Naruto sat in a chair reading a book while taking a few glances at a nervous Eva that sat opposite of him. He had never seen the small vampire every nervous during his time in Mahora. He came to visit her since he was bored and wanted to train in her resort. She had shot him down and tried to force him to leave, but being the stubborn bastard that he was, he ended up staying much to her annoyance. Chachamaru came in the room and served Eva some tea; he could see that she was shitting her pants by the way her hands were shaking; if she wasn't careful, she could break that expensive looking cup. Sighing, Naruto closed his book and decided to ask.

"What the hell are you nervous about?" Eva swiveled her head fast enough that Naruto thought he heard a few bones cracking.

"What am I nervous about? What am I nervous about?! I'll tell you why I'm so fucking nervous! My sister is coming to fucking visit me!" Eva yelled out, surprising him as he had never heard her curse.

"So it's your sister, what's the big deal...? Wait, you have a sister?" That was news to him and maybe everyone on the campus, but then again, she hardly talked about her past.

"Yes I have a sister and the big deal is that I haven't seen her in years and I don't know what she'll say about me!"

"I'm sure she won't be so judgmental about you" This calmed her down a bit only for it to come back with a vengeance when they heard the door knock.

"Kya!" Eva shouted out as she realized who it must be at the door.

"Idiot! Do I look okay?! Is my hair messy?! Do I have bad breath?!" Eva fired out as she backed Naruto into a corner.

"Eva-chan, calm down! Jeez, I didn't know that you actually cared about your looks..." Eva glared hard at him, causing him to shrink. He may be a powerful ninja that can easily match Eva, but he was still deathly afraid of the look that women give.

"Y-you look fine" He squeaked out as he started to sweat as her gaze still hadn't left him.

"Good... Now... I'm going to answer... the... door..." The last few words came out in a whisper as she was slightly afraid about who was on the other side.

"Welp, I'm going to leave it to you, so I'll be in the kitchen" Naruto told her as he bolted his ass into the kitchen and away from her sight. Chachamaru was still standing there as she held onto the tray with tea with her having a confused look.

"Master, do you want me to answer the door?" This snapped Eva out of her funk.

"Ah! No, no, no, no! I'll answer the door" Walking towards the door, she steeled herself at what was about to come. Taking a deep breath, she put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

"Welcome onee-sama!" Eva greeted her sister moving out of the way to let her in.

"Jeez, how long were you going to make me stand out there, hm?"

"Ah, sorry" Her sister made her way in the cottage, followed by two other people. The first was a grey-haired woman with braids that framed her face that had two green bows in it, grey eyes and was wearing a European styled maid outfit along with the white headband on top of her head. The other newcomer was...

"Idiot?! I thought you were in the kitchen?!" Eva yelled out. Naruto raised a brow at her.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" She choked out a noise that threatened to come out of her throat caused by him. Looking him over, she noticed that he was wearing entirely different clothes than before. He wore a black shirt with white on the edges with matching pants. He wore a black haori over it. Peeking behind him, she saw what seemed to be black vampire-like wings on his back, however, his wings were not normal wings as they seemed to be made entirely out of what seemed to be darkness or shadows; the wings seemed like they were absorbing the light around him as it was a bit darker where he was than where her sister was.

"Nevermind, come in, come in" She gestured with her hand. Naruto nodded and made his way and sat on the chair next to Eva's sister. The maid stood to the side of them. Eva made her way back to them and sat opposite of them with Chachamaru next to her also.

"So, this is your house...? It seems that you have hung around that doll otaku for too long haven't you?" Her sister teased her. Eva blushed at that as she looked around her house.

"Also, it seems you've also gotten a maid. Copying your dear onee-sama are we?" Her blush deepened at that. She couldn't really look after herself after having a maid all of her life.

"Ne, Eva-chan, why do you have nothing in the fridge?" A voice called out in the kitchen. Eva's eyes widened at Naruto's voice. She looked at the one currently sitting in the chair and saw that he was slightly surprised by the voice too.

"Hm, Eva, hm? Going by a different name now are we...? Also, who's the boy? Why'd he call you 'Eva-chan', hm...? He sounds familiar actually..." Her sister said, as she put a hand over her mouth and thought. Naruto came out of the kitchen and saw the people in the room. He spotted what looked like Eva's sister and noticed how old she looked.

'She looks like another lolicon...' Walking over, Naruto greeted the guests, not noticing the fact that another him was right next to him. The other Naruto just looked at him in total surprise.

"You must be Eva-chan's sister. I'm Naruto Namikaze" He held his hand out in. The girl got the message and shook his hand.

"Yes, I know who you are. My name is Remilia Scarlet and the maid is Sakuya Izayoi. The person next to me is Naruto Namikaze" Naruto's mind stopped at that. Slowly looking towards his side, he saw another Naruto staring right back at him.

"Aaah... Hi?" Naruto waved at himself uneasily. Ignoring what was happening with the two idiots, Eva and Remilia got back to talking.

"So, you changed your name? Not only that but your look also? I mean, you grew your hair longer, changed your eye color, and also, your personality and name is different too" Remilia listed off the changes that Eva underwent. The fact that Eva had changed her name caught Naruto's attention.

"She changed her name? What was her name before?" Remilia smirked as Eva paled. If he heard her old name, he would tease her to death about how weird it sounded.

"Her name was Flandre Scarlet"

"Flandre? What kind of name is Flandre?" Eva got pissed and launched herself at him when she heard him laugh.

"I'll kill you, you bastard!" Remilia looked amused at the sight of her younger sister attempting to choke Naruto. Sakuya cracked a small smile also while the other Naruto smirked at his other's pain. Only Chachamaru stayed stoic.

"Flan, weren't you going to show me your resort?" Remilia decided that Naruto had suffered enough and wanted to see what her sister had told her about. Eva stopped what she was doing and dropped Naruto's head on the floor.

"Ah, right! Follow me!" She said as she took off to the resort, leaving the two Naruto's in the room. Naruto coughed as he tried to get his neck back to normal while the other just looked at him, still amused. After getting back to normal, the two Naruto's stared at each other.



"Hey... Wanna spar?" Naruto grinned at the question.


"Follow me then!" The two took off to the resort.


Eva was showing her sister her resort when they all felt the ground shaking violently. They ran to a window and saw in the distance, the two Naruto's were busy fighting against each other. The two sisters growled in frustration.

"I am going to kill the idiot" They both growled out.

Okay, so this was actually thought up on the spot. I wasn't actually planning on doing this but something went off in my head when I started playing Touhou and I was like 'Jeez, why do the vampires have to look around 10. Eva kinda looks like Flan with longer hair and different eye color... Wait a minute...' So that's how this omake was made. Hope you enjoy.