1. there are serious curse words mentioned a few times in the first two chapters, so that's why it's rated pg-13. The rating may seem ridiculous, but I'm seen five year olds curse at me like hell. The cursing however, I don't like that much and is added for effect and if eased off at the third chapter on.

2. It's smart to read the little 'author's notes' and disclaimers. Disclaimers I have made FUN! Oh yeah! That's utterly amazing! And (A/N)'s are useful, please, I'm being earnest. You know the Importance of Being Earnest, right? (Baaaaaaad pun)

3. Hey hey, it's another SEVERITUS CHALLENGER! (namely me)

4. You should try being nice and thoughtful, and all that other nice garbage by leaving a review. Curse at me if you want. Any response is perfectly fine.

5. Hey hey! Story can be affected by your responses, depends how I feel, grouchy, grouchier, grouchiest!

6. I'm just a really sarcastic person, if you are offended *bow* I am most regretful of my actions...NOT!