He laid curled up in his nice warm bed, pills, potions and lotions pilled around him as snotty tissues littered the floor near the bed, 4 days he's been stuck in bed with the flu and he swear he was going to die, Scott told him he was being over dramatic when he dropped his homework off "Home work home work don't those teacher have any idea what the flu is." He said before sneezing over his math and history homework

"I am not handing that in." Scott said screwing his face up. Even Derek popped by bring some wolf herbal food that was good to humans as well as wolfs, it did make him feel better even if it was only for a short while, but for now he was alone and a sleep deep deep sleep, so when his phone went off he was pissed off, crabbing his mobile he frowned at the name and cursed him under his breath, he answered his phone

"What Scott what could you possibly want with me when I am like this!" he said…more like growled

"Get up and get dressed, hunters are coming to your house, you need to get to the empty house next door and hid there and wait for Erica come for you." he said, sitting up in his bed and looked out over the window

"Fuck can't I be ill in quite." He said

"Stiles hurry up." Scott said down the phone.

He just got down the stairs when he saw his front door been kicked open, 5 or 6 people piled into the house, Stiles ran into his dad gun cabinet, he took a shot gun out the first person came into the room and he fired the gun, the hunter twisted and feel to the floor screaming in pain holding his arm "Told you we should have knocked." The man on the floor was yelled,

"All right kid put the gun down we're not going hurt you."

"Bull crap, y…you broke into my home." he yelled, he knew the police would be there soon, his dad put a silence alarm on the gun case, so when he ripped it open without turning it off it will tell his dad something's up, that is if he didn't faint

"We're sorry about that."

"Again bull crap!" he yelled

"You're sick come on just put the gun down and you can go to your room a sleep, we promise that will not hurt you, your human we have nothing against you." said a woman

"SHUT UP! No I will not let you hurt my friends I don't care what you say I knew them before they turn and yeah they have their moments where a whack to the nose is need but I will not let you hurt them!" he let out his growl,

"You really think that they care about you at all, they were your friends…" 'BANG!'

"I said shut up…" Stiles fired another shoot near one's head

"See you can't even hit us your too ill." Said a blonde hair man

"Who said I missed." He snarled "I know my friends and I know when a large group of people brake into the house with guns and rope, I have the right to blow their FUCKING BRAINS OUT!"

"Oh I had an enough of this." Said a man and rush at Stiles using the shot gun to hit him in the face, the teen's eyes rolled back into his head and collapsed.

When Stiles open his eyes he saw his dad looking down at him with a worried looked "How do you get into these problems." His dad said as he covered him with his jacket, letting the teen know something was wrong seeming they were no longer in the garage but in the living room, something bad happen to himself

"What did they do?" He whimpered

"Shhh don't talk much." He said softly,

"Dad please tell me?" Stiles said his eyes watering

"Nothing too bad we got here before they could…"

"Before what?" he asked just as the ambulance crew come into his line if sight

"I will tell you later, you should thank Erica and Isaac they got here just before I did, never see any one fight so good a part from TV." He smiled as he was taking out the house, Stiles closed his eyes again and that is all he could remember was that nothing.

The sounds of beeping machine woke him up, he open his eyes to see the room bathed in sun light as he lay on the bed, he turned his head to see his dad sleeping in the chair his head back and to the side snoring like a cat, he said up and whimpered at the pain in his body and the slightly burning ach on his shoulder, his dad didn't hear as his snores become like a bear, Stiles swung his legs over the side of the bed and looked down, the high looked like a long drop making him whimper slightly as he pushed himself gingerly off the bed his legs wobbled as he stood up and moved to the loo, pulling IV drip with him.

The door was a jar open as he flicked the lights on he looked at himself in the mirror "Whoa." He said he had to black eyes that made him look like a panda…which means…his nose looked broken…yep… "Oh god I pray I don't need to sneeze." He said as he looked at his other injuries, a few dozen bruises and what looked like cut marks …Son of a bitches they stabbed me… but what really got him to stop all train of thought was the bite on his neck…Erica or Isaac… he thought

"If you're wondering that would be me who did that." Turning around quickly Stiles got dizzy and his legs buckled from under him, a thick arm grabbed him and pulled him up as he carried him back to the bed

"W…Why?" Stiles asked when his head stopped spinning, he turned to see his dad still a sleep…he could sleep the end of the world… he turned back to the alpha in the room

"Why? You were bleeding to death, I got there before Erica and Isaac did, I had plenty of time to make sure you were going to live before I ran off." Derek said

"And the tattoo you had time to put that on me to?" Stiles asked

"What tattoo?" The wolf asked cocking his head to the side

"You know that head tilt thing would look a hell lot more cute her if you had wide eyes like Scott or Isaac." He said

"Stiles what tattoo?" Derek growled, sighing Stiles pulled his hospital gown down and showed him the Triskelion spiral or know as Triple spiral, Derek's eye did in face widen

"I didn't put it there." He said

"No I did…sort of."

"How could you sort of put it there?" he asked

"Well none of the other's who I bite have it, Scott doesn't have and Peter was his alpha for a short while, so ummm I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"What do you want from Stiles, I turned you into a wolf and you have Triple spiral that you didn't put on, it not the type of thing I've ever seen." He said looking a little worried

"How can you not know you're a born werewolf?"

"Well maybe you are to, that is the only way I could think of this."

"Have you seen my dad, if he was a werewolf there would be no need to watch what he eats." Stiles hisses

"What about your mum?" Derek asked, Stiles froze and looked at the wolf his own eye flashing amber

"All imfo is off limits about her." He said sitting back down on the bed, nether one said anything for a while before Derek decide to brake the painful silence

"Your dad could sleep for England you know that right?"

"Not English to small the world more like it, he once slept thought an explosion in our back yard." Derek smiled at him as they went back to Silence mode

"So you want to find somewhere quiet for a shag?" Derek asked, Stiles was about to say about fucking time when

"You touch him Hale and I will send your arse to the pound." Two set of eyes looked to sheriff who was sat there with his eyes closed, he wiggled in his set and then open his eyes and stretched "I'm going for some coffee and a chat to Mellissa." He said as he moved to the door, he open the door and looked into the hall away and smiled at the row of teens sat there waiting to come in, turning his head back he smiled softly "She wasn't a werewolf." Stiles looked at him and nodded "However her mother was another story." He laughed walking out the room.