Pelican Down

Captain Jones paled as the banshee shot hit the forward thruster.

He screamed into the radio, "Mayday, Mayday, this is Delta 157, we've been hit! We're going down."

He tried to pull up, but it only caused the pelican to tilt a few inches. He suddenly had his life flying by his eyes. He thought of his wife, back on Earth. He thought of his child, Sue, just in fifth grade and already a good musician. He thought of his friends, Maddock and Jackson, one of which was on this very pelican.

He felt saddened to know that his friend might die too. He was already resigned to the fact he was dead.

Time seemed to slow down.

As a tree came closer and closer, he hoped he would see his mom in heaven.

He wondered what it would be like to die. Would he feel pain? Or would it hurt more than anything else?

As the pelican's wing smashed into the tree, sent the pelican spinning, and the cockpit smashed into the ground, he thought of a silly thought.

It's just like 'Blackhawk Down', only it's...'Pelican Down'.