The sky was thundering down rain heavily, setting the mood of depression for one blonde. The area was bathed in darkness as dark clouds were looming over the sky. Lightning struck, illuminating the blonde's face, showing that the blonde had, well short spiky blonde hair with silver streaks and tints on the ends, bangs going down the sides of his face and the front covering his forehead. He had a chiselled face, blue eyes that once held warmth and kindness was now replaced with coldness; the most prominent thing that stands on his face would be his fox like whisker marks; three on each cheek. He wore an orange jumpsuit with black from the shoulders to the neck. On top he wore a white cloak with orange flames on the bottom with the words Konoha no Nidaime Kiiroi Senkō. His black hitai-ate had fallen from his forehead and was currently lying in the mud; by his feet, laid his sword, snapped in half and covered in blood and a body laid face down. His black hair was covered in dirt, mud, rain and blood. His chest had a hole and a piece of metal was embedded through his skull. He was called Sasuke Uchiha.

On Sasuke's left side, two more bodies were laying on the ground. One had a mask lying in front of him. The man's face had scars on his left side, like something had crushed his face on the side. He had black spiky hair like the blonde's. He wore a black robe that had the entire right side missing. The thing that stood out most was the man's eyes; his right eye was light purple and had ripples on it; it was called the Rinnegan, a powerful doujutsu that the god of shinobi, the Rikudo Sennin had once had. The left eye was red with a shuriken like symbol as the pupil; the eye was called the Sharingan. The man that had the two eyes was called Obito Uchiha or Tobi.

The last man was on Sasuke's right side. His hair was long and black, going down to his mid back with bangs going down to his shoulders. He wore red samurai armour with a black suit underneath it. He was like the other two, an Uchiha, except he was the founder of the clan. His name was Madara Uchiha. His Sharingan had a pinwheel like design with three circles in between the thick lines that went up to the edge of the eye. Near his outstretched left arm, laid his battle fan, torn through the middle horizontally.

"Kit, you alright?" The sudden voice in the blonde's head made him jump in surprise. He totally forgot about his tenant.

"Yeah, I'm fine; just thinking about what to do with Sasuke's body. Why do you ask Kyuu...? Wait I forgot you're not the Kyuubi" The blonde's eyes changed to one of sadness as he remembered his tenant and ally was gone.

"I may not be the Kyuubi but I can change form and attitude if you want young one" This brought a smile to the blonde.

"Thanks but the funny thing is that you already have part of his attitude showing"

"Oh? How so?"

"You called me kit" The blonde smirked at his tenant.

"Do you still want me to change into the fox?"

"Yes, thank you, but when you change, will you still be the Juubi?"

"Of course; think of it like this, I basically give my powers to the Kyuubi."

"Well why don't you change now?"

"Yeah, yeah I got it brat"The blonde smiled as he heard the Juubi use the Kyuubi's attitude on him.

"Oh and Naruto? Thank you for killing off the rest of the Uchiha"

"No problem" The blonde now known as Naruto cut off his telepathy with the Juubi as he recalled his memories on how he got the most powerful Bijuu in existence.


Naruto was dragged into the cave by his ex-best friend and brother Sasuke towards the Gedo Mazo. Naruto looked around and saw three other people in the cave. The first was Tobi, than a plant like man with a Venus-fly trap on his upper body called Zetsu and the last was...


The eight tails Jinchuuriki was having his tailed beast ripped out of him. As if shouting his name was a command, the phantom dragons that were absorbing the tailed beast chakra stopped and let B fall to the floor, lifeless. How did they get him and , Naruto didn't know. In a flash, Sasuke kicked Naruto in the head, making him tumble towards the front of the giant statue.

"Well done Sasuke, now all my plans are coming together" Tobi let out a bone chilling laugh while going through the hand signs for sealing a Bijuu. Naruto thought that Tobi did something to the statue or the jutsu since the dragons came out even faster than what he expected.

While this was going on, the kyuubi was in his cage thinking if he should do it or not.

'Well the kit has lived an awful life cause of me and now these three fuckers are now going to kill him. I guess I should know what the better decision is for him. Sorry kit for not going to be there for you forever'

The Kyuubi sent his chakra to the statue, making the dragons swell up. The statue started to pump chakra towards Naruto as it had registered that the Kyuubi's chakra was more than what it had inside of the statue and registered that it was a threat if not given the desired item or chakra. Tobi was too busy laughing his fucking head off to notice the change of flow of the chakra; however his associate noticed it.

"Uhh, Tobi is it supposed to do that? You idiot of course not!" Zetsu was now distracted by his internal argument with his double.

"WHAT?! NONONONONONONO!" Tobi noticed that Naruto was taking in the 8 other Bijuu's into his body, Tobi's bijuu.

The dragons died when all the chakra in the statue got emptied, resulting in said statue exploding, causing the cave to have now an open roof and the walls gone.

Naruto stood up shakily as he felt all nine Bijuu's going insane from getting fused with each other in him. The full moon above their heads shone towards Naruto and engulfed him in a bright light that could be seen in all the villages and countries. The moon was shrinking smaller and smaller until it was the size of a tennis ball. The moon made its way towards Naruto, hitting him dead on the Shiki Fuin seal. Slowly, ever so slowly, the moon was being absorbed into the blonde. The light died down and showed the same looking Naruto with silver streaks and tints on the tips of his hair. He slowly looked up while a silver Bijuu cloak engulfed him. When he looked into the three pairs of shocked eyes, the all saw that his eyes had changed into the Rinnegan and had slits going through the middle like fox eyes. After that his mind went blank.


Naruto remembered that after that, he took B's body and made a grave for him. He would have gone to the Raikage and told him if the Juubi didn't stop and conversed with him.

'I'll tell him after this. Already there have been too many casualties in this damn war against the fucking Uchiha. Don't know why I liked the prick when I was young, always busy brooding and being a fucking emo to stop and think about others. I don't care anymore; don't care what the council will do to me, don't care what Sakura will do to me and I don't care what the hell they all think of me now I'm the last 'demon'. To hell with them'

He was cut off from his uh, 'speech' by the Juubi. He immediately blacked out, falling towards the floor. When he regained conciseness he found that the sewer that was his mindscape had turned into a meadow.

"Well this is interesting" He didn't expect a comeback.

"Yeah well I did a bit of redecorating kit" Naruto's eyes widened and turned towards the voice. Behind him was a gigantic orange fox that easily towered over Naruto. He still looked the same except for the new tail behind him.

"KYUU!" Naruto ran forward and hugged his friend. Kyuubi just laughed at him and tapped Naruto lightly on the top of his head. The spent their time talking together when Naruto felt a chakra signature coming towards his location, however this got Naruto thinking.

"Hey Kyuu?"


"How come I can sense chakra signatures now? And also why is the chakra cloak silver and not red like the rest of the Jinchuuriki's?

"Well it was my gift to you for letting me be free from my prison and killing that damn clan"

"Gee thanks. Since I have my Rinnegan want to do something awesome?"


"Well..." Naruto whispered into Kyuubi's ear as he tells him his plans for his six paths.

"My god that is genius; alright send some clones to do it then use the chakra poles that I just materialised for you, also get a containment scroll for the bodies" Naruto complied and sent six clones to go and get the bodies so he could start.

Just when his clones got away from the area, a figure jumped towards where Naruto was. Naruto opened his eyes and saw that the figure wore a mask on his face, had his hitai-ate over his left eye and had gravity defying white hair. It was Naruto's sensei Kakashi Hatake.

"Kakashi-sensei? What're you doing here?"

"You didn't think that everyone who had seen that large light that came from here wouldn't send someone to go check it out? Imagine my surprise when I saw you here" Kakashi chuckled at his student when Naruto face palmed. It ended when he wondered if Kakashi had noticed.

"Hey sensei, do you notice anything different with me?" Kakashi stared intently at Naruto. At first he thought that Naruto was the same until he saw his eyes. When he saw it he unconsciously started to sweat and figuratively started to shit his pants from the memory of when he fought Pein.

"Naruto, where did you get those eyes?" Naruto grinned at Kakashi and made him think that he wouldn't like the answer that Naruto was about to give.

"Well I got the Rinnegan when I freed the Juubi and killed Madara, Tobi and Sasuke" Kakashi's mind stopped working when he heard that Naruto had freed the freaking JUUBI!

"You what?" Was all Kakashi could say when his brain restarted.

"I said I freed the Juubi and killed those three pricks" He pointed to the dead Uchiha. Kakashi followed his finger and saw the carnage. 'Holy shit'

The two began talking well Naruto mostly about what had happened with Kakashi listening. Sometime during the two's catching up time, Naruto's clones came back with the bodies. Kakashi turned around and found out whose body Naruto had taken. From left to right were Jiraiya, Itachi Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Kakashi turned back to Naruto and gave him a questioning gaze.

"I understand your mother, father, Jiraiya and the Hokages but why Itachi and not the third?" Naruto sighed and explained to Kakashi

"Well I couldn't use Jiji since I would be putting their souls back into their body and Jiji would be pissed to be alive again since he wanted to relax and enjoy 'feeling what the dead feel like'. I chose Itachi since he was really looking out for me and Sasuke and he gave me some of his power since he believed in me. He was helping Konoha from the start Kakashi-sensei" Naruto gave a small smile at Itachi's body and looked up at the sky, imagining that his grandfather figure was looking down at him.

"Very well Naruto, it's your decision. Now shouldn't you be hurrying to put those chakra poles in... Wait" Naruto turned his head back when Kakashi realised something.

"What do you mean put their souls back? Your father and the Hokages soul are in the Shinigami's stomach" Naruto grinned as he already got it covered.

"Don't worry. I made a deal with the Shinigami. He came to me one day during the war and asked if when I kill Madara that I give his soul to him. I said in return he gives me back my dad's soul as he wouldn't let me take more than one" Naruto grin widen when he 'saw' Kakashi's mouth drop.

During the time when Naruto and Kakashi were talking, Naruto's clones were busy putting the poles into the dead. Once they were done, one Naruto summoned the Outer Path and gave their souls back.

"Where the pretty ladies at?"

"Man I hope Kushina-chan doesn't hate me now"

"Damn it, if I had just had enough chakra then Minato-kun wouldn't have died"

"This feels weird"



Kakashi's and Naruto's eyes turned towards the revived people. While Kakashi went wide-eyed, Naruto ran towards his parents.

"Tou-san! Kaa-san!"

Minato and Kushina turned their heads (along with everyone else) towards Naruto. They all were surprised when they realised that they were alive.

"Naruto? How come we're all alive?" Minato questioned his son while Jiraiya noticed his eyes. 'No way.' A few minutes later after explaining to the ones with their souls in them.

"Okay, Tou-san will be the Deva Path, Kaa-san will be the Animal Path, Ero-sennin will be the Naraka Path, Itachi will be the Human Path, Shodaime-sama will be the Preta Path and Nidaime-sama will be the Asura Path" Naruto nodded his head as the six felt something going through his body. After that was done, Minato asked his son something.

"Naruto, why in your childhood did you wear that orange jumpsuit?" Naruto grinned at the question, hoping that someone in his life would question him about his clothes he wore when he was little.

"Well it was to attract attention of the villagers and to make fun of the village. If an enemy saw my clothes, they would think that Konoha was a fail ninja country for allowing a ninja of all people to wear bright colours that could attract attention and not the good kind" Minato just shook his head at his sons antics.

"He's totally like me" Kushina grinned at Minato when she heard that Naruto liked messing around with people just for the shits and giggles.

He asked if they minded if they get sealed into a scroll, since it would cause people to panic if they saw more zombies and also saw that the Hokages along with Jiraiya were among them. They of course understood his reasoning and got sealed except for Itachi, who wanted to talk to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, I won't question why you revived me but I must ask, where is my brother?" Naruto's face fell into a sad expression at the mention of Sasuke. He pointed to where he laid dead.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't save him. He almost doomed the world" Itachi gave a small nod.

"I understand if you decline but if you want, you can take his eyes"


"You can take his eyes. Since you're not an Uchiha you would not be blinded by arrogance. Also remember how Kakashi has his friends Sharingan. You could do the same with Sasuke. You could show him the world he could have had and show him if he never went down the path of hatred. Show him the bright future like he should have, let him be your eyes" Itachi gave him a small smile until he blew up in smoke, sealed into the scroll.

"I'll do it; for Sasuke, for Itachi and for me. You'll always be by my side then Sasuke"

He walked over to Sasuke's dead body while Kakashi stood by the side, watching his student. Naruto put his hand over Sasuke's eyes. Kyuubi, who was watching the scene in front of him, poured his youki into Naruto's hands and eyes. Once Naruto's hand came in contact with Sasuke's eyes, he felt a surge flowing towards his hands and saw his silver cloak covering it. A few seconds was all it took to absorb Sasuke's Sharingan and for him to feel sudden pain in his eyes. He bit his bottom lip to stifle the scream. He bit his lip hard enough to make his lip bleed and for him to puncture holes deep enough for him to feel his top teeth crushing his bottom teeth and vice versa. After the pain stopped he opened his eyes and noticed that his eyesight had perfect vision. He turned to Kakashi who raised his eyebrows at his new eyes. Kakashi knew that Naruto would accept Sasuke's eyes like he did to Obito but he didn't expect that the Sharingan would change.

"Naruto you actually have your own Sharingan" Naruto looked at him like as if he had a second head.

"No I don't. This is Sasuke's sharingan"

"No Naruto, yours has a different design. I think that since you have the Juubi within you, he changed the sharingan to make it personal for you since I'm guessing he made the sharingan"

"Damn straight"

"Alright let's go back to Konoha" Kakashi nodded his head, however when they both turned to leave they heard voices.

"We come here since we thought Kakashi had died from whatever that bright light hit and we find out that it's the demon brat" Naruto turned his head towards the back of him and saw the Konoha villagers. He couldn't wrap his mind around it. Weren't these the same villagers that praised him when he defeated Pein, weren't these the same villagers that expressed their worries over him when the war happened.

"Hey everyone, he's probably thinking about our sudden change of attitude" All the villagers laughed at him.

"Well I'll tell you demon, we never gave a fuck about you. The time when everyone was sad for you when you found out Jiraiya died, we secretly bathed in your sadness. The time when we cheered for you when you killed the one that attacked our village, we did it out of fear and we secretly blamed you for the deaths of our loved ones and the destruction of our home. The time when we were saying to comeback safe when war broke out? We were praying that you would die in the battlefield" Naruto and Kakashi were shocked at the villagers. After Naruto had sacrificed nearly everything for his village, they still see him as the Kyuubi.

"You fucking idiots" All eyes turned towards Kakashi. All the villagers backed up when they felt his K.I going over them.

"YOU FUCKING RETARDS! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT NARUTO! HE HAS DONE EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HIM? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ANBU TAKE THESE PEOPLE AND EXECU-" He didn't get to finish as his head blew up. Naruto's eyes widened when he saw Kakashi slump backwards onto his own brain mater. He looked up to see his sensei's murderer and saw...

"Sakura?" Sakura looked at him with nothing but hate.

"You... You were supposed to die... WHY DIDN'T YOU DIE?! WHY DID SASUKE HAVE TO DIE IN YOUR PLACE?! WHY YOU DEMON BASTARD?!" Naruto was shocked. His friend and teammate didn't really give a shit for him. She only cared for the emo brooding cocksucker and would go to the extreme for him. She was really extreme since she just blew Kakashi's head off.

"What's the matter demon? Everyone that cared for you is dead now" The villagers in front moved out of the way to show Naruto something he didn't want to see. Hinata, Neji, Lee, Kiba, Choji, Tenten, Teuchi, Ayame and Iruka were dead, killed by the villagers. Naruto noticed that some of his friends weren't there and tried to feel their chakra. What he found shocked him again. He found Shikamaru, Shino, Ino, Yamato, Anko, Ibiki, Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon, Ebisu and Kurenai in a cell with chakra suppression tags placed all over them. They looked like they hadn't eaten for days. He couldn't find Tsunade and looked at the battlefield where the five kages fought Madara. He saw Tsunade died, crushed in half by a giant root.

"Why?" That was all that could come out of his mouth.

"Because you're a demon and we have to get rid of all the demon lovers in our village"

At this, Naruto only saw red. He risked his life for them and this is how they treat him and his friends? Well no more. Never has Naruto felt so angry, never has he felt so betrayed and never has he felt so... alone. He grabbed Kakashi and placed him in a scroll, he then turned his gaze towards the villagers and his chakra suddenly spike. Kyuubi, seeing what was happening wanted to kill the villagers even more than before. He now cared for his host and seeing him getting betrayed felt that he needed to kill something... real bad. Naruto felt a tailed beast ball come up and opened his mouth. He heard their screams saying to stop and shouts saying that they should kill him now before he attacked. He expected a barren wasteland, corpses, moaning from pain and screams. However he did not expect his sharingan to Kamui him. Feeling his body going to another dimension, he shot his attack before going into the new dimension lest he wanted to be responsible for unwanted deaths and damage. The ball flew and hit dead centre in the mob. He smirked as he heard their screams and faded from the world.

-Elsewhere in the other dimension-

An old man sat behind his desk wondering if something weird was going to happen. He wore a Japanese robe. He had a white pony tail on his bald head reaching down his back. His earlobes were down to his shoulders and had earrings on them, however his eyebrows, beard and head shape stood out the most. His eyebrows were way bushier than Gai's or Lee's and his beard was long. As he was about to fall asleep he felt a large power headed towards the world tree. The world tree was a giant tree that had magic in it. However it wasn't the power this intruder had, no it was the demonic power it held that made him jump. He looked out the window and hoped that the teachers and students would be able to defeat whatever it was.

-Near the World Tree-

Three girls were running towards where they felt the demon was. One girl had black hair; the right side of her face had bangs coming down while her left side was tied in a pony tail. She was wearing a maroon vest with a white shirt and a ribbon underneath; she was also wearing a matching skirt. In her hand she carried a nodachi. She was called Setsuna Sakurazaki. Next to her a dark skinned girl that looked older than Setsuna, had black hair and was carrying a sniper rifle. She was called Mana Tatsumiya. On the other side of Setsuna was a light brown haired girl. She was squinting her eyes so much that it looked like her eyes were closed. She like the other two wore the maroon vest, white shirt and matching skirt. Her name was Kaede Nagase.

When the three got to the world tree they were surprised when they saw a blonde teen. However that was not what was surprising about him. It was the fact that he was covered in blood... and the demonic energy coming from him. The froze when they saw him start to move. He opened his eyes and looked at the three girls. He blinked once... twice... three times. He opened his mouth.

"Umm, hi?"