Chapter 10

"Nicole!" Remy called as he entered my home, closing the wood door behind him.

"I'm in the living room!" I called back, resting Jackson on my hip. The two year old bounced happily in my arms when his uncle came into the room.

"Have you been watching the news?" Remy asked, taking Jackson from my arms, "Hey buddy."

I nodded, "It's chaos. All those things coming through the portal. Jean called and the X-Men are ready to jump in if things turn bad"

The front door opened again and Logan came into the living room.

"Daddy!" Jackson cried happily, jumping to his father. The poor child having no idea what was happening in the city only a few miles from our home.

Logan ruffled the boys dark hair before setting him down on the couch. "I left the garage as soon as I heard. Is it true are me under attack?" He went to the closest and began digging through.

"Aliens or something." Remy started, Captain America, Iron man and a few others are there fighting. I guess this is what that Fury guys approached you about a few months back."

"The Avengers Initiative." I mumbled, playing with the 'x' charm on my necklace. "Maybe we should have listened to what he had to say."

"To late for that." Logan stood from the closest, his suit in his arms.

Jackson jumped up at the site of the suit, "Daddy are you going to save the people of TV? I want to help, I'm gonna be a hero too!"

"You're to young yet honey," I said, taking him into my arms. "One day though, okay?"

He pouted, and pushed himself from my arms. As if trying to prove his point he turned himself invisible from his spot on the couch. Jackson had been born with mine and Logan's natural healing abilities as well has my power to turn invisible. I had began to notice the tendons on the backs of his hands were growing hard and I expressed my concern to Logan he may be growing claws. He was right on the matter, all we could do was wait and see.

"This just in!" The TV turned our attention from the boy. "We are getting reports of a nuke being released just off Manhattan Island. We repeat, a Nuke has been released! Wait... It appears that Iron Man is chasing after the nuke!

I felt my hand go to my mouth. I felt Logan's arm around my waist and I leaned into him. All I kept thinking was Logan and I should have listened to Fury when he came to our door all those weeks ago.

We watched as Iron Man flew the nuke into the portal. Before we could see if he survived the phone began to ring. I left Logan, I assumed it was Jean calling us into action.

"Hello?" I asked, my voice broken.

"Mrs. Howlett?" The voice asked, part of me felt I had heard it before.

"Yes?" My interest raised.

"I hope you and your husband have reconsider my offer." It was Fury.

I looked at Logan, I knew he had heard everything. His eyes met mine. He held his gaze in him as I answered, "When do we start?"