BBxRae, original!RoyxRae, and M'gannxL'gaan, with some hints of M'gannxConner, ConnerxRae, and ConnerxCassie.

Her name means "dark bird", and M'gann is certain that something is wrong with this girl. Her blood-brother, however, is infatuated. When Raven starts spending time with him and Conner, M'gann risks her already-rocky relationships with everyone, beloved boyfriend included, to uncover it all.

T for language and references.


In this fic, Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy are still together, original!Roy has become Speedy, then Red Arrow (with robotic arm). Raven has become a part of the time as of a minute before this fic starts. To see her outfit, check my deviantART page (links on my profile).

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This girl wasn't Gar's usual standard of "pretty". She stood before him, a purple strip of hair on either side of her grey face, in a hooded cape and off-the-shoulder bodysuit that left her arms bare for long gloves to cover. He couldn't tell where her eyes were aimed, but they were stoic, verging on cold, and a deep violet. First his blood cooled to a searing degree, then his fingers twitched. He wanted to change. He wanted to turn into a bloodhound and sniff the scents of her previous whereabouts. He wanted to morph into a cat and absorb every detail. She was new meat on the Team—not to mention in his age range—and therefore interesting. He turned to his left flank to catch an approving nod from Blue Beetle, who apparently liked what he saw as well.

Gar looked back. She had high cheekbones, lips that looked nearly dangerous in their perfection.

"Exotic," he mused silently. Miss Martian shot him a look to squelch down any further observations from his boy brain.

The girl's hood lowered, giving a crisper view of her face. Not that Gar was looking at her face. No, he was looking with a swallow at the spiky pixie cut she donned. Oh, Miss M would so not be happy.

"Everybody, Raven. Raven, the Team."

Then Red Tornado stepped back, leaving her to the mercy of Miss Martian's chipper greeting.

However, she didn't give one.

What do we know about her, Nightwing?

Nothing much. We're still figuring stuff out.

Her auburn eyes narrowed. Then how can we trust her?

Gar would have blocked them out if he could – Nightwing wouldn't let someone on the Team if they couldn't trust them. Instead of voicing that little opinion, he continued staring. Her nose was straight, with indications of European blood, and even though she wasn't his usual type, she was certainly striking.


He would have to say that when he was alone, just to see how it sounded rolling off his tongue. She didn't seem to care that no-one had spoken since Red T. It was weird because most new members would stand with twitching eyes, a shining forehead and clammy hands. Raven looked so calm, like they could reject her at any moment and she would just walk away, untouched.

Then her eyes snapped, locking onto his. The look burned his cheeks to an embarrassing heat, but he took one glance at Miss Martian, whose lips pursed as a sign to tell him no, and stepped forward, hand outstretched.

"Hey, Raven," he grinned. "I'm Beast Boy."

She hesitated, only slightly, before holding out her own. "It's nice to meet you."

Her voice made him want to melt a little. It was that sexy gravel-type tone of a girl who didn't squeal over shoes or want to drag him around a shopping mall. He digged that. Her fingers were precise and lady-like in the shake, all perfectly-positioned and light.

He put his palm on her shoulder, not missing the way it stiffened under his touch. "Okay, awkward because this isn't what we usually look like, but that's Blue Beetle, Conner, Megan, Nightwing, Impulse and Red Arrow."

Gar could tell from one look that Red definitely wasn't minding the new team mate. He took her hand, that charming smile laid out perfectly on his face, and kissed it.

"It's very nice to meet you," he told her.

Gar was nearly sick.

Unlike the majority of women in his presence, Raven didn't giggle or flush with a soft shade of pink.

"And yourself," she replied.

"Any volunteers to show Raven to her room so she can drop off her things?" asked Nightwing, shooting a dagger-eyed warning shot at Red.

"I'll do it!" Gar said, ignoring snorts and a murmur of "Suck up" from his friends.

Megan tilted her chin up at him and Gar's heart dropped.

"Thanks, Gar, but I'll show her where it is."

Red Arrow muttered "Damn, damn, damn," as Raven and Miss Martian walked away.


"Miss Martian, as in Martian Manhunter?"

M'gann's gaze cut to the right. Raven was watching the corridor.

"Yes," she replied after a lengthy pause. "And your name?"

"It's my birth name. No hidden meaning – just 'dark bird'."

This only fuelled the curiosity brewing inside her skull. Something was off – and it wasn't the milk in the fridge, for once.

"I see."

"What else do you see?"

M'gann's movement halted and she blinked at Raven; her voice was sharp like a butcher's knife but smooth and controlled. It wasn't a difficult question. It was, however, an intriguing one.

"A telepathic, a healer, an empathic."

Raven moved closer, the shadow cast by her cloak darker than it should have been in the hallway's lighting.

"So don't you think an empathic can tell when their mind is being broken into?" The female in question's jaw clenched. "I can feel it, Miss Martian, and I understand you wish to know more about me, but I feel it would be best to advise you that some heads are best left unexplored."

"I don't like your tone, young lady."

"I don't like that I've had to use it."

And, just like that, Miss Martian felt bad. Different people reacted differently to new situations, and maybe Raven was just automatically defensive. A smile grew over her face, taking on that older, wiser, I'm the bigger person aura.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so intruding. Start over?" she offered. The corners of Raven's lips began to hint at an upward turn, right as Miss Martian's parted once again. "Speaking of which, I could totally help you design a new costume, thanks to the whole shapeshifter thing. We can see what it'll look like without having to make one or use some confusing computer thing. Although we could ask if Nightwing would help – some feel unnerved seeing me transform into their-"

"Why would I need a new costume?" Raven asked.

Miss Martian, once again, blinked. "W-well, because we both have short hair. Abnormal skin colours. Capes, bodysuits, telepathy, stripes on our waists, dark colours. People could get us confused."

"These are the traditional colours of an Azrathian, Miss Martian. As for my bodysuit, that's what female students wear when still under a monk's training. Besides, can't you change your outfit? It's a bio-suit, right?"

"How did you-"

"I actually have a map of this place in my head," Raven cut in, hoisting the bag over her shoulder with a long look around. "I'm pretty certain I can find my room. Thank you for getting me this far, though."


"She has a nice figure – a dancer, maybe?" Jaime guessed.

"With a chest like that, probably. The ass makes up for it, thank God." As Roy spoke, his cheeky grin appeared with his hands sweeping down an invisible hourglass.

"What are you gonna do if she's not into red-heads?" asked the brunette.

Roy gave him a pity-amused look. "Who isn't into hot red-heads?"

"Do we really have to bring her up again?"


Bart smirked, dragging out the name long and whiny; "Donna."

"What if I wanted to make a move on Raven?" Gar interjected. All of his friends' heads snapped towards him. "I mean... Do you think she'd go for me?"

A couple of seconds passed before Roy snickered. "Hey, if she doesn't like me then you are welcome to her."

Gar didn't appreciate the idea of getting passed Roy's leftovers, but he also didn't warm to the idea of a sulk at him. He did, however, have a liking to Raven.

"I hate to go against my bro, Gar, but did you see the way your sister looked at her? I don't think she'd like it a lot if you tried to charm the new girl."

"No, she most certainly would not."

M'gann's words made them jump, loud and angry in the living room where they had all been murmuring things that only adolescent males would say.

"C'mon, sis – what d'you have against her?" asked Gar, jumping over the sofa. When she didn't move, realisation hit him and his eyes automatically rolled. "You went through her head? Not cool."

"Tried to," she corrected bitterly.

Shoulders slumping, he gave her his best glare of disappointment. "Some people have private things in there. Things they don't want other people to know."

She folded her arms defensively. "If we're going to be on the same team there should be no secrets – if it's so bad that I can't know then maybe she shouldn't be trusted at all."

A lick of his canine meant Roy was ready for a good argument. "No offense intended, Miss M, but do you really wanna know how often Gar here gets a wet dream, or when Jaime's Scarab starts talking to him about the changes in his body and shit to prepare him for mating, or when I jerk off? And let's not forget the lovely images of Bart finishing a little too quickly. And by that, I mean in his own pants."


Gar shot him a dirty snarl.

M'gann looked appalled. "Of course not! That's disgusting!"

"Then do you automatically not trust me because I didn't tell you my left nut hangs lower than my right?"

"Dude, regrettably noted. Scarred."

"We may as well be open," he shrugged. "And look at how uncomfortable it makes you. Would you really want these things in your knowledge?"

She huffed and turned on her heel.

"I still don't like her."