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Yesterday had been a fantastic day. Her birthday was supposed to be boring, however this stranger woman had changed it all. Haruka had acknowledged the woman's name the time she said it. The prodigy violinist... not just that, Haruka felt like she had known this woman from elsewhere. Well, that must be because of the super huge poster on the street she saw days ago around the city. Think about it, Haruka noticed that the aquanette woman also appears in various TV programs and banners.

The bright point is she isn't a random delusional or crazy woman. Haruka thought. She was holding a piece of card name. Yesterday's or this morning event flashed back in her mind.

"Oh my God… I don't realize today had already tomorrow." The aquanette woman glanced to her wristwatch. She had lost track of time with the blonde. The problem was she'd enjoyed it. It was the best birthday in 16 years.

Haruka surprised at the time which flies so fast tonight, "Yes, I'm sure you have something to do…" The blonde knew the cue. This is the goodbye part with this woman.

"Of course! Today I have an important…" Michiru's eyes caught the blonde's expression. She absolutely won't let this time as the end of their fate.

"I guess… I can meet you again?" Haruka asked. She admitted the woman was a nice company and she wanted to meet her once again.

Michiru smiled, Haruka just said what's in her mind.

"We will meet. That's for sure." Michiru handed a piece of paper that appeared to be a name card.

"Call me, if you get the mail box I will get you back soon. Thank you for tonight, Haruka." Michiru let out the genuine smile somehow made the blonde stomach flipped with the sight.

Haruka walked toward her bike. She caught the school gate packed with students. They shouted and screams like crazy. The girls went 'kyaaa' and the boys, the fool ones mostly drolling their pants.

What happens?

"She is more beautiful in the real life!" One of the girl talked to her friends while holding something like a CD. "I got her autograph… She's amazing."

Could it be…?

Haruka ran joining the crowd. Her suspicion was confirmed when she caught the glimpse of aquanette hair in the middle of the crowd.

Kaioh Michiru!

"Excuse me… but I have to meet with someone." The woman had difficulties went through the people. The next thing Michiru felt someone caught her hand and dragged her away from the crowd. She didn't resist since herself also wanted to escape from there.

"What are you doing here?" She was face to face with her captor now.

"I think we had appointment to meet again?" Michiru replied.

"I think the appointment won't be so near in the future."

"You didn't call me, so I take the first move."


"Today I wish to repay your delicious birthday cake with a lunch?" Michiru said smoothly, unknown for the blonde that Michiru had practiced the speech many times. Her rehearsal was bad, because she found her concentration had gone somewhere to the specific blonde.

"You don't need to-" Michiru silenced the blonde's lips with her index finger. She was absolutely wouldn't take 'no' as an answer.

"… please?" Michiru didn't have choice but let out her ultimate weapon. Puppy eyes.

Haruka groaned then finally nodded, "fine. Where to? I'll just take my bike first."

"bike?" Michiru's expression seemed puzzled.

"Yes, I parked it there." Haruka pointed out a yellow ducati parked on the side gate of the school.

Upon the sight, Michiru gasped in surprise.

"Ara? Haruka rides that thing?" Michiru's brow lifted an inch. Her mind went to the some dangerous possibilities of what a motorcycle can do.

"I love speed." Haruka stated matter of factly. She turned around before the violinist managed to grab her arm.

"Wait. We will go there with my car…" Michiru didn't mention her dread of Haruka when she rode the vehicle. Michiru wanted the blonde to be safe on the street in the vehicle with some roofs on it.

Haruka frowned, but the car Michiru mentioned was a green porsche convertible coupe. No way Haruka will reject that beautiful thing.

"May I drive then?"

"Ara? You should let the adult to drive, Haruka." Michiru said teasingly although she didn't really oppose the idea having the blonde on the wheel. She knew Haruka's obsession in automotive especially racing cars.

"I am an adult. I've got license." Haruka showed her driving license which somehow she could get it through some of her father's connection. Moreover, she got the license abroad.

"You sure are full of surprise. Be careful I may get a heart attack." The aquanette woman willingly handed the key to the excited blonde.

"You know, when people say that you are amazing blah wonderful blah…?" Haruka opened the door car for Michiru. The aquanette intrigued with Haruka's act of chivalry.

"… they are really wrong." Haruka said.

"So, you think I'm bad?" The thought about Haruka disliking her made Michiru's face went pale.

"No… you are literally awesome. For me, awesome is all the greatness of a person." Haruka smiled as they drove away.

And beautiful.

Haruka chose to keep her other personal comment about the woman beside her.

Michiru really enjoying the blonde's company. At first she was looked like a distant person but after few minutes bonding in her Porsche, Haruka started to open up to her. Lucky I brought my Porsche today. Michiru thought. She couldn't tear her gaze away from Haruka in front of her.

Haruka had chosen fastfood as their lunch. Michiru then gave her opinion about unhealthy substance and future complication inside the food. In the end, Haruka's pouting won and they were eating in fastfood restaurant right now.

The place was packed with high schoolers and other teenagers. Because the aquanette woman had forgotten her sunglasses disguise, people were staring at them.

"… that's what I think." Haruka ended her sentence. Michiru was so lost in thought that she didn't follow Haruka. The violinist blinked.

"You don't really pay attention, do you?" Haruka accused the violinist.

No, it's actually the opposite. I really pay attention to you… your face though.

"I said that it's weird how I can talk casually to a stranger like you." Haruka repeated. This words caught Michiru.

"Oh, you think I am a stranger?"

"We met 24 hours ago and yes, you are stranger." Haruka rolled her eyes.

"Do you really think strangers would share a birthday cake together, spent the night, let the other stranger ride her car, and have lunch date like us?" Michiru retaliated.

Haruka was processing Michiru's opinion, "okay then… you are not stranger. Not now, but I still don't know you." Haruka lifted her hands, giving up.

"Ara? You want to know me more? Is that a compliment? You have taken interest on me then?" Michiru couldn't help but tease the younger blonde which repaid with the annoyed blush.

"No." The blonde huffed.

"You can search my profile anywhere… like you said, I am famous." Michiru said while looking around the people who still staring at their direction.

Haruka chuckled, "Yes, your life really a private matters."

Michiru looked back to Haruka, asking curiously, "What do you want to know about me, Haruka?"

"Am I permitted to investigate Kaioh Michiru's life?"

"I will give you pass for that." Michiru replied softly.

"Okay then…"

I wonder why your eyes always flashing with sadness and sorrows?

"What did you do in the middle of the pour yesterday?"

And I wonder how easy you reach and approach me like no one before?

"You were crying and frantically you were searching with something."

You are familiar yet I don't know you. Sure because you are the famous Kaioh Michiru.

"And last… You don't need to answer if you don't want to."

Who is this onii-chan you were calling before you passed out? Who is this person?

"Who is onii-chan?"

Onii-chan. Michiru realized she had spent her day without thinking her Haruka onii-chan. That was unusual for her. Michiru wondered if this Haruka before her had something to do with it.

Haruka noticed the change of color in Michiru's eyes. She regretted she had asked something so sensitive.

"You know what? Don't answer it." The blonde shrugged. She wanted to brush off the topic, anything so that Michiru wouldn't look so gloom anymore.

"I wish I can answer you Haruka, but I'm afraid." Michiru replied weakly.

"Then forget it. Payback time, you can ask me for whatever, but I don't promise I will answer everything."

This time, the light twinkled back in the violinist's eyes. Haruka smiled upon that.

"Really? Then, can I ask why you are wearing boy's uniform, Haruka?" Michiru asked. The clothes made herself to remind her to her onii-chan. Although now Michiru knew that Haruka is a gir.

"Ah, this. It's more comfortable this way… ehm… you can put this as rebellious phase of teenager or whatever." Haruka answered.

"Oh.." Michiru chuckled, amused. She knew the blonde didn't honestly answer the question.

"Neither you and I answer the question honestly… then we are still stranger?"

Haruka nodded. Yes, she was curious about Kaioh Michiru, the enigmatic woman before her. Yes, she wanted to know more about her. However, as much as she wanted to find out, she knew she had to put a wall back between them. She wouldn't let anyone to get closer to her life. The aquanette, unknown to Haruka had the ability to sneak in the solid wall of her. That's dangerous.

"We are stranger, so what?" The blonde smiled. She didn't care about the status or craps like that.

"… then stranger-san… will you come to my concert tonight?" Michiru took out something from her purse. Haruka saw it was a ticket. Haruka's mind flew to the huge banner on the street.

"Uhm… are you sure? I don't really like classic music." Haruka sighed.

"Don't worry. I guarantee you won't be boring." Michiru winked.

"Oh yeah? Because?"

"Because I will be there…" The violinist continued. Her hand still extended to Haruka, holding a ticket which she wished Haruka would accept.

"I am sixteen years old, are you sure they will let me in?"

"Don't be ridiculous Haruka. Of course!" Michiru smiled, gritted her teeth, praying the blonde would've just accepted her ticket already.


"Okay then, what should I wear?" The blonde reached out Michiru's ticket. At the moment, their hands accidentally brushed each other, only lightly. The contact made Michiru winced and Haruka pulled away immediately.

The spark.

Haruka felt it too but she was too ignorant to care about the small things. She folded the ticket neatly and tucked it inside her wallet.

"I will come. Thanks, though."

"No…Haruka, thank you."

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