Self Analysis

Okay, so the story actually turned out pretty well although I'm sure that none of my readers had expected the ending I had in store for them. Although I had alot of problems writing. There was that long long gap where I had writer's block and my problem is that I simply had too many plot lines.

It's amazing that I even managed to tie everything up neatly enough. But signs of my story deteriorating was when Aranel first made her appearance and when Harry realized he had Snape as his dad. My plot lines were:

1. Severitus challenge. Harry is Snape's son, has a physical change, Lupin must also appear in fic.

2. Aranel, Snape's daughter. Big gap between those two because of her being sent away at a young age.

3. The deal with the Flashbacks and Lindsay, that ties with Aranel and Harry.

4. Kate. Everyone thought 'what the hell is this? This isn't a Severitus fanfic!' And mostly it isn't, the top plot line was Kate's whole experience and effect on Snape.

5. The occamy was a little disgusting, I mushed it up alot. But it was still a major plot line where evil takes form. Harry had to destroy this foe and he was...way too easy.

More problems: people saw that there wasn't enough HP trio action going on. I just thought that too much wasn't needed in this fanfic because it was a mostly Kate and Snape story. Sorry. But I did add the Weasley's for humor. And humor they did hand out.

Spelling errors, I'm mostly a very good typist, but when one types quickly in the middle of the night, there are always a few minor errors, such as this run on sentence right here. Betas, yes I know are very helpful, but I'm squeamish about showing a pre-lim story to another person. I like to keep everything to myself. However, I may think of taking up a Beta-reader sometimes. Sorry, no part time pay. lol

One last thing to emphasize. I KNOW THAT THIS WASN'T SUCH A HARDCORE SEVERITUS STORY! Hey man! *waves to Severitus* That was a secondary plot line and all others besides this one and Kate's were just groundwork to fool around with. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Flames are too, although I've never gotten one before, I suspect all of them go: "You suck ass!" And well...that's just retarded, but whatever.

Ciao! Until Next time!