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Ch. 1

Only those with excellent social standing and come from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time at the elite private school Ouran Academy.

Currently taking place at Ouran Academy was a ball sponsored by its very own host club. The Ouran Host Club is where the school's most handsomest boys who have way too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. It is pretty much an elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful. Now let take a look at our host club to see whats going on shall we.

A pair of doors burst open two boys carrying another ran inside quickly closing the door.

"You two didn't have to be so forceful." 'The Natural Host' Haruhi said as he (Or rather she) was drop into a chair.

"Don't worry about that. Now go get changed." said an auburn head teen Hikaru handing Haruhi a dress, before Hikaru's twin Kaoru (Together they are the Devil Twins) and a 'The Quiet Type' Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka pushed her into a dressing room.

"A little accident towards the end of the night might the night more exciting." Kyoya 'The Cool host' said. "And remember Haruhi, it's only 20 minutes until the party reaches its climax. Suzushima is waiting for you in the classroom across the hall."

Once inside Haruhi changing immediately. She slips on the pink dress and high heels. She straightens her dress, her hands fall on a necklace that hung around her slim neck.

The necklace was simple, the pendent itself was shape like a slice of pizza with the inner edges where jagged the outside edge was round. A small H decorated the inside of the piece, a simple but sturdy black string wrap held it together. This necklace was one of three, her best friends held the other two. Haruhi began stroking the pendent reminiscing about them.

Flashback Begin (you know what that means white swirlyness [I know not a word but who cares my story speaking of which lets get back to.])

10 years ago

It was cool spring morning and five year old Haruhi Fujioka was playing in the local park. It has been six months since her mother Kotoko Fujioka has passed on. Little Haruhi went and sat on one of the swings. Soon tears began falling down from her eyes, dropping onto her skirt.

"Are you okay," somebody said with broken Japanese, lil' Haru looks up.

She sees two kids one boy and girl about her age hand in hand 'Foreigners' Haruhi thought looking at their pale skin. They both had short brown hair Haruhi guess that they were twins because they look exactly the same, the only way she could tell the difference was by their eyes the boy had bright blue eyes like the ocean while the girl had light sky blue eyes. Another way to tell the difference was the way they dress the boy was wearing a plan white shirt and tan shorts, while the girl wore black shirt with grey skirt.

Haruhi wipe her eyes with her arms, "Yea I am okay."

"Whats wrong?" the girl asks in perfect Japanese.

"My mommy died," Lil Haru said tear threating to fall again.

"Oh," the boy said looking down, "here," he said releasing his hand from the girls and digging in his pockets fishing out a handkerchief which he passed to Haruhi.

"Sorry," the girl said as Lil' Haruhi wipe her eyes and blew her nose.

"Thank you," Haruhi said when she was finished, "Sorry for dirtying your handkerchief."

"It is okay, that is what is for yes." The brown haired boy said.

The girl looks at Haruhi and spoke, "The name Samantha Johnson, but you can call me Sam. This-," Sam said pointing at the boy, "is my twin brother Kyle." The girl cross her arms and proudly stated, "I am the better twin."

"Hey, no you not," the boy, Kyle cried out puffing his cheeks.

"Oh yea, I can speak Japanese better than you can."

"That don't mean you better than me,"

"Does too,"

"Does not,"

"Does too,"

"Does not," The argument was stop by some giggling. The twins turn to see that is was Haruhi which cause them do the same.

"What your name?" Kyle asks when he recovered.

"Haruhi, Haruhi Fujioka," Haru said then added, "Your sister right her Japanese is way better than yours."

Kyle began to pout, "I can understand it. It's just that speaking is hard." Haruhi giggle and went over and patted Kyle on the head. "Hey, I am not a d-d-dog." Kyle mock complain turning away hiding the small blush.

"Come on let's play," Sam cried out running towards some slides. The other two following close behind.

As the day wore on the three children play around building bonds of friendship that would last forever. Finally the sky was showing a beautiful shade of midnight blue, streaked with layers of muted purple, flamboyant orange, with a splash of pink and red, and a hint of yellow. The sun long began retreating into the earth. The kids were sitting on a bench panting.

"Wont-" Kyle started

"-your daddy-" Sam continued

"-be worried about you?" They both finished

Haruhi shook her head. "Daddy let me come here. He knew that I didn't want him to see me cry." She said softly, "What about you guys?

"Yuki let us," Kyle said.

"Daddy and Mommy is busy with work." Said Sam


"Yea, she is our maid," Kyle said he immediately widen his eyes and look down, "Dang it Kyle,"


"We didn't-"

"-want you to know-"

"-we were rich."

"Why?" Haruhi asks curiously.

"Because people treat us different we just want to be normal," Kyle said taking an interest in his shoes.

"Yea, you are the first real friend we ever had, please don't leave us." Sam begs.

Haruhi got off the bench, Sam and Kyle look at Haruhi wide eyed which quickly turn to shock when Haru wrap them in a hug. "Of course I'll be your friend," Haruhi said and then she released them, "I don't care if your family is rich, you two are the only friends I have." They all shared a hug.

"Ha~ru~hi," a voice rung out, "Time to go," the children turn to see Haruhi's…father. What they saw was a brown hair feministic looking person wearing white t-shirt with a dark green jacket and blue jeans.

"Who is that," Kyle whispers

Haruhi sighs, "That is my father"

"He is weird" Sam whispers.

"I know"

"Haruhi, who are these adorable children? Are they friends of yours?" Haruhi's father asks when he got close to them.

"Yes sir, my name is Kyle Johnson and this is my twin sister Samantha Johnson Mr. Fujioka." Kyle spoke up with his best attempt in Japanese, he grabs his sister's hand.

"Awww you two are so adorable." Haruhi's fathers cooed clamping his hand together, "Please call me Ranka."

"Master Kyle, Mistress Sam it is time to go." A young raven hair woman calls out wearing a maid outfit. "Okay Yuki," Kyle and Sam said in unison, "It was nice meeting you Mr. Ranka. I hope to see you tomorrow Haruhi." The twins said giving a small bow before leaving.

Since that fateful day when they met, all three of them would meet each other every day until school started, and then they would meet on Friday evening when school let out. They were the closest friends anybody could be and nothing could ever separate them, Kyle and Haruhi grew especially close. Time flew past whenever those three were together. Before they knew it, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. As time flow on the bond between the three friends grew stronger. Then one day Haruhi started middle school. That Friday she waited at the park like always excited to tell the twins about her new school. But this time only Sam showed up.

"Ru-Ru-Chan," Sam called out using her nickname for Haruhi.

"Where is Kyle?"

"He at the house waiting for us, so come on," Sam said tugging at Haruhi.

The group ran towards the limo that was park outside the park. A man waited near the car. He was clad in a black suit and a white shirt beneath. His black tie was fastened neatly around his neck and a pair of oval sunglasses blocked his eyes. "Ah, hello to you Ms. Fujioka," the driver Mr. Takashi said with a bow as he open the door.

"So shall we go?" Mr. Takashi ask when was inside. His passengers gave a nod, "Okay then buckled up and then we will be off." As the limo drove to town Haruhi and Sam were conversing, "So why didn't Kyle come with you?" Haruhi asks, Sam started fidgeting, "Sam?"

"Kyle and I are leaving Japan tomorrow for a boarding school in England."

"Wha-? Why?" a shock brunette asks.

"We are going to learn how to run Dad's company."

Haruhi's eye started watering, "Don't worry Haruhi we'll talk about it at the house okay." Sam passes a hanky to Haruhi who wipe her face before returning it. "Now smile Ru-Ru-chan. We can't let Kyle see you upset now can we." Haruhi gave a smile and a blush before turning to the window, to see a mansion, no matter how many times she would see it, the sheer size of it would always catch her off guard. It was practically a palace!

After a few more moments the limousine came to a halt. Sam and Haruhi unbuckled their seatbelt, just in time for the door to open and Mr. Takashi to say "Mistress, Ms. Fujioka, we have arrived."

They both stepped out of the car, thanking Mr. Takashi once again as the door closed behind them. "Come on, Ru-Ru-chan, let's go." Sam said running up the stairs Haruhi running behind her towards the gargantuan mahogany doors.

"Haruhi! Over here! Let's go to my room." Kyle called waving and smiling as Haruhi and Sam ran up to him.

"She knows Kyle," Sam said as the reach Kyle room

"Oh, I see" Kyle sadly looking at the ground.

"So… so I won't be able to see you guys ever again?" she whispered as a lone tear fell from her eye.

"NO! No, no…" Kyle shouted in denial, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a comforting hug Sam following soon after.

"We'll be back, I… I promise." he continued, as he raised one of his hands to stroke at her soft silky hair.

"It wouldn't be the same without you guys." Haruhi whispered harshly as her tears soaked the front of Kyle's shirt.

"Well duh." Sam said releasing from the hug, "I mean come on who do you know that is cool as us." Sam said crossing her arms. She smirked, "Oh and Kyle you can let go of Haru-chan now." Kyle and Haruhi separated from their hug turning away their tomato faces from the grinning Twin.

"You guys are leaving so soon though…" Haruhi said sadly.

"Yea." Sam breathed.

"Kyle, Sam, I'm going to miss you guys so much." Haruhi said shutting her eyes tightly.

"We're going to miss you too Haruhi." Sam said giving her another hug.

"How long can you stay today?" Kyle asked.

"8." Lil'Haru hiccuped. Peering down at the clock, Kyle could feel his heart drop at what time it was. 'It is already 7.45. 'Damn it that leaves less than 15 minutes. Shit' he thought

"Fifteen minutes…" Sam said sighing letting go of Haruhi.

"That's too short…" Haruhi murmured.

An idea hit twins at the same time. Look at each other smiling then turning towards Haruhi.

"Haruhi." Sam said.

"hm?" she replied as she looked at him.

"How about-"

"-we have-"

-a sleepover?" the twins said.

Haruhi blushed. "A Sl-sleepover?" she shrieked. They nodded excitedly.

"I'm not really sure if my father will allow it… you remember him right? He's really…" she trailed off.

"weird." He finished.

"Stylish." Sam said earning a look from the other two, "What its true."

"Alright, I'll ask. But… where's the…" she trailed off.

"Phone." Kyle said as he fished out his phone from his front jeans pocket and gently threw it to her. She caught it, she flipped it open and started to dial the numbers to her house. Sam ran to get some clothes and to let Yuki know about the plans.

As Haruhi called her house, Kyle grabs some sleepwear and went to the bathroom to change. 'I hope Haruhi can sleepover I really like her and I want to spend more time with her. I know father won't approve, but maybe if I do perfect at school and prove to him that I am capable maybe he will overlook the fact that Haruhi is well…normal' Kyle thought with hope as he change 'Yea' and with a smile Kyle left the bathroom.

"Kyle." Haruhi called.

"Huh?" he replied, turning his attention to her.

"My father would like to speak to you." she said worriedly.

"Oh…" he trailed off; with a gulp he took the phone from her grasp.

"Hello?" Ranka greeted.

"Yes, hello. Mr. Fujioka, it's me Johnson Kyle." He said politely.

"Yes, it is my understanding that my little Haruhi wishes to spend the night at your place?" He inquired.

"Yes sir, it was my suggestion. You see, we'll be leaving for England tomorrow and we, my sister and I, wanted to spend more time with Haruhi since she's our closest and only friend." He replied.

"Oh, that soo adorable!" Ranka squealed, causing Kyle to question the man sanity, and wonders how Haruhi can deal with this man, "Alright, Haruhi can sleepover, but no funny business from you got that!" Haruhi's father said in a demonic tone and Kyle gulped.

"Sir Yes sir, you have to worry about a thing sir." He nervously said.

"Aw you're really so cute when you're so polite!" her father gushed again.

"Sir would you like to talk to Haruhi?" asked Kyle; really wanting to put as much distance between him and his phone right now.

"Ah okay and Kyle-kun," Haruhi's father said hurriedly.

"Yes?" Kyle responded.

"Remember call me Ranka!" Haruhi's father suggested.

"Yes Ranka-san." Kyle replied.

"I hope that you and your sister can continue to make my little Haruhi happy." Kyle could imagine him smiling on the other line. He turns to look over at Haruhi who was exploring around his room. "We will. I promise." He said softly.

"Alright. I'd like to meet you tomorrow at the airport. Is it alright?" her father asked hesitantly.

"Yes sir, I'll see you then sir." Kyle said.

"Great. May I speak to Haruhi?" he asked.

Kyle handed the phone back to Haruhi who bid her father farewell and snap his phone shut.

"Here" She handed him his phone. Just then Sam burst thought the door along with Yuki and grab Haruhi and ran into the bathroom leaving a dumbstruck Kyle. There was a knock on the door a maid stepped in, curtsied, and announced that dinner was ready. Kyle gave a nod as the maid left the room.

The bathroom door open and out step Sam, then Yuki right behind them came. Kyle was stunned. Haruhi wore a light blue dress that brought out her eyes.


"Toldcha he would like it." Sam said smirking.

"You look very beautiful Ms. Fujioka." Yuki said.

"Yea you look….wow." Kyle said not able to take his eyes off of her.

"It just a dress," Haruhi said turning around to hid the blush that had crept up to her face.

"Hey Kyle did someone come in,"

"Yea, uh dinners ready." Kyle said who couldn't take his eyes off of the piece of art that was standing in front of him.

After the pleasant dinner, Haruhi thanked happily. "Thank you for the dinner! It was absolutely delicious!" she beamed as she kept on bowing.

"Haruhi-Chan, it's alright. When we come back from school, we can get together and have another meal together and you can eat all you want." Sam said, "We'll even get some fancy tuna for you." For a slight second, Haruhi started drooling at the prospect of eating fancy tuna. After embarrassingly removing the drool from her face, all three of them retired to Kyle's bedroom.

The next morning, the both of them were woken up by the maids. They got ready and before they knew it, they were at the airport's departure hall.

"So… this is it huh…" Haruhi said softly as she looked to the ground.

"Yeah, we're gonna miss you Haruhi." Sam sighed

"Kyle-kun, Sam-chan when will you be coming back?" asked Ranka.

"A few years hopefully, but we will come back sir." Kyle said determinately. There was some silence before a voice called out.

"Young masters! It is almost time to board the plane!" Yuki hollered the twins turned, and waved signaling to give them a minute. He turned back around and faces Haruhi and her father. "Bye sir, bye Haruhi." they said sadly.

"Bye Kyle-kun Sam-chan." Ranka grinned.

"Bye guys." Haruhi whispered as she gave them a tight hug that they both returned. They broke apart and Kyle dug into his pockets and pulled out three black velvet boxes, handing one to his sister, Haruhi and keeping the other one. "Open them," he commanded them. When they did so, they pulled out a necklace. The necklaces looks like comer pieces with the inner edges being jagged and in the center of the triangle pendants was the letter H for Haruhi, K for Kyle, and S for Sam.

"What are these for?" Haruhi ask putting hers on.

"Is this what you got in the mail yesterday?" Sam said doing the same.

"Yea, come here," Kyle said. When the three of the where close enough Kyle held his pendant out the other two follow him. When all three pieces connected they form a perfect circle. "This way no matter where we are we will always remember each other, and remember the bond that we share."

"Ahawww that so sweet," Ranka squealed hugging Kyle who lit up like red 4th of July firecracker.

"Well, I have a gift for you also Ru-Ru-chan" Sam said taking a pink box out of her bag. "Here, you go. Open it when you reach home. Be very careful with it." she smiled as she handed it to Haruhi. Suddenly Sam face lit up and she smile mischievously. She went over to where her twin was and whispers something into his ear. Kyle looks at his twin like she grew a second head and before he could say anything to her she was already talking to Ranka.

"Haruhi." he whispered and she turned around, her eyes flew open the second she did so.

She felt something warm and soft on her lips it tasted like strawberries, and she stared at Kyle's face on hers. His eyes were closed and had a hint of pink on cheeks. Then, it finally clicked in her head.

She was being kissed by Kyle.

She stood there, frozen on the spot, until finally she gives in to the kiss.

After what seemed for an hour, Kyle pulled away; his face was a whole new shade of red. She immediately missed the feeling of his lips on hers.

"So-sorry Haruhi I…..I…" he panicked as he looked at her. "I-it's alright…" she couldn't help but stutter. Her lips were tingling so much and her legs felt shaky. She then pulls Kyle into another kiss. When she released him her face copied his.

"Well Haruhi we have to go," Sam said, pulling Haruhi into one last hug, "Don't worry I'll keep the girls away from him, but you got to promise me that you tell him how you feel when we get back okay." She whispers into her ears, Haruhi have told how she felt about Kyle some time ago. Sam pulls out of the hug and giving a small wink she plants a small kiss on her lips. Pulling back and giggling at wide eyed Haruhi, Sam turns grabbing a shell shock Kyle, "Come on Romeo,"

The twin turns around, and waved to Haruhi one last time. She wave back watching them disappearing into the crowd.

The trip back home was quiet for the two member of the Fujioka family.

"So," Ranka started looking at his daughter, "how was it?"

"How was what?" Haruhi gave her dad questionable look.

"Oh don't play with me," Ranka said with a hint of amusement, "the kiss and I am not talking about the one that Sam-chan, the one that you and Kyle-kun shared."

"Wha-How did you?" Haruhi asks stammering.

"You can't hide something that juicy from me so how was it."

Haruhi looks at the ground, and mumble something

"Hmm what was the Ha~ru~hi," Ranka sang

"It tasted like strawberries," Haruhi said blushing madly.

"Hmph, Well then, he better hurry up and comeback and take responsibility then." Ranka said crossing his arms, "I won't have an unhonorably son-in-law. So until he proves himself otherwise, I won't accept him." he stated with finality striking a pose.

"Dad," Haruhi cried out in embarrassment.

When Haruhi finally made it home she sat down on her bed. Her father had already gone to work. Sighing, she looked at the wrapped box in her hands. Gently, tearing the paper apart, she gasped. It was a laptop. It had a beautiful metallic silver cover with the words 'Haruhi' printed in Japanese and English, on the center in black. She quickly turned it on.

As she waited for it to turn on, she study all of the buttons, and plug ins. She looks at the screen and a tear slid down her cheek as a huge grin reached her face. The wallpaper was a picture of her, Sam, and Kyle. The twins arm was wrap around her shoulders both giving a peace sign with their other hand. All of them us smiling at the camera, a medium size chocolate cake stood at the bottom of the picture. She remembered this picture. It was taken last year at her house to celebrate her birthday. They bought her a cake and they went to her house to celebrate. It was then when she found out about her true feelings for Kyle.

She turns to the window putting a hand on her necklaces and looking up to the clear sky.

"Come back soon you guys." She whispered. "Especially you Kyle because when you do… I'll… I'll tell you how I really feel about you."

She would tell him that she loved him.

Flashback End

All of those memories came rushing back to her a small tear trickled down her cheek.

"Haruhi you finish yet," Kaoru called

"Yea, hang on." Haruhi answered whipping away the tear, and giving on last look at her necklace before tucking it away and stepping though the currents.

[Later that Night]

"Tonight's host club dance queen is…" Hikaru started.

"… Princess Kasugasaki Kanako!" his exact look-a-like, Kaoru, who was on the left announced. The crowd of girls erupted into cheers and applause from the balconies as everybody looked down at the happy couple standing below them.

"Well then, the blessing kiss from the king…" the orange haired twin started again.

"Oh! My time has come eh?" the blonde narcissist standing between them spoke as he stroked a pose. He was Tamaki Suoh the 'King' of the host club.

"…has now been changed. The kiss will come from our natural host, Fujioka Haruhi!" his doppelganger grinned mischievously.

"HEY!" the blonde yelled in surprise as the brunette next to him froze. "Because Kyoya-sempai said, 'an accident at the end will make things more exciting." The twins said in unison as they shrugged.

The girl, Ms. Kasugasaki Kanako, looked up at her fiancé in panic. He just smiled and patted her shoulder.

"It's just on the cheek right? Go get it, it can be a memory for you graduating from host wandering." he assured her with his gentle smile.

"This is going too far…" Haruhi stated unhappily.

"I'll cut your debt by a third." Kyoya spoke from a few feet away, his pen tapping against his clipboard as he wrote down some notes. The statement got Haruhi's attention and a frown creased her, I mean, his forehead. His, her well you know what I mean.

"Oh well, it's just the cheek." she quickly said as she stepped down the snowy white steps, down to the open space in the middle of the school. The light pink cherry blossom petals one by one floated down above them, creating a magical and beautiful ambiance.

"Hey hey! Could it be that this is Haru-Chan's first kiss?" Honey asked, putting a finger to his lower lip, Tamaki couldn't help but let out a yell of panic.

"WHAT?" he shrieked before breaking free from his orange haired doppelganger captors who were holding his arms and running forward to stop the brunette who was about to kiss the queen of that night's dance.

"Hold that kiss!" he yelled as he made a jump for them. However, being the idiot brained king that the host club knew him for, he slipped on a banana peel, and accidentally pushed the brunette's back, causing the brunette to give Ms. Kasugasaki Kanako from what was supposed to be a kiss on her cheek, to a kiss on her lips. The both of them pulled back almost immediately as gasps could be heard throughout the school, and the blonde idiot could do nothing but stare dumbfounded at his accident. From the sidelines, the rest of the host club members smiled in satisfaction while the girls had mixed emotions. Some were holding their handkerchiefs and crying whereas some had hearts in their eyes, squealing at the natural Host.

Ms. Kasugasaki Kanako blushed and looked up worriedly at her fiancé who could do nothing but give her a reassuring smile. The brunette just sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time that day before walking back to the balcony with the idiot blonde next to her, pale as a bed sheet.

The other host club members declared the dance officially over and everybody went home, while the host club members retreated to their sanctuary, the third music room, to rest.

"Haruhi! Daddy is so sorry! Daddy didn't mean to make you lose your first kiss! FORGIVE ME" the blonde king yelled in Haruhi's ear, giving the poor girl a bone crushing hug.

"Alright! I forgive you! Please, can you keep quiet now…" she sighed as she glared at Tamaki.

"Yay! My daughter forgives me!" he cheered as he released her. He processed to jumped up spinning around like a five year old child who was just praised.

"Besides, I already had my first kiss." Haruhi plainly as she shrugged, a light blush tinting her cheeks. The rest of the occupants in the room froze.

The silence was broken with a "WHAT?" coming from Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru who yelled in her face.

"Eh? You already had your first kiss Haru-Chan? Was your first kiss from a boy?" asked Honey who was eating cake with Mori (Well he just sat there stoic as always).

"Yeah it was." her blush darkening a small smile creased her lips.

"My daughter! Tell me! Tell your father who that man who forced a kiss on you was! I will scoured the entire world for him and then kill him!" Tamaki shrieked as he started to shake his 'daughter' again.

"Hey King, she's turning blue." The twins stated as they pointed to the cross-dressing girl in Tamaki's arms. Tamaki apologized again as he dropped her down on the sofa.

"So then that was your second kiss huh Haruhi?" asked Kyoya typing way on his laptop.

"Of course! She already lost her first kiss she can possibly lose her seco-" Tamaki's rant was interrupted by Haruhi's response.

"Actually, that was my fourth kiss." She pointed out, "first two where with a boy and the last two were with a girl." A cold front swept through the entire room freezing the occupants again.


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