The Talk with Harry

The Avengers saw themselves much sooner than they thought they would. At Stark Tower Tony and Bruce worked together to make it easier for their demigod friend to come to Earth easier and safely. All of them had been off doing whatever it was that they wanted or needed to do. Bruce stayed with Tony and Harry in New York. He thought there would be more problems because of Tony's playful nature.

Though it came as a huge surprise to the scientist to realize how much people misjudged Tony. The way Tony acted in front of camera and in front of people was very different to how he acted at home with his son. Sure there was a lot of playfulness and tons of banter but never anything dangerous.

Tony seemed a bit cautious of him at times, but Bruce knew it wasn't for normal reasons like the rest of the world. Both of the Stark boys found the Other Guy interesting instead of frightening. Harry would keep him company and loved to hang out with Bruce. The little kid didn't understand science like Tony did at his age but he found it fascinating nonetheless. Compared to all that running and hiding Bruce was used to doing, making simple and fun science experiments with Harry was a very fun change.

Physically Tony trusted Bruce with Harry but the scientist knew that he was being closely monitored by the other genius when he was alone with Harry. Once when a small fire broke out because of an experiment, Tony who had been 'working on his own experiment', reached them in under 30 seconds. Panting and out of breath with a fire extinguisher.

Tony had asked Harry about his encounter with The Hulk and much to Bruce's spirits Harry doesn't feel any amount of fear for him. Though he believes he should. Not that Bruce wants Harry to be scared of him, no, no one would ever want that, but he wanted Harry to have some sense of self preservation when he was around the scientist and more importantly, when around The Other Guy.

Though cautious, Tony was still a slave to his curious nature and wondered about the effect Harry supposedly had over the Green Rage Monster. Though it was one of the few things he ever let himself remain curious about. There was no way on Earth, Heaven, or Hell that he was ever going to let Harry be used in any sort of experiment, especially one as dangerous as that.

They saw everyone again on Harry's birthday. Even though none of the magical ones actually visited, tons of presents appeared magically in Harry's room. Natasha and Clint arrived early in the morning, claiming to be around the city and just decided to stop by. Though they each brought at least three gifts each. Clint got him a child's starter bow with arrows, some high tech binoculars, and the latest new video game for the Xbox 360. Natasha got him a best toy dart gun any toy store could offer, a telescope that matched Clint's binoculars, and a necklace with a bright green stone attached to it from one of her travels.

(She and Tony shared a brief conversation that went like this: "So after you killed like what? 50 men you stopped at the local tourist spot and picked this out?"

"Hm...maybe. But you'll be happy to know that the stone has a GPS signal inside of it. And the thread that encircles his neck feels his heart rate. If he's ever endangered or feels panicked it sends a signal to this. Happy early birthday Stark" Natasha said and handed him a small phone like device.

"You have one too, don't you?" Tony asked.


"Yeah, sort of. I don't like you knowing where he is at all times." Tony said seriously.

With a look that Tony never thought he'd see on Natasha, she replied, "I just need to know he's safe." It was the most to vulnerable as Natasha will ever get, Tony assumed. There was guilt in her eyes and Tony assumed that she never wanted to feel like that again, especially over Harry. He may be just a kid, but he has this immediate compulsion over you.)

Steve arrived later in the day with an aviator jacket and a bike with a small license plate with Harry's name on it. Steve also promised that when Harry was old enough he'd start him out on a motocross bike and then maybe get him an old Harley. Harry was so excited as he rode circles around them with glee. Steve told Harry though that he had to make Tony promise not to steal his idea. With his green doe like eyes, Tony held out as much as he could, but eventually gave in. Steve might have taken motorcycles but Tony would give Harry the best, most awesome, newest or most classical cars his son wanted.

When Bruce had offered to watch over Harry while Tony went to sign some papers for Pepper but didn't want to take Harry because he had a small cold, they watched How To Train Your Dragon and Harry really liked Toothless. So Bruce bought a stuffed animal to give to Harry but in the lab converted one of Harry's many bikes into a Toothless replica. It had a motor and a hover sequence so Harry could ride or glide around on his very own life Toothless model. (With Tony's permission and Harry insistence, the two scientist made it go faster after the first day. It seemed Harry was born to be in the sky.)

Thor came a week later because he was still busy in Asgard. From his princely duties to trying to help his brother. Though he still remembered to bring a gift for Harry. He got Harry a compass that foretold the weather and reminded him of celestial events.

Harry's room and part of the living room was covered with gifts Tony had gotten for Harry. There was a range of different things; from a science kit, a new set of mystery books, a detectives kit, a bunch of toys, video games, and other things.

Aside from Harry's birthday they saw each other once more at the schedules 6 month evaluation Fury and Kingsley deemed necessary. It was a way to keep tabs on Harry and his condition but also the Avengers. Kingsley and Fury wanted someone to visit Harry daily and prep him but Tony was very adamant about Harry's upbringing. When he asked Ginny Weasley about it she told him that children start school at eleven and everything else he could just learn from books. Tony then made it clear that he'll allow visitation every two weeks. They argued for long hours but Tony made it very clear that Harry will never be a weapon and they should stop trying to make it so.

After enough personalities clashing and Tony dragging his feet they came to more of an understanding. Harry's the main priority and they agreed that they want him to be ready for anything but wouldn't make him out to be a weapon.

So six months later Tony, Bruce, and Harry arrive on the Helcarrier. They've rebuilt S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters but preferred to have this meeting up in the sky. It was more private and easier for Thor to arrive.

They were greeted by Natasha and Clint when they got there. Natasha was only there to greet them because she was very busy and said she'd see them later. Clint told Bruce that there was something their scientist wanted him to look at before the hearing, so they went on their way.

The meeting wasn't just to see how Harry was doing, but also how the Avengers were managing. Meaning that the meeting wouldn't begin until all of the Avenger members assembled. While they waited for the two blondes of the team Tony decided he better meet up with Fury and Kingsley to make sure he knew the topics before hand and not be surprised with any curve balls.

Tony leaned down to Harry's eye level and said, "I need to go talk with Fury and Kingsley, champ. Please wait here and don't wonder off, m'kay?"

Harry nodded and said, "Okay. Don't take long though. This place is boring."

Tony smiled, "You got it bud."

Harry watched as Tony walked into the meeting room and saw the door closed behind him. He sighed and leaned against the wall. He was already bored. He had no toys to play with, his dad had his phone, there weren't even any windows for him to look out of. With a pout and another five minutes Harry looked back and forth and decided to go look for a window at least.

He walked a couple of hallways but there was nothing but walls and doors, no windows. He walked pasted the door that Bruce and Clint had gone by and heard their voices from the other side. They were talking about some boring stuff but then some other stuff he didn't understand. After a minute Harry got bored and decided to explore some more. Harry frowned and was about to turn back after a few more hallways when a voice stopped him, "Still curious I see."

Turning to see the very tall Asgardian, Harry smiled, "Mr. Odinson!"

"Please young one, you may refer to me by my birth name. Call me Thor if you so wish," Thor said with a smile as Harry ran to hug him. He was mindful when he hugged back and even ruffled Harry's hair when they separated.

Harry smiled at him and replied, "Okay, but only if you call me Harry too. None of that young Stark stuff."

Thor chuckled and nodded, "Tis a deal Harry. Now pray tell me, what art thou doing wondering the halls of this metal contraption unsupervised. I assume the man of iron will not be pleased."

"Well...he doesn't know. He went to talk with Mr. Fury and Mr. Kingsley but it was taking a long time and I got bored." Harry explained.

Thor continued to smile at Harry, "I understand young Harry, but tis dangerous for you to be wondering alone. Do none of the agents here question it?"

Harry shrugged, "No one's stopped me yet."

"Well, let us find the return to where the man of iron is, alright? They must be looking for everyone soon," Thor said as he gestured to the way.

"The only one left is Mr. Rogers. Agent Coulson has gone to fetch him," Harry replied.

"Ah yes. I saw them arriving shortly after I arrived," Thor said.

"Oh, okay. Lets go." Harry and Thor walked back in silence. When they reached the conference room, it was still closed so they continued waited outside.

"How's Loki?" Harry asked in a hushed voiced.

Thor sighed, "Tis very challenging young one. In both making my people and himself see that he is still good. Unfortunately I cannot do much until he accepts my help."

Harry placed a comforting hand on Thor's arm, "Don't give up. I'm sure you'll do it someday."

Thor smiled slightly, "I have much faith in my brother and great belief in his redemption. Mostly because he bares your gift."

"Really?" Harry asked with wide, surprised eyes.

"Aye. He scoffed when I first presented it to him but when I visited him once more he was wearing it upon his wrist." Thor answered.

"I'm sorry I can't do more," Harry apologized.

"Do not fret young Harry. You have done more than anyone else and more than others believe it necessary. The fact that my brother accepted your gift and knowing the story that gift brings, tis more than I can ask for." Thor said.

"Harry? Thor?"

The two named looked down the hallway and saw Steve walking towards them with Coulson and Natasha. Harry ran to Steve's opened arms as the super soldier held him.

"Careful Rogers. Harry doesn't let Stark hold him much anymore. If he sees you, he might get jealous," Natasha said with a smirk.

"I'm his godfather. I have some rights, right Har?" Steve asked the little brunette.

Harry giggled and nodded.

"How long have you been here?" Steve asked.

"Awhile," Harry said with a pout, "It's so boring!"

Natasha and Steve smiled at Harry's improvement. When they first met him he was very shy and careful of what he said. Almost afraid that he'd be taken or punished for something he said. Now he was more verbal and outgoing.

"I bet. Have any plans for afterward?" Steve asked he placed Harry on the floor.

"Dad said we were gonna stop by and visit Kevin. Then maybe go for ice cream. Wanna come with us?" Harry asked as he took Steve's hand and walked back to where Thor was waiting.

"Love to," Steve replied.

"You're coming too right Ms. Romanoff? You too, right Agent Coulson?" Harry asked the agents.

"Sorry Harry. I have plenty of work to do. Maybe next time," Coulson replied.

"'s always next time with you," Harry whined. Coulson had come often to speak with Bruce and Tony on Avenger business and to Harry about his adjustments. Coulson was basically doing double the work but he didn't mind. He really was a fan of Harry Potter as much as he was of Captain America. The fact that he got a bit of the responsibility to raise him was more than his fan boy heart could take.

Coulson smiled politely like he always did and ruffled Harry's hair, "Next time I visit I promise to stay longer and play with you as long as you like."

"Really?" Harry asked with his big green doe eyes.


Harry smiled brightly and stood in front of Natasha. He's gotten passed the shyness with her and likes it when she visits. She gives him tips on how to be sneaky, "You're coming though, right?"

"I assume Clint is invited as well?" Natasha asked and Harry nodded, "Then naturally. Someone has to be there to make sure he doesn't over do it with the ice cream. The last thing we need is a master marksman on a sugar high."

The group laughed as Clint and Bruce appeared, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," Natasha said as both her and Coulson schooled their features. Harry held back a giggle while Thor and Steve just smiled.

Clint was about to insist when the door opened and Tony poked his head out, "Oh good. You're all here. Come on, let's get this over with."

He extended his hand out to Harry, who easily took it, and led the group inside where Fury, Hill, and Kingsley were already waiting in a round table.

The meeting itself was pretty standard. The expected questions asked to Harry and Tony: How was Harry adjusting? Where there any abnormal burst of magic? Was there anything off with his memories? Was he still able to speak with Sully?

Then they went to the group in general. They asked Tony about his development with the Arc Reactor technology. They asked Bruce how his adjustment was going in Stark Tower and if there was anything new with the Other guy.

They reported to Thor that there wasn't any changes in the world. No alien invasions, no unnatural other worldly magic, and definitely no weapon making that would attract anyone from another world.

Thor reported about Loki's hearing and a few words from Odin in regard to what happened on Earth and his comings and goings.

About 20 minutes into the meeting there was a lull in the conversation. After they finished questioning him Harry had gotten oddly quiet. He has been very questioning lately, so it was a bit odd. So many questions would pop into his head and he'd ask his dad, who always knew the answer.(Why was the sky blue? What made the grass green? Does the light in the fridge go out when the door is closed? How do they make green jello green?)

Before the meeting started everyone was served a cup of coffee, knowing the topics of the meeting, they knew they'd need it. During this lull of the conversation many had decided that perfect time to take a sip.(e.i. Hill, Bruce, Steve, Coulson, and Tony.)

Harry then decided his curiosity couldn't wait any longer, "Daddy? Where do babies come from?"

Bruce and Steve spit out their coffee, Coulson and Hill silently choked on theirs, while Tony was having a loud choking episode. Clint, sitting next to Tony and being perfectly fine, helped by patting Tony on the back while smirking like an idiot. When Tony calmed down he still had a 'deer caught in headlights' expression on his face as he looked bewildered at his son.

"Well?" Harry pried.

"Um...well...uh..." Tony blinked and tried to speak but for the first time in his life just couldn't form the words.

"What's this? The great and powerful Iron Man is afraid to speak with a child?" Clint snickers.

Tony turned to glare at the marksman and hissed, "Shut up or I'll make you talk with him!"

Clint paled slightly and raised his hands in surrender. Tony sat up straight and adjusted his tie. Clearing his throat he tried again but failed. It only made it harder to know that everyone there was just watching him.

Thor leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and chuckled, "Mortals make the biggest of deals over the silliest of things. What is so complicated in explaining the matters of life?"

"Then maybe you'd like to explain things," Clint told the god of thunder.

"I don't think that's the best course of action."

"Maybe someone else should do it."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

Coulson, Bruce, and Steve spoke at once while Natasha and Maria nodded in agreement.

Fury and Kingsley just laid back and watched the scene unfold in front of them. This is definitely better than paper work.

Thor sat up in his chair and raised an eyebrow of confusion to his friends and teammates. "What is the harm if I explain the matters of life to young Harry?"

"Nothing Thor. It's, something a parent should do," Steve answered.

Thor nodded but then looked at Tony who was still pale and wide eyed, "But it seems as if the man of iron isn't certain on how to proceed."

"Is anyone going to answer my question?" Harry asked innocently as he looked at the grown ups around the table. Then those innocently green doe like eyes landed once more on the God of Thunder and asked, "Well?"

Thor looked at Harry and wavered, "Perhaps the captain is correct. This is a matter between a growing child and his father. Besides, I believe tis a bit early for such information to fall upon ears so young."

Tony perked up at that and nodded furiously, "Right. Too right. Too young. Later champ. Besides we have much much much more to discuss. Then we don't have time because we're going to visit Kevin and go for ice cream and you still need to call Pepper and-"

"Stark, breathe," Natasha reminded him.

"Right," Tony said as he took a deep breath.

"Okay," Harry agreed and Tony visibly deflated with relief.

"I still wanna know though," Harry said and crossed his arms in an attempt to look serious. If he wasn't so cute, he could pass as menacing.

"W-where did this come from champ?" Tony asked instead. Maybe he was a bit lenient with television. He should remind Jarvis to place in the child block. Or maybe a book or magazine?

"I over heard Mr. Barton talking with Dr. Banner. He said that he found a lady so fucking hot he was considering putting a baby in her."

Tony turned the full force of his glare onto Clint while Hill and Natasha took turns glaring at Bruce and Clint.

"He did, did he?" Tony all but snarled.

Clint gulped and started looking for his means of escape.

Kingsley sat back and watched the scene unfold in silent amusement. This was WAY better than being holed up in his office all day doing paperwork. Hell...he just might stop by more often, if things were going to be like this all the time!

"Coulson, why don't you take Harry to get a snack or something. He no longer has to be here," Tony said eerily calm.

"Right..." Coulson said as he stood and gestured for Harry, "Come along Harry."

"Uh...I'll come with you. I could use some more coffee," Steve said and got up as fast as he could. He could feel the tension from the women alone and knew it was going to be bad.

"I think I'll go as well," Thor said and followed the other blonde.

" too," Bruce tried but Tony glared at him.

"What's the rush doctor? There's still plenty to talk about. And remember, you also speak my English." Tony said with a fierce look that told the doctor he wasn't going anywhere. He reluctantly sat back down.

"Uh...Tony...maybe you should let the doc by with a warning? Sides, he was just a listener," Steve said.

"...fine. But we are still having a talk later!" Tony said as Bruce quickly got out of his seat and left the room.

"Did I get Mr. Barton in trouble?" Harry asked.

"Nah...they just need to discuss some super secret spy stuff," Steve answered as they left the room.

"Sure?" Harry asked.

"Positive. Now come on Harry. We have fresh donuts in the kitchen." Coulson said.

"If you're sure," Harry said though he sounded very worried.

Thor went up to Harry and offered a smile, "How would you like another round a flying before your snack?"

"Really?" Harry asked excitedly, and immediately distracted.

"Of course," Thor replied as he lifted Harry into his arms.

" be careful," Coulson said.

"I wouldn't dare think of letting harm come to young Harry. And I have done this before Son of Coul. Ready Harry?" Thor said and the young wizard nodded. Together they went off to the closest opening they could find.

Steve turned to Coulson and asked seriously, "They aren't going to kill him are they? I mean...Tony's capable of anything when it comes to Harry and his safety."

"A lot of people on this ship are capable of anything when it comes to Harry and his safety." Bruce added.

"Though I agree completely, I believe Mr. Barton will come out walking. Not unharmed, but alive. At the very least the fact that he's the best marksman we have will make Director Fury step in eventually." Coulson replied.

This is long over due. Sorry it took so long.

I would like to thank DustBunnyQueen who basically co-wrote this with me. I plan for this to be a two-shot. This is the set up for Harry curiosity. The next chapter will be the Avengers actually trying to answer Harry's question.

As for the actual Man of Iron, Father of Gold sequel. I'm still working out the bugs and holes in the plot. I mean, if there's a bad guy, I have no idea who I should make that be. Or should it be merely fluff, redeeming Loki, somewhat of a super family, some seriously emotional stuff?

I'm working on it though, promise. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this story.