The Talk With Harry

Chapter Seven: Steve and the Internet

Harry had pieced together most of the story at this point. Babies came from two people. A mother who carries the baby in her tummy until the baby is old enough to survive in the world, and a father who give his 'genetic sample' to the woman for the baby to be created in the first place. It took a lot of hunting down, some pouting, and even some tears but finally his daddy told him about the genetic samples. The child is something from both the mother and the father, and it's those something's that the parents have to give. His daddy said it was like a puzzle and when the daddy's puzzle piece fits with the mommy's puzzle piece, the picture of the baby is clear.

When Harry thanked all of the grown ups for their stories, all of the grown ups felt a sense of relief, not none more than Tony. He hated the idea of his little Harry growing up and facing the trouble of the real world, and couldn't be more thankful that Harry had finally stopped asking. They celebrated with a trip to Disney Land.

Of course on Harry's insistence, they were all to go. Only Coulson managed to get away because of his work, but the others weren't so lucky. Though it was mostly Bruce, Loki and Natasha who tried not to go.

Loki dreaded the idea of being around so many wild children, Bruce didn't want to be around crowds either but only because of the Other Guy. Natasha found it really childish but with both puppy pouts from both Clint and Harry, she couldn't resist.

Tony had offered to pay the park so they could have the entire park for themselves but Harry talked him out of it. He said that he wanted the whole experience, and that meant being around other families. Speaking of other families, it wouldn't be fair to those who took so long to plan it, for a big powerful business guy to ruin what was a hard earned family vacation.

They struggled a bit but ultimately it was the fun that the commercials promised. Thor and Clint took Harry on every ride they could get on. Steve, Tony and Natasha helped with the games and won Harry a lot of prizes. Bruce was more than happy to take pictures, hold their things, and bring them food as he tagged along and watched Harry face light up with glee. Even Loki had fun and was amused at the delighted experience young Harry had gone through, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone.

All the plane ride home, all Harry did was talk animatedly about his time with his family. When he was all tuckered out, Tony cradled him and held him until they got home.

When they did, Harry retold his stories to Happy, Pepper, and Coulson. He showed them his prizes, the souvenirs, and the pictures of the day.

About a week after their trip to Disney Land Harry was still enamored with the Happiest Place on Earth. But he learned from Happy that there were other theme parks too. He was fond of Six Flags himself, being a big fan of Bugs Bunny. When Harry asked about Six Flags Happy explained that Disney Land had Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck while Six Flags had Loony Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Immediately, Harry wanted to do some research on the park, especially when Happy told him about their Fright Fest. In honor of Halloween, all the characters dressed up, there would be iconic monsters there, some zombies and other fun decorations. The water rides would have water painted blood red, and they had the yummiest Halloween themed treats!

Harry really wanted to go to Six Flags and Octorberfest. And he wanted some information on it and went in search for it.

Unfortunately his daddy had forbidden him from going on the internet without any adult supervision and everyone was either at work, or busy doing their own thing.

He didn't want to interrupt Dr. Banner because he remembered hearing him and his daddy talk and he said he was in the middle of a big project. Pepper described scientist to be like artist, and their experiments were like works of art. The scientists worked really hard on them and to those with the eye for it, thought it was beautiful. So Dr. Banner was out of the question.

His dad and Pepper were out too because they needed to do the boring paper work for his dad's company. They would be back around dinner time and that was still too far away.

Steve, Natasha, and Clint were at S.H.I.E.L.D with Coulson and the rest doing whatever it is that they do, and Mr. Thor was off visiting Ms. Jane.

And since all adults were busy, that meant that Loki was also at S.H.I.E.L.D being monitored until one of the Avengers became free to 'babysit' him. Why they needed to do that was beyond Harry's understanding.

Harry worked on his own little projects while he waited for others to come back home. He read some of his books, finally finished his 500 piece puzzle, and even drew a picture of his family. He was so proud of it, he decided he would go hang it on the fridge with some of the others.

On his way to the kitchen that they all used, Harry passed the living room and saw a laptop on the couch. He paused for a moment and thought about it. All he was going to do was look up the Fright Fest for Six Flags. It would just take a moment.

Harry ran to the kitchen and proudly placed his picture on there with a colorful magnet before going back to the living room and opening up the laptop.

As he typed into the URL other suggestions came up. When Harry accidentally clicked on one of those he arrived at an odd website full of naked people doing some odd things.

Harry closed the laptop and furrowed his brow. He heard doors open and closed as his family arrived for dinner. He heard his dad call out to him and the others heading to the kitchen.

Harry ran to the bathroom to wash up for dinner and then ran back to the living room for the laptop. When he entered the kitchen the adults were all helping set the table. They didn't notice him so he placed the laptop on the table, opened it up, and pressed the space bar, which made the video on the site start playing.

At hearing the panting, groans, and moans on the video the Avengers turned around so fast some of them could have gotten backlash. Dishes were dropped and broken on impact with the floor. Pots and containers fell and food was scattered everywhere. Glasses were also dropped and it's contents spilled.

There was silence as the Avengers stared wide eyed at laptop and then at Harry.

Harry though, wasn't phased and merely asked, "What are they doing?"

It was Clint who acted first and snapped the laptop shut; stopping the video and it's inappropriate noises. He was also the first to find his voice, "What were you doing on there?"

"I was looking up information on Fright Fest at Six Flags but I clicked on another website suggestion instead by mistake. I ended up there. There were lots of people there naked and they were doing lots of stuff. What were they doing?" Harry repeated his question.

Natasha looked at Tony and if there was ever a time to fear Iron Man, it was now. She pulled herself together and smiled gently at Harry, "That's for another time sweetheart. Right now you need to come with me."

"But it's dinner time," Harry said.

"Yes but Pepper asked about you today and I thought we could go give her a call before we eat," Natasha said suggestively.

Harry perked up at the idea of talking with Pepper and nodded. Natasha smiled and walked Harry out of the room. She turned back and have Clint a look that said 'good luck'.

The other Avengers just stood there quietly and waited for the inevitable to happen.

"Whose computer is that?" Tony ground out, he was visibly shaking in anger but trying reallyhard to control himself.

Steve cleared his throat. "Uh...that would be mine..." He said while blushing madly.

Tony turned to Steve with a shocked look on his face. "You?!" He asked incredulously.

"I can explain!" Steve yelped.

Tony quirked an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

"My computer was on the fritz and I took it to Geek Squad to get it fixed. They must have removed the child lock and didn't tell me!" Steve said.

"Right. And why not bring it to me if it was on the fritz?" Tony asked skeptically.

"Because you would have called me some form of 'technology deficient' and then berated and teased me endlessly about breaking everything I touch and not knowing a computer from a a coaster." Steve admitted.

"What I want to know is, why you have porn on your computer." Clint said slyly, happy that for once HE was innocent. The smirk on his face could not be big enough.

"I do not believe tis the right time for this Eye of Hawk," Thor said tentatively.

"I disagree. It's like the mortals say dear brother, no time like the present," Loki said a smirk of his own. His magic could practically feel the chaos in Tony's mind and it was glorious!

"Yeah, listen to your brother Thor," Clint added with a nod.

Bruce sighed and said, "I think we should just cancel dinner together for tonight. Have something delivered to each of us. And we can give Tony some space."

Clint pouted, "Party pooper."

"This is serious Clint," Bruce chided.

"I know, but I went through hell and I expect the Captain to do the same." Clint replied back.

They were so busy with each other they didn't see when Tony dragged Steve away and down to his garage.

Behind the closed doors and noise proof walls, Tony turned to Steve and glared. "You? Out of every freaking person here with a questionable past that I allow near my son for some god damn reason, it's you! You, Mr. morality, honesty is the best policy, goody two-shoes who INTROCUDES MY SON TO PORN!"


"Not the god who has probably has his way with servants since he reached puberty, or the man who has gone around the world to places were it's normal to be part or fully naked, or the spy who seduces people for information, or the other spy who was raised in a fucking circus surrounded by nothing but immoral influence, but you!"

"Tony, please! Just lemme-"

"What? Explain? Explain what Steve? We were finally in the clear! He had stopped asking! He was happy, we were happy, but now this! What the fucking hell Rogers!"

"I'm sorry," Steve mumbled as he lowered his head.

"Sorry? You're sorry! Captain freaking America introduced porn to my eight year old son! That's something that is never supposed to be said! But here I am saying it!" Tony yelled.

Steve winced, "I..."

"You're his godfather Steve! You're supposed to be protecting him from stuff like this! How am I supposed to trust with his life if I can't trust you with his innocence!" Tony demanded.

This time Steve tensed and looked as if Tony just slapped him, "Tony, you have no idea how sorry I am, but I would never ever allow him to be intentionally in harms way. You and him are the only people I have and I consider you family. I'm sorry. I know I failed you and Harry, but I swear I didn't mean to."

Tony sighed and saw how truly hurt Steve was. The reason he didn't go nuclear on him was because Pepper has been giving him small talks about him over reacting to Harry's growing up. He's doing it and better he be prepared than not informed. Though he hated, and he really hated it, Harry would one day learn these things and better it be from a reliable source than some reckless moron.

There was silence between them as Steve waited for Tony to say something. He half expected Tony to kick him out. Instead he was surprised when Tony said with a roll of his eyes, "You know, only you can take the fun out of discovering that Captain America watches porn like the rest of us, ya know that?"

Steve blushes and smiled sheepishly, "So...I'm not homeless?"

"No...but you are under probation." Tony replied.

"Probation?" Steve echoed.

"Yup. You are to be supervised when around Harry and not allowed to be alone with him for a month." Tony answered.

"A whole month?" Steve asked.

"Hey, it's better than what Clint went through," Tony said coolly.

"Do I ever want to know exactly what happened?" Steve asked.

Tony just smirked and shrugged, "I wouldn't."

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