Stiles stood looking in the looking in the mirror in is wardrobe, something he's never done, all his cuts and bruises are gone along with his broken noise, the bite on his neck was just a scar unlike the others who had bites, healed within a day his scared and the tattoo was stronger than before he let his fingers trace the pattern and shivered at the sensitive markings, he was snapped out of his thoughts when his mobile went off, for some reason it howled at him making him frown …since when did my mobile howl?… he thought to himself as he picked it up and open the message

PETER: like the new ringtone o

…Of course Peter who else would steal my phone and changing the settings … Stiles thought as his phone howled again

DEREK: Peter thought it was funny, he's done it to every ones phone, come to the house we need to talk.

STILES: Yeah sure I'll be right over ... slap Peter for me.

He got out of his Jeep and walked up to the Hale house that is still being rebuilt, walking up to the house Stiles walked in "Right Peter what is with the ring tone change, it's not funny and it's not big." Stiles said

"Awww you no fun each one of you little pups got a different ring tone." He gave a shit eaters grin, before Stiles could ask what he as on about when Jackson and Danny walked in looking confused, Stiles smiled at Danny and he smiled back, it turn out that the hunters not only went after Stiles but anyone human who was friends with any pack member, poor Danny also had to be turn as one of the hunters got not only gun happy but touchy happy, the teen has become a very nerves wolf around other people,

"Did you change my ringtone?" Jackson asked looking pissed that someone touches anything he touches, (base rules of a toddler) Peter just rolled his eyes and left the house "Where's he going?"

"To see Melissa." Stiles said sending a text to Scott for the head's up

"Scott mum?" Danny asked


"Ha he's going to hate that." Jackson said

"Oh you have no idea." Stiles said as he turned his phone off and turning to face the other two "So what you doing here?" he asked

"Derek wanted to see us." Jackson replied

"I do but I wanted to see Danny and Stiles on their own." Derek huffed out slightly annoyed about Jackson being there

"Yeah yeah I know but Danny is still a little nervous."

"Fine." Derek said "Right first off Stiles are the hunters still locked up?" the teen in the red hoody nodded

"Yeah my dad is making sure they never see the light of day." He said

"Good we should have killed all of them not just the ones the police shoot at." Jackson growled moving closer to Danny as he gave Stiles a dark look…like it was my fault…

"Well we can't. What about Argents?" Derek asked, Stiles kicked his foot into the wooden floor

"They are dead the whole family… Well sort off." Derek looked at him and raised an eye brow "Allison in a comma and could be sort is pregnant."


"Urrrh no not according to Scott, she about 3 month and they haven't been together for 5 months." He said

"How's Scott taking it?" he asked Danny asked

"Okay I guess he's been snogging the face of Isaac."

Derek listens to the teens talk like they are gossiping like old ladies "Hey I other important thing to do… Danny I know you wouldn't like this but I have to rebite you." all froze as they looked at him

"What?" Danny said

"What? Why I already bit him?" Jackson said looking right at Derek

"It's an Alpha thing." He growled out as he moved up into Jackson face "I know you want to protect your mate but I have to rebite him your too young to sire." He said

"Hey if I can drive and fuck I can…"

"You can't see an adult film, you can't buy booze… so no, you don't get to Sire shit." He said Stiles looked at Danny, who rolled his eyes,

"Jackson let him rebite me, and then we can go home." he said

"Fine!" he said storm to the bottom of the stairs as Derek bite Danny over where Jackson bite him earlier in the week.

After Derek bit Danny and he collapse, Jackson growled some more before he took his friend home "So are they mates?" Stiles called out

"Ummm yeah." Derek said as looked at the evening sky "What time is your dad home?" he asked

"He's working tonight." He said as Derek closed the closed the door "Well that took longer than I thought." He turned to Stiles who was sat on the sofa reading a book that was laying on the floor, he watched the teen as he sat on the sofa his trainers lay on the floor as he sat crossed legged, his hoody lay on the back of the sofa, looked at home at there

"So what do you want with me?" he asked Derek without looking up at him, Derek stood in front of the teen and smiled darkly as he took the book off him snapping it shut making him jump

"Up stair my bed now!" he growled his eyes turning red, Stiles swallowed as he looked up at him, he felt himself whimper as his wolf fell into submission

"S…Sorry why do I need to do that?" he asked, the alpha wolf pulled Stiles up by his shirt

"Get up those stairs and get undressed and wait on my bed like a good like submissive mate." He growled Stiles mouth open and closed like a goldfish before Derek growled again making him whimper as he legged it up the stairs well more like trip up the stairs.

Derek followed the shredded clothes that dotted along the landing; he chuckled to himself as he walked into the bed room at the end of the hall "I swear I can smell a young pup that needs to be put in his place." Derek said smirking as he saw Stiles sat on the bed naked, Derek growled as he looked at him the tattoo he could imagine him with a pair of wolf ears and tail, he shuddered at the thought. The smell of arousal made him twitch as closed the door shut "Do you need to be out in your place?" he growled


"Yes what?"

"Yes Alpha." He said looking up at him, smiled Derek walked to the bag he has on the floor and pulled out a leather collar and walked over to bed and clasped the collar on around his neck, he then trailed his hand across his shoulders getting a shiver and a whimper out of him as he moved his hand to Stiles face, he could feel the teens fear cocking his head to one side and smiled

"I smell you fear you don't need to be scared Stiles." He smiled as pulled him up into a kiss, their lips touch fearsomely as the kiss got heated Derek grabbed his hips and pulled him close to him as they rubbed against each other, Stiles moaned and whimpered as he clawed Derek's arms, pulling back Derek smiled as he looked down at the teen

"Alpha please I want you now please don't make me wait." He beg looking up at him his eye wide then he turned himself around and got onto all fours leaning on his elbows as he push his backside in the air "Please Derek." He whined. Derek snapped he ripped open the front of his jeans and pulled his cock out before he pushed it into the teen.

Stiles arched his back and screamed feeling Derek forced himself inside of him without any lube, it hurt like hell but it also turned him on so much that he came on the bed spread, the alpha wolf showed his true colours as he started to thrust in and out of his tight hole, Stiles hands fisted the bed sheets as he scream in pain and pleasure, Derek would hit his sweet spot over and over again making his see white starts doing back flips, his fingers nails dug into the teen's hips leaving rivers off blood running down Stiles' thigh, the older wolf pulled the young pup up slapping his back against his chest "Mine!" came the growl as he bite down on the tattoo

"DEREK!" Stiles screamed cuming once again, Derek howled as he came inside of his mate feeling him up with his seed as deep as he could get.

They lay together on the bed, Derek still inside of Stiles, the moved around until Stiles was facing him as they laid there "Oh god I can't feel my legs you broke me." Stiles said

"You will feel them in 10 or some minutes." Stiles turned to him

"What if I can never feel them again, does that mean I will be like those dogs with no back legs that have wall around on their front legs or in my case hands…"

"Stiles shhh shhh calm down you're over thinking it, you be curing me tomorrow about the pain in your arse." He said kissing his neck up to his chin

"Your right, thinking bad, fuzzy sex brain good." He smiled with a lop sided grin "So sleep now?"

"Yeah right."