's eyes bore into hers. But he still didn't respond. She slide her hand down to her side, and than grabbed his hand and slowly walking him towards her bed. She sets him on the end of the bed and sits beside him shifting herself to face him. Chloe doesn't push him she just sit there beside him rubbing his back. He than leans his head on her shoulder. It wasn't an awkward position, he's legs where facing outside but he shifted so his was directed at her. Chloe had one leg on the bed and another hanging off the bed facing Alek. She was comfortable but soon or later her back was going to hurt.

"Valentina" Alek mumbles into Chloe's or actually Alek's shirt since she was borrowing his. She nods her head and playing with his hair and massaging his head. Trying to soothe him. Chloe pulls back and pulls both legs on the bed. She pulls him closer meaning for him to lay down with her. He shifts him self that he's fulling on the bed, and she pulls him closer bring both of them to the top of the bed. She rest her head on the pillow and let's him rest his head on her chest. She plays with his golden hair as her shirt dampens with his tears. She doesn't cry because it was his time, she'd grieve later.