Angel beats!: Revelations

Travels I: Arrival

A/n: Welcome everyone to the sequel of my first Angel beats! Story! If you haven't read book one I recommend you do: s/7031092/1/Angel-beats-Rebirth , if you've already read it continue on. I hope you'll enjoy reading this!

Otonashi's body was drifting in the darkness. There was a flash of light and the darkness disappeared. Out of nowhere trees shot out of the darkness and rose up into the blue sky. Underneath the trees grass formed and plants grew. In the distance mountains appeared surrounded by clouds. Otonashi and five others lay in the middle of an open space in the forest.

'Otonashi! Otonashi!' A voice called out. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw a blue haired person hanging above him. He blinked twice before he moved into a sitting position. Looking around he saw the trees around them. At the foot of one there were two girls sitting. Otonashi recognized them. They were Shiina and Yui. On his left side was Hinata and to his right were two others lying on the ground. Naoi and Amagi.

'Hinata where are we?' Otonashi asked

'We don't know exactly. It's probably the forest at the border of the school.' Hinata replied.

Otonashi looked around once more. 'Where are the others?' he asked.

Hinata shrugged. 'We all went to that white space, but only the six of us ended up here.'

Otonashi remembered his meeting with Akihisa. Should he tell the others? Akihisa told him to trust no-one. He decided to hide it for the time being.

'One thing though. I wasn't right, we can die here. We won't revive.'

Hinata closed his eyes. 'Was to be expected.' He murmured. 'The others should know too.'

Otonashi nodded and looked at his friends.

'It's alright, we knew the risks.' Shiina said, she had probably heard the a soft growl could be heard from behind. The group looked behind them and saw Amagi had woken up.

'Did it work?' Amagi asked sleepily.

Hinata nodded. 'Yes, it did.'

Amagi looked around. 'Where are we anyway?'

Otonashi shrugged. 'I'm not sure, but this is probably the forest outside the school grounds.

Amagi shook her head. 'These trees are different.'

'What do you mean?' Yui asked puzzled.

Amgi smiled and stood up. She walked towards the nearest tree and knocked on it. 'This guy here is at least a hundred years old. The trees around the school aren't older than fifty years.' She paused and looked at the surprised faces. 'I guess I spent a lot of time in nature when I was alive.'

'But if this isn't the forest outside the school then where are we?' Yui asked.

Before anyone could reply another growl could be heard.

'Seems like Naoi is waking up.' Hinata said. The five of them gathered around Naoi.

'Yo Naoi.' Otonashi said

'Yo, did it work?' Naoi replied

'It did, good job!' Amagi remarked

Naoi smiled and sat up. 'I knew it would.' He stood up and looked around. 'Where are we anyway?'

'We don't know.' Otonashi replied. 'But before we go see where we are, I have something to tell you guys.'

'Go ahead.' Shiina said.

'We can't die. We are still alive. If we die now we won't revive. I don't know about you though Amagi.' Otonashi explained.

'But the others…' Amagi started, but she didn't finish her sentence.

'We just have to hope they don't do anything stupid.' Otonashi replied. 'The best thing we can do now is trying to regroup with them.'

'But we don't know where to go.' Yui said.

Otonashi pointed at a nearby tree. 'I'll climb up to see if there is any waypoint I recognize.'

'Good plan.' Naoi said.

Otonashi walked towards the tree he pointed at and started to climb. The lower part of the tree had few to none branches to climb up, but he managed to reach the higher parts where large branches grew. He climbed higher and higher until he reached the top. He put his head through the leaves.

Everywhere around him the green of the leaves continued on to be broken of by a mountain range in the distance. A lake was glittering in the setting sun. Then Otonashi noticed something odd. Close to where they were he could see ruins of a stone building. Quickly he climbed down.

'And?' Shiina asked.

Otonashi shook his head. 'No, I could see mountains in the distance but it was far away. It would probably take about a week to get there. But we should find a place to sleep. The sun is already setting. A little up ahead is some sort of ruin. I guess we can sleep there.'

The other five agreed and they started walking with Otonashi leading the group.

'Otonashi.' Akihisa said.

'Akihisa. What's wrong?' Otonashi replied.

'I made sure you ended up here. The ruins a little up ahead contain important information about this world. You won't understand it yet, in the end you will. It is hidden in a book. Find it and carry it with you.'

'Akihisa, you have to be more clear. I don't even know who you are exactly!'

'I know it's hard to trust me, but you have to. You know I'm trustworthy. You felt it in your heart. The fate of life itself depends on you. The darkness can't be held back much longer.'

'Are we going to meet again?' Otonashi asked

'Yes, we are, but not any time soon. It's too dangerous.'

'If you keep guiding us it will be fine, right?'

'Yes, it will Otonashi.' Then the silence returned.

Otonashi looked over his shoulder. Everyone was still following him. A grim thought entered his mind. How was this small group going to fight a hundred times bigger immortal army?

'You should stop worrying so much.' Hinata said

'I know, but this whole operation seems like madness.' Otonashi replied

'That is because it is madness.' Hinata replied smiling weakly.

'Thanks for your support that really helped me feel better.' Otonashi remarked sarcastically

Both of them started laughing.

'It will be alright.' Hinata said.

Before Otonashi could reply he noticed the ruins in front of them. The one he had seen stood in the middle and was surrounded by smaller ones that looked like they used to be houses.

'Are these the ruins you saw?' Yui asked.

Otonashi turned around and nodded. 'I thought it was only the structure in the middle though.'

'Why don't we take shelter in that one?' Amagi asked as she pointed at the most intact building.

'Good idea.' Naoi replied.

'You guys go on ahead. I'll take a quick look around.'

The others agreed and walked to the building.

'Okay, if I was an important book where would I hide?' he thought. He took a quick look around and his eyes locked on the tower. His lips curled into a faint smile. 'Of course.' He walked around the tower, but he didn't see an entrance. It was probably hidden underneath the debris. Tomorrow when there would be more light he would search for the entrance. Otonashi walked towards the building the others went to.

'Yo Otonashi.' Hinata said as he walked inside.

'Did you find anything?'

Otonashi shook his head. 'Did you?'

'Yes, there were supplies left here, about enough for two weeks and timber to create a fire. Shiina's working on it right now.' Amagi answered. At the same moment a reddish glow lit up the room. Now Otonashi could see the inside of the building better. In the right corner was a pile of wood underneath a hole in the ceiling. Before it fell apart it had probably been a staircase. All across the room were the rotten remains of tables and chairs. At the backside of the building there was a bar.

'According to the interior this used to be a pub or an inn.' Otonashi deduced

'Probably.' Hinata replied.

'Anyway let's eat something and go to bed. Tomorrow we'll think of a plan.' Otonashi said as he yawned.

'Good idea! I'm hungry!' Yui exclaimed.

Noda slowly opened his eyes. The surroundings seemed familiar. He sat up and he noticed he was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.

'You chose a bad place to fall asleep, Noda.' A cold voice said from behind.

Noda turned around. In front of him stood a man wearing a brown hat and black clothes. He was wearing a pair of brown gloves and was pointing a longsword at him.

'Who are you?' Noda asked

'Michael Rey Alexander, newly appointed leader of the intelligence division.' Michael said. 'You are coming with us.'

'And what if I don't want to' Noda replied.

'Then we'll use force.' The soldiers aimed their weapons at Noda.

'Alright, I'll come with you.' He said after a quick thought. Even he realized this wasn't a situation he could escape without giving himself away.

'Follow me.' Michael said. The circle of soldiers started moving led by Michael and with Noda in the middle.

Kousei and Satsuya were following the girl Rina. After they parted ways with Hanaka they followed his instructions closely and met up with Rina. Now they were heading for the Exile's Base somewhere in the forest.

'So what did you two do to get exiled?' Rina asked

Satsuya sighed. 'We were trying to uncover a conspiracy, but we fell for a trap.' He explained as he angrily glanced at Kousei.

'Hmpf… I was hoping something fun would've happened this time. We're almost at the base.' Rina replied. The rest of the trip went on in silence until they reached a cave entrance barred with a giant gate.

'Open up, I'm back with the new members.' Rina yelled

'Password first.' A voice inside replied

'The light will guide us.' Rina said. Slowly the door opened revealing the insides of the cavern. A few small houses were carved out of the wall and a few wooden houses were built on the ground. A large house stood at the back of the cave and in the middle was a fountain with some sort of market surrounding it. At all sides of the cave were tunnels leading somewhere else. About a man of thirty were working on weapons and other supplies next to the fountain. The supplies were send away with carts into the tunnels.

'Welcome to Cavernton!' Rina exclaimed.

Kousei and Satsuya were staring at the cave in disbelief.

'Don't worry this is only our council's village. There are five more villages in this mountain and one city plus we have another six villages close to guild.' Rina explained. 'I'll give you a tour and introduction when Hanaka is back.'

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Group: (SSS, Student council or the exiles)

(SSS is the new organization. The student council are humans who didn't join the SSS and the exiles were once members of the SSS but were banned from it. They are all on the same side)

If SSS, Division: (Guild, assault, intelligence or general)

How he/she died + regret: