The Talk With Harry

Chapter Two: Happy and the Stork


Happy was in the kitchen bright and early like he was every Monday. He was one of the very few people on the planet that were morning Monday people. Every time he came to the tower his first destination is always the kitchen. If Mr. Stark isn't there trying to make something for Harry, or looking up something new for them to try, that meant that he was in his lab and would soon need some fuel. On his way to the tower Happy stopped by his boss's favorite donut shop and picked up some of his and Harry's favorites. Before he tried to deliver part of the fuel he also needed to make his boss's ever beloved coffee.

It was then that a sullen Harry walked into the kitchen. This was completely out of the norm for the child. Harry was usually very bright and upbeat, even in the most rainiest days. There was a frown on his face, his eye brows were furrowed, and he was dragging his feet.

Making sure the coffee maker was brewing his boss's favorite drink, he was going to to find out why the little man was brooding.

"Good morning Harry," Happy greeted.

Sitting in his normal chair, Harry looked up at Happy and said, "Morning Uncle Happy."

"Hm...not a good morning then. What happened champ? Usually you're more upbeat. Did something happened at the meeting?" Happy asked. It was the only reason why Harry would be so saddened and Tony not being in the same room making outlandish promises to try to cheer him up. Obviously something happened that upset both of the Stark men.

"Well, not exactly. I mean, I don't think so. It was real boring at first because there was lots of waiting. Then it was more boring because they were talking about boring stuff. They kept asking about my magic and if anything happened. Then they weren't even talking about me and I was so bored!" Harry complained as a heavy pout made it to his features as he crossed his arms.

Happy sat across from Harry and smirked before dryly saying, "Sounds boring."

Harry nodded, "So while they discussed all that boring adult stuff I got to thinking. There are lots of questions that I don't know the answers to and like asking my dad or Dr. Banner. So I was thinking some more, just like dad."

Happy smiled at that. Even though Harry didn't possess the same Stark genius like Tony or Howard, he was still a very curious kid with really good question. Those great questions came with the fact that Harry was very observing.

"Then what happened?" Happy asked.

"Well before the meeting started, like I said I was bored, so I went to do some exploring. While trying to find a window to look out of I passed a door and listened to the people because it was Dr. Banner, Mr. Barton, and some other agents." Harry explained.

"Okay. So did they mentioned something that made you think?" Happy guessed that was where this was going.

"Yes. But then I ran into Mr. Thor, he said I could call him by his first name now, and I got distracted. I didn't remember until the meeting. I waited until no one was talking so I wouldn't be rude and asked but no one answered my question! Then when the meeting was over I got even more distracted! Mr. Thor took me flying around the carrier, then we had yummy donuts and Uncle Steve told us about some of his travels and Mr. Thor told us about his home, which is really cool!

"At first agent Coulson said he couldn't go with us because he had lots of work to do, but Ms. Romanoff said she would because Mr. Barton was also invited and she needed to make sure he didn't eat too much ice cream. So then dad came out and said we were all taking the jet back to get ice cream. But instead of Ms. Romanoff and Mr. Barton coming it was dad, me, Uncle Steve, Mr. Thor, Dr. Banner, and Mr. Coulson. I got a huge sundae and shared it with my dad. It was the first time Mr. Thor had had ice cream and I told him about the first time I had ice cream. I remember because it was the first time I met Pepper. Do you remember Uncle Happy?"

"Well of course I remember. It was a double chocolate sundae with hot fudge, whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate chips." Happy recited out of memory. He, Pepper, and obviously Tony remember every single detail of Harry's likes and dislikes.

Harry smiled at Happy and then continued with his story, "So after the ice cream and stories, we went to visit Kevin."

"How is Kevin?" Happy asked.

"He's good. The care taker daddy hired said that him and his girlfriend, Juniper might have babies sometime in the future," Harry said with a smile.

Happy chuckled, "Well looks like you might be a godfather yourself someday."

Harry giggled but then sobered up and said, "But with all the fun and stuff no one ever answered my question."

"Well...I may not be as smart as your dad, but then again who is, right? Ask away and maybe I can answer it," Happy said as he got up to look for Tony's favorite coffee mug.

"Where do babies come from?"

Happy dropped one of the mugs he was holding and it shattered on impact with the floor.

"You okay Uncle Happy?" Harry asked as he got out of his chair and stepped closer.

"Don't worry about this. Just stay there. I don't want you to cut yourself," Happy said as he cleaned up the mess. When he was done he walked back to the table and sat down. His posture was straight and he folded his hands in front of him. "So your father didn't answer your question?"


"And you want me to answer it?"


"Um...okay. Well...I once asked the same question to my parents so I'll tell you what they told me. Deal?" Happy asked as he used a napkin to wipe away some of the sweat from his forehead.

"Okay deal," Harry replied with a smile.

"The Stork," Happy said plainly.

"The Stork?" Harry echoed.

"Yes the Stork. It's a white and powerful bird who has long legs and a long beak. He delivers babies to the rightful parents when it's time," Happy said and stood up.

"That's how the babies get to the parents. Where do babies come from?" Harry asked.

"Um...well, you see. It is believed that the souls of the babies to be born are in bodies of water like lakes, marshes, and ponds. All places that Storks can be seen. It's says when the parents are ready the baby's soul makes itself known to the Stork and the Stork delivers the baby to its new parents and-"

The was a clash of thunder that usually meant that Thor had arrived.

"Well will you look at that. Mr. Odinson is here. Why don't you go meet him while I take this coffee to your dad. You know how he gets when he's low on coffee," Happy said as he scrambled off. He couldn't get away fast enough.

"Wait! I still have questions!" Harry yelled but Happy had stepped through the door and it closed behind him.

Harry pouted but then shook his head, "Maybe Mr. Odinson will answer my question. He did volunteer at the meeting after all."

I was originally going to make this a two-shot. But the way it was coming out it would have taken me so long to complete this if I placed everyone in one chapter. So instead everyone will get their own chapter. Some might be longer than others. Some will be cute, some will be funny, and others will be fluffy, as I explore all the baby myths out there that I grew up on. As a kid watching those MGM cartoons, the Stork was a classic one.

As you see, Thor is next. I'll need to be very creative to come up with an Asgardian tale of where babies come from. I'll look into some Norse Mythology and see if I find something.

Oh! And before I go...I believe some of you will be a tiny bit glad to know that...I finally wrote the first chapter for the Man of Iron, Father of Gold sequel. You's not big deal really. It'll be called "Disparity by Magic". Right now I have someone looking over it and hopefully it will be posted soon.