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"Onii-chan!" The little aquanette girl sprinted toward the elementary school's front gate. There, a blonde figure was waving to her while calling her name back.

"Michi-chan," The blonde caught the small body as the kid lunged onto him, hugging him tightly.

"Easy there, Michi-chan. Your mother called me to pick you up in school. She said she won't make it to dinner tonight." Haruka managed to pry himself out of the little girl's bear hug and they both walked side by side. The little girl's smaller hands had a tight grip on the fabric of the blonde's shirt.

"Haruka onii-chan, will you stay with me for dinner tonight then?" The child asked with a hint of hope. A wishful tone accompanied by puppy dog eyes that Haruka couldn't say no to.

How cute… he thought.

"Yes, of course. Onii-chan will cook dinner for Michi. So, let's stop by the store to buy some ingredients! What would Michi-chan like for dinner?" Haruka asked the little Michiru.

The girl absolutely didn't care about dinner, she is simply looking forward to dinner with Haruka tonight. She maybe still be a little girl, but deep inside, she holds a strong emotional connection with the blonde guy beside her.

"Anything!" She answered cheerfully! Haruka let out a chuckle. He has been neighbors with the Kaioh family for eight years now, he had known Michiru from she was but a little bub. Haruka always thought of the aquanette girl as her adorable little sister since he didn't have one.

"How about curry?"

"Curry is fine!" Michiru smiled, jumped a little while singing a 'curry song' she just created for this specific moment.

They both walked hand in hand to the shopping district. Haruka noticed Michiru staring at one shop, her eyes sparkling with interest. At first, the blonde thought that Michiru wanted some ice cream or sweets, but he was wrong. He followed the young girl's gaze and discovered that Michiru was actually looking at a gorgeous wedding dress behind the glass.

Haruka sighed. Of course girls love wedding dresses, moreso Michiru.

"You like it?" Haruka knelt next to her, together they were watching the dress in awe.

"I love it!" She nodded enthusiastically. "I want to be a beautiful bride someday!" She continued.

"I'm sure you will." Haruka agreed which made the little girl blush.

"Then… Will Haruka onii-chan become my groom?" She stated bluntly. The baffled Haruka blinked a few times, shock still in his system with such a sudden demand from such a young girl. He smiled.

What an unexpected proposal! Haruka's thoughts were racing even though he didn't take the little girl's proposal seriously.

"Okay, onii-chan will be Michiru's groom. So, you must grow fast and be a beautiful and wonderful lady." Haruka answered. Michiru smiled widely and blushed deeply.

"It's a promise then! Or onii-chan will swallow a thousands needles!" Michiru pouted.

"Yes, okay… anything for lady Michiru." Haruka took Michiru's hand and entwined their pinky finger to make promise.


That day rain was pouring heavily. Michiru wasn't happy with the weather because she couldn't play outside with her onii-chan. Haruka was away to do some crash course that Michiru didn't understand. She looked at the clock. Usually Haruka would be home around 7 at night, so everytime the aquanette heard steps on the street and the sound of doors opening, she would expectantly ready herself to greet him from the window.

However their time to play had decreased lately. Haruka always busy with school and his exams coming up since he was in his third year in high school. Michiru didn't get her mother's explanation but she only nodded. She wouldn't get in the way of Haruka's study because it's important for him.

So, she decided to spend her afternoon sketching and playing her violin. Haruka loved to hear her playing. During her violin recital at her elementary school, Michiru remembered that the blonde was the person who clapped and shouted the loudest from the audience. Her heart was content and happy with the blonde's presence alone. Haruka never treated her like a child, and from there her feelings have grown. At first, it was merely admiration. She looked up to him as an older brother. Then as time passed by, her admiration turned into affection or love. She knew and understood the desire because Michiru was a smart girl. If there is one thing she is proud of with herself, its her ability to understand things that girls her age would never comprehend.

And she already decided that the age gap between herself and her onii-chan didn't matter, she would still love him. Even though it seems impossible for the blonde to love her now, she remained content with how one-sided the situation is. Unrequited or not, she was just contented being by his side.

Michiru finished her dinner quickly. Asking her mother once more about the blonde who stole her heart, "Is onii-chan home yet? I want to show him my newest sketch!"

Her mother smiled, knew that her daughter loved their neighbor very much.

"I don't think so, dear. He is too busy preparing for his university exam right now. I'm sure he'll drop by when he can. There, after you finish dinner, you should brush your teeth and go straight to bed." She reminded her daughter.

Michiru pouted, that meant she would wait another weekend before she could play with her onii-chan. She did it though, after brushing her teeth, she went to bed. Before she was lulled into a deep and peaceful slumber which was interrupted when she heard the telephone ringing in the living room.

Michiru propped herself into a sitting position. Trying to adjust her vision, with her sleepy eyes only half-open, she opened her bedroom door.

Downstairs, she could hear her mother's worried tone as she was speaking with someone on the phone. Then she heard her mother's voice whimper.

"Oh my God, is Haruka-kun okay?" a brief silence. Michiru's head snapped, eyes wide-open upon hearing the blonde's name.

"Oh my God, poor Haruka. No, I was at home. Yes, Michiru's already sleeping. I will go there right away…" Michiru's mother put down the phone surprised to see Michiru standing behind her.

"Who was it, mother? What happened to Haruka onii-chan?" Michiru asked innocently, sleep now void from her eyes.

"Michiru. Haruka-kun was involved in an accident this afternoon. I will go to the hospital to make sure everything's alright."

Michiru froze on the spot. She was hopeful, but based on the urgency on her mother's tone and upon the mention of the word "accident" she couldn't help but worrying.

"I will lock the front door, be a good girl and go to bed. I'm sure nothing serious happened." She tried to calm her daughter down, the news seemed to hit her pretty hard since she really loves her onii-chan.

Michiru managed a nod. Yes, nothing will happen to Haruka because they both have an important promise to fulfill one day…

"Onii-chan." Her shoulders slumped as she retreated to her bedroom. She couldn't sleep, she was waiting for her mother and Haruka. She prayed every prayer she had learnt in school. She begged the entity most people call 'God' to save Haruka.

Morning came and yet Michiru hasn't had a chance to fall asleep. Her thoughts were focused on the well-being of the blonde. She jumped out of her bed in a flash when she heard the sound of front door being opened.

"Mama…" She greeted her mother, her eyes glowed brightly. Her mother went back, Haruka must be okay.

Her mother faced her only daughter. She had wished she could hide her swelling red eyes and the trail of tears on her grim face. Because through visage, Michiru would definitely be able to tell the truth.

"Michiru…" She watched her daughter's eyes go dark. The little Michiru seemed lost in thought as she murmured incomprehensible words to herself.

Michiru's knees caved, her palms supporting her weight, "No… Onii-chan… No, no…" She kept repeating her words.

"Michiru… I'm so sorry. His funeral would be held this afternoon…" Her mother gathered her daughter into an embrace. However, Michiru didn't react at all.

"It's a lie, he is fine… he promised… Haruka onii-chan…" Michiru wanted to cry but she couldn't.

"Here, this was inside Haruka's bag… I'm sure it was for you." her mother handed her a red box wrapped nicely together with a yellow ribbon.

The box opened and revealing a birthday card with an aqua hairpin.

"Happy birthday! You are now 9 years old Michi-chan! I'm sorry we haven't been able to hang-out together lately. I promise I'll make it up to you when I can. This hairpin will look good on you! As I recall, you want to be a beautiful bride someday. I can't buy you what you want yet so this hairpin is a step closer towards that wedding dress. Happy birthday, Michi-chan! I wish you all the happiness in the world."

Michiru totally forgot. She crumpled the card she held. Her expression that of grief but her eyes defiantly fighting off the tears but she fails to do so.

Today is my birthday.

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