A/N: Here goes my first fanfiction ever.

I've decided to make this into a series of one-shots for Hyuuga/Riko and this will always be 'complete' since they are one-shots.

Title: Always

Summary: Senpais graduated out of high school. What does Hyuuga have to say to Riko?

Genres: Romance/Friendship

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke.

Looking up, there are so many birds flying above in the sea of blue. No matter how much I practice, how much I try, I know in my heart that there is no way that I will be able to win one-on-one with either of the Generation of Miracles. Even though Kagami and Kuroko came into our team and brought us what we always wished for, I am not satisfied.

A strong current of wind passes by as if it is able to read my mind. I'm left behind. Reaching out my right hand to dribble the rough but now smooth orange basketball, I laugh slightly, "Huh, guess I should buy a new one." But I'm still going to practice. Dribble. Shoot. Shoot. Jump.

"What? You're still practicing even on a Sunday?" a figure of a girl with hazel-brown hair reflects in my glasses. She's wearing her usual bear T-shirt and shorts.

"Hey, Riko," I pass the ball to my left hand then send her a wave.

"Don't you 'hey' me. Weren't you the one who called me here?"

"Sorry. Sorry. I just need someone to talk to," I walk straight to her sending a small smile.

Keeping the ball inside the bag and change my cloths into a fresh one, her eyes still look at my body without even a blush like what normal girls do. Well, that what's make her unique.

We head outside and past a group of young kids playing innocently in the other court. Two boys are on a one-on-one match while the rest are cheering.

"I demand a rematch!" the smallest boy shout.

"Come at me," the taller one passes his friend the ball.

My mind went back in time when I was a little boy playing basket ball in the garden and a huge truck stopped right in front of the house. I slowly walked and dribbled to see what was going on, but to my surprise, a new neighbor came and there's even a girl my age. She had short brown hair matched with the teddy she's hugging. I decided then to do everything I can to impress her.

"Time does fly, huh?" Riko look at those kids then turns her attention to me snapping me out from my past time thoughts.


I really don't know what to say other than that one word. We've known each other since we were kids, always attend the same school, she even became Serin's basketball coah, and now both of us graduated from high school together along with the other senior members.

"Wanna have lunch? I'll treat you," my stomach grumbles as a backup.


We enter a nearby family restaurant. This place is still the same as ever with its white-yellow wallpaper pattern and wooden tables. Both of us each order a donburi.

"Hyuuga, are you really ok with this?" Riko starts the conversation after the waiter left.

"About what?" I fake a smile.

"You really are a terrible liar. I know," she look straight into my eyes triggering my emotions.

"Ha-ha, you're right. I'm happy that Seirin finally won, but my skills aren't that great. I want to get better" I admit.

She smiles but doesn't say a word for a moment then her right index finger points at my chest. "That's the spirit! If you are satisfied with your own skills, you'll become dull. Do you want to become like what Ahomine once was?" and end with a grin.

Man, I'm glad that I talk to her.

The waiter comes to serve our food which he carefully places the donburis down, bows, and leaves. I can't wait for another second so my hand mechanically scoops the food into my mouth.

"Did Kagami spread his food virus to you?" she teases me and starts eating.

I stop cramming food inside my mouth and take a minute to glance at her face, tomboyish but still cute as always.

"Riko," I call out for her to look at me, "I really like you... since we were kids. Will you go out with me?" I said it! I said it! Please don't dump me! My heart beats so fast that I nearly have the time to breathe. The normal seconds that pass by to others are minutes to me. Her face becomes red. Finally, she blushes.

"You," she pause finding words to say, "are so blunt."

A small part of me died because those words hit me like a rock. Yes, I am not a romantic guy. Realizing that confessing in an atmosphere like this where people are always walking around, only idiots will do it.

"But, yes. I've been waiting for ever for you to ask me out. I thought you'll never ask," and reaches her hand out to pat my shoulder. I feel like I've reach heaven.

After paying the bill, we silently walk out of the restaurant. Our legs just somehow automatically walk in the direction we call home. Gentle breeze comes by for me to see her hair flow in the wind. They're now short, but beautiful. I then gather up my last bit of courage and reach out to hold her hand that make both of our cheeks red. Anyone seeing us can easily tell that we are a new couple. We continue walking silently for the remaining trip until Riko's place is in sight.

"Guess I gotta go now," she releases her hand from mine, "next time I'll make something for us to eat, Junpei!" and with that she ran back into the house leaving me in awe.

I continue walking a few more steps heading home, grinning. I don't care whether I have to eat her cooking for the rest of my life, she can always improve. My fist head towards the sky with victory, "and I can always improve in basketball!"


I know the story is quite all over the place, but thank you to those who read until the end. I'll word hard to get better.