"Here" Alek says, sliding Chloe's phone into her trembling hands. Alek unhooks the lock from the locker door, and shuts the rusty locker. He snaps on the lock, quickly before shifting his bag to one arm and slipping Chloe's side bag off her arm and onto his.

"Let's go." Chloe says while whipping her tears with her sweater. Chloe was more than happy that she didn't put on a lot of mascara. Chloe turns on her phone, and types a short message to her mother explaining that she's going to skip the afternoon. Her mother would understand, Chloe didn't need to explain anything. Meredith would come up with the idea that it was to much for Chloe on her own. She turns off her phone and slides into her back pocket. She looks up at Alek, and notices how awkward he looks holding her side bag, and his own backpack. She stands on her tippy toes and gently tugs at the strap. He lets it slide down his arm, and into his hand. She silently takes her side bag back and mutters a thank you.

"Want to go to 18.03?" He asks. Chloe could tell he was anxious. She felt bad for having friend drama, when he just lost a friend and a mother. Chloe nods, but doesn't move.

"Stop calling it that." Chloe says under her breathe. She wanted Alek to hear but at the same time didn't.

"Calling it what?" Alek asks. They both began to walk down the hall and to the front doors of the school.

"18.03" she says pointly.

"Well thats what it is, apartment 18.03 on-" Alek begins but Chloe cuts in. "No its your home. No a stupid address. Were going back to your house." Chloe argues. There was no point in fighting with Alek, but it bothered her.

"Not anymore." He says. Conversation done. Nothing more could be said, and Chloe felt like a horrible person, because Alek was right his apartment 18.03 is no longer his home.

"Is it safe to go there?" Chloe asks, almost changing the subject. If Alek wasn't aloud to live there, than why would they be aloud to even step foot in the apartment.

"Yeah, I got Mai's to watch over the whole complex. The humans are still in danger no matter who The Order claim there saving by killing you." Alek states. Chloe looked at Alek, he was staring ahead, making it easy to admire him. Alek's looks haven't changed, no he was the same good-looking boy, that should be on magazine instead of risking his life for her but he changed mentally. A few months ago he wouldn't have given a rats ass about Chloe's friends, nether less humans. But now he cared, or at least had the decency to try and save them.

"Thats great to hear." Chloe says honestly. She would have said "thank you" but than it would be ampplying that she thought he gave that order for her.

"Yeah" Alek says holding the front door open for her. She smiles up at him and slips through the door. Chloe takes her phone from her back pocket, and turns it on again, looking for a message from her mother. None. She locks her phone, and puts it in her bag, a place were it was most likely to be safer. Alek guides Chloe to his car, which was parked in the very front of the school. Alek was lucky, being popular had it advantages, like front of the school parking spots. Chloe slid into Alek's, black slick jeep. In the very spot Jasmine would be sitting, it felt like a kick to the stomach.

"Do you have boxes?" Chloe asks, after five minutes of silent driving. Alek shakes his, head and turns around to look behind him. Chloe turns too nearly banging head with his. There wasn't anything special that should have caught his attention, Chloe turned back around, and stared ahead. The red light switched to green. Chloe nudged Alek's shoulder causing him to turn around and start driving again.

"What is it?" Chloe asks, after the ninth time Alek shifted and looked in the review mirror.

Chloe still didn't see anything special, only a black van.

"I think that car is following us." Alek says his eyes on the mirror, when they should've been on the road.

"Not the Mai?" Chloe ask stupidly, but she didn't want to jump to conclusions.

"No, The Order." Alek says taking a sharp turn. Chloe turns back around to face the front, she wasn't scared. They always followed her, the only time that it really mattered is when she was alone. The Order would attack when she was another Mai. Mai's are stronger and faster.

"What's the big problem, aren't there Mai's watching us?" Chloe asks scared now. Alek knew that they were always watched, so there wasn't much that scared him. The Order wouldn't attack in public, would they?

"They never down right followed you places Chloe, they plan out there attacks." Alek says squinting his eyes, and glancing back at the black van.

"So its not the order?" Chloe asks, questioning him.

"No, i thought-" he sighs and pull one hand through his golden locks, while the other is still on the steering wheel. Thank Basit. "I thought it was them, but- i don't know. It wouldn't make sense for it to be The Order." Alek says, stopping at a red light.

Alek turns, in the complex of his new home. He parks the jeep into the farthest parking spot of his apartment. He turns off the car, leaving the keys to jingle in the agnation.

"Okay Chloe, stay in the car. The other Mai are watching. I'm going to see who it is." Alek says turning the car back on. "When i get out lock the door behind me" he says. Chloe nods her head, and waits as Alek slides out of the car before locking all doors, and turning off the car. Chloe closes her eyes, and slowly counts to 30. If Alek wasn't back by then, she'd jump out of the car not caring who or what was outside of the jeep.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 . 13. 14. 15. 1- and than a bang to the window. Chloe jumps up, and turns to look at an irritated Alek, and behind him a straight faced Kai.

A/N I no I haven't wrote in so long i'm so sorry. I know this is short, but its better than nothing right?