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Klaus was the first one to move. He lifted his hand to her face, and traced her cheek gently with his knuckle.

"I could not stop thinking about you since yesterday." He whispered.

Caroline felt her skin burn at his touch, and she shivered at his words. She smiled, but did not say a word.

Klaus smiled. "Please speak." He whispered, lowering his head to hers.

Caroline's breath hitched. "What would you like me to say?" She whispered breathlessly.

Klaus shrugged. "Anything, Caroline" He replied, still stroking her face.

Caroline raised her hand to the hand on her face, and gently grasped it.

"I thought about you too, my lord." She whispered, never leaving his eyes.

Klaus felt a warmth feeling fill his heart at her words, and his train of thought went out the window. "Please call me Klaus, or Nik."

"I cannot, my lord." Caroline protested, and tried to force herself to step away, but found she could not move.

Klaus smiled. "We are alone, Caroline, and I have given strict orders for no one to disturb me. I promise no harm will come to you, my dear Caroline."

Caroline stroked his hand, and sighed. "You are the third person to request this of me." She stated.

Klaus smiled again. "Let me guess, Stefan and my sister."

Caroline let out a small laugh, and Klaus found himself entranced with the sound once more.

"Yes, my…Klaus." She stuttered slightly, not realizing her words created a possession.

Klaus smiled once more at the meaning, but did not say a word about it to her.

"I find myself entranced by your laughter, my dear." He whispered with small laugh in his tone.

Caroline covered her mouth with her free hand, for her other hand was still captured by his. "My apologies," She stated with a slight hint of fear.

Klaus raised his other free hand and grasped the one covering her mouth. "There is nothing to fear, my darling. I adore your laugh. I heard it for the first time this morning."

Caroline tilted her head. "This morning" She inquired.

Klaus nodded. "You were outside on the balcony, I do not know why, but you were twirling around and you began to laugh. I became entranced by your laughter. I wanted to hear more; it was the most magical sound I have ever heard in my life."

Caroline blushed at his words. "Thank you, Klaus." She whispered.

"No, it is I who should be thanking you." He whispered, bringing her hands to his lips, and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

Caroline's blush deepened, and her heart began to pound in her ears.

Klaus lowered her hands, but never let go of them. "Would you care to see the gardens?"

"It is no longer light out, Klaus." Caroline replied with disappointment.

Klaus shrugged. "How about we visit it in the morning?" He asked with hope.

Caroline's face lit up at the prospect of seeing him in the morning. Klaus felt his heart swell with joy at the thought that he had caused her light to come through.

"I would be delighted to accompany you." Caroline answered with a hint of happiness.

Klaus smiled and again brushed her face with back of his hand.

"Then I shall look forward to tomorrow, my darling Caroline." Klaus replied, giving her hands another kiss, and giving her a bow.

Caroline returned the bow, and turned to go. "Until tomorrow, my lord" She replied, and gave him one last look before leaving the room and the man who had stolen her heart with a single moment.

Klaus watched her leave and rubbed his hands together, trying to keep the feeling of her hands in his memory. He smiled at the feelings she awakened in him. She was the first woman, who had ever brought these feelings to light, and he knew at that moment he wanted her to be with him forever, and tomorrow he was going to find out if she felt the same.


Caroline smiled, and held her hands to her face, still remembering the feel of his hands in hers.

"I take it went well." Rebekah asked, with a smile.

Caroline nodded. "He asked me to accompany him to the gardens in the morning."

Rebekah stepped towards her, and tucked her arm through Caroline's and they continued to walk to Caroline's room.

"I could not be happier, Caroline. My brother has chosen well."

"He has not picked me yet, my lady." Caroline replied.

"Please call me Rebekah, Caroline, and I have told you, you have made an impression on my brother. I have no doubt he will pick you. After tomorrow, he will decide."

"I thought the rest of the girls will have a chance with the King." Caroline asked, hoping for the right answer.

Rebekah's laugh gave Caroline more hope. "Darling, if my brother picks you tomorrow, the other girls will not matter. We will give them a substantial reward for coming, and send them home."

Caroline nodded. "Would you want him to pick me?" She asked, looking down at the ground.

Rebekah stopped and turned to face Caroline. "I want what is best for my brother, and meeting you, dear Caroline, has shown me that you are in fact the one for my brother. You make my brother happy, and to tell you the truth, you feel like a sister to me." Rebekah added with a smile.

Caroline smiled back, and the next move surprised them both. Caroline stepped forward, and wrapped her arms around Rebekah, and gave her a hug. Rebekah was stunned at first, but recovered, and hugged back.

"You feel like a sister to me as well, Rebekah." Caroline whispered in Rebekah's ear.

She pulled back, and gave her another smile before entering her room, before closing the door, she whispered. "Good night, Rebekah."

Rebekah smiled. "Good night, Caroline, good luck tomorrow." She whispered back.

Caroline nodded and smiled again, as she closed her door.

Rebekah nodded, and turned to return to her room, before running into a very familiar chest.

"Stefan, you startled me." Rebekah replied breathlessly.

Stefan frowned. "I am sorry, my lady. I was just coming to check on the lady Caroline before going to your brother."

Rebekah nodded, her hope dying. "She just turned in for the night."

"I take it her meeting with your brother went well."

"I am sure he will tell you all about it when you go to see him." Rebekah replied coyly.

Stefan fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"He asked her for a stroll through the gardens in the morning." She finally informed him with a cross of her arms, and a roll of her eyes.

Stefan nodded, and let out a chuckle at her stance.

Rebekah felt shivers roll down her spine at the sound.

"This is wonderful news." Stefan replied.

Rebekah nodded. "Yes, it is." She stated, and began to walk to her room.

Stefan let out a sigh, and followed her.

"Rebekah," He called out, quietly.

Rebekah turned at her door, and looked at him. "What is it, Stefan?" She asked.

He did not say a word as he approached her. He silently let out a plea, that she would not reject him. He reached up and grasped her face in his hands, and leaned down. Rebekah held her breath as she waited for his lips. When he finally touched his lips to hers, Rebekah let out a small moan. The contact was sweet, so sweet. She was completely lost in the feel, but as soon as she moved her hands to his chest, he stepped back. With his hands still on her face, he gently rubbed her cheeks and finally her lips. Her hands were still on his chest, and she felt, for the first time, his rock hard chest.

"Good night, Rebekah" Stefan whispered, softly.

Rebekah gazed into his eyes, and nodded. "Good night, Stefan." She whispered back.

Stefan smiled, and leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes in satisfaction.

Stefan stepped back. "I will see you in the morning, my lady."

Rebekah sighed with happiness. "Until tomorrow, my lord" She returned.

Stefan bowed, and headed down the hall to the library.

Rebekah entered her room and sighed against the door, with so much glee.

"He finally kissed me." She whispered into the dark. She wanted to shout it out into the world, but she satisfied with running to her bed and jumping on top.

"He kissed me." She whispered again with a smile as she drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the man who had stolen her heart completely with only a kiss.


"I just kissed your sister." Stefan replied in a stunned voice.

Klaus raised his brows in amusement. "It is about time." He responded with an amused smile.

Stefan ran his hands thru his hair.

"It is not the end of the world, brother." Klaus replied.

Stefan placed his hand over his mouth, and felt his lips tingle with remembrance. "I do not know what to do." He stated.

Klaus stepped towards him, and placed his hand on Stefan's shoulder. "Well, if you are asking for permission to court my sister, you already have my blessing." He replied, earnestly.

Stefan looked at Klaus and smiled. "Thank you, brother." He replied.

Klaus smiled and nodded. "Besides, if I did not give you permission, Rebekah would hound me until my dying day." Klaus joked.

Stefan laughed and nodded. "She certainly would."

Klaus laughed, and turned towards the window. The moon would be full tomorrow, and legend always stated love happens in the magic of the moonlight.

"Speaking of women, thinking of Caroline are you not?" Stefan replied, coming up beside Klaus.

Klaus sighed. "It shows." He asked, looking at the sky.

Stefan nodded. "Yes, brother, it shows." He paused, looking out into the night. "Rebekah told me about your invitation."

Klaus smiled. "I suspect she cornered Caroline after she left."

Stefan chuckled. "She did. I think Rebekah has taken a shine to her. I overheard her calling Caroline her sister."

Klaus lowered his head. "I believe I am falling for her, Stefan."

"That is good, though is it not?" Stefan asked.

Klaus nodded. "Yes, it is good, but I do not want to force her into this relationship."

Stefan sighed. "Klaus, you do not have to worry about that, from what I witnessed, she feels the same way about you."

"I hope you are right, Stefan. I hope you are right." Klaus whispered.

"I know I am; besides you have tomorrow."

Klaus nodded. Stefan was right. He had tomorrow; that was his problem. He had to wait for tomorrow.

~Caroline's room~

Caroline had changed into her night clothes, and was about to crawl into the bed, but once again the outside beckoned her.

She smiled as she opened the balcony doors, and stepped outside into the cool night air. She looked up at the moon and realized tomorrow it would be full. The night of magic, her mom used to say. Anything could happen on a full night.

Caroline smiled and leaned against the railing as she looked at the stars. The sky was so clear so she could see the constellations. She found the brightest one, and closed her eyes to make a wish. Her whole life had been filled with dreams and wishes, and she never gave hope one day they would come true.

Just like before, Klaus watched her from afar. He had entered his balcony to take in the clear night sky. He had looked down to see Caroline come outside. Even in the moonlight she was breathtaking.

He watched as she leaned against the railing and the moon beams highlighted her blonde hair to perfection. She looked like an angel, a perfect angel.

Klaus smiled and leaned against his railing and noticed her lips were moving and her eyes were closed. She was making a wish. Klaus' chest clinched in his chest.

He had made a lot of wishes in his youth, and the only one to ever come true was when Stefan arrived. He had wished for a savior against his father. That was the only wish he ever received, until now. Caroline could be another answer to his wishes, someone to love and love him in return.

He watched as Caroline stood up and smiled into the night, and turned back into her room. Once she was gone, he looked up at the sky, and wished that tomorrow would be the answer to his dreams.

He sighed as he went back into his room and went to bed. He closed his eyes and that night he dreamed of a golden haired angel whose laughter filled his heart and soul.

Caroline smiled as she snuggled into the covers. "Goodnight, Klaus. I cannot wait until tomorrow."

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